Orange County Engagement : Shannon+Bill

hey grew up in the same town, they went to high school together, but the two year age difference kept them acquaintances. Until, that is, four years ago. After high school they went their own ways until mutual friends reconnected them and they began spending their weekends with groups of people, slowly making their way closer to each other. They went running together, they went to Lakers' games together, and somewhere along the line Shannon fell for someone she shouldn't have.

Bill made it clear that though they were dating and having a good time, marriage just wasn't for him. Sort of like a shoe that didn't fit. Shannon knew this, but his charm, humor, and joie de vivre made her gravitate into his orbit, where she circled...and waited. With the desire of being a wife one day, Shannon pulled away from Bill a bit later and began dating other guys.

Perhaps it was her absence or knowing she was out with another guy (or, as Shannon describes it, "coming to his senses and pursuing me"), Bill invited her to his birthday party and they've been together ever since. They're getting married later this year at the Virginia Country Club (with many thanks to Melanie Furata for connecting us!) and dedicating the day to the paths that led them to where they are today.

Shannon and Bill say they're each others' best friends and just by the way they interact, it's evidently true...

Shannon's only request was to have their engagement session in a field...and we'll get to Bill's request in a bit...oh, and, Shannon? RAWR.

There's something about the way Bill talks to Shannon that makes her glow. He softly pokes fun at her, but will shortly thereafter laugh in a way that makes them both come undone. It's so much fun to watch...

Shannon and Bill have expanded their family by adding Cash, a lovable dog completely smitten with his owners. The three of them are a unit, so their engagement photos wouldn't have been complete without him...

Now let's move to Bill's request for the engagement session...their beloved truck. Because of their passion for old cars, this 1956 Chevy has become one of their favorite purchases together...

Just as a the sun set against the hills of Orange County, Shannon and Bill worked it like true professionals...

Work it, it...

I'll end this engagement session with, literally, the last frame from the shoot...I pulled my Dog Whisperer moves on Cash and got him to pose. Okay, not really...he saw a squirrel, but it totally works for me.

To see more of Shannon and Bill's Orange County engagement session, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow with Andrew Belle music provided by The Music Bed.
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Photographers Barrie - Beautiful shots! Love the old truck and sun flares, so nice!  05.21.12 - 11:46am
Molly - The images are just beautiful and so real. I have to say I love Andrew Belle now too!  05.13.12 - 10:57am
Photographe Mariage Lyon - I love those shots. The last one is probably my favorite.   05.13.12 - 1:01am
Brittani - I fall deeply in love with lovers in fields with beautiful lighting.... these are gorgeous....  05.07.12 - 7:25am
Jamie - Would anyone be able to share where this is? I love the location!  05.04.12 - 2:20pm
Temecula Wedding Photographer - What a fun shoot! Love the old truck.  04.27.12 - 9:51pm
Brighton Wedding Photographer - I do love the poses you create Jasmine... Always flattering and comfortable! Great job  04.23.12 - 4:25pm
Vasia - I love all the ones in the field, beautiful light! So jealous of you Californians and your sunshine!!  04.23.12 - 9:02am
Alex - I love every shoot! awesome photographer! You are my inspiration! Heart! Heart!  04.21.12 - 9:50pm
Marian Majik - I'm looking forward to seeing pictures from their wedding. Congratulation and btw. BEAUTIFUL work Jasmine!   04.19.12 - 4:04am
Denise Prichett - Very lovely images - So sweet and simple!!!  04.18.12 - 6:50pm
Autumn Siqueido - Many Congrats to Bill and Shannon! And to Jasmine! Its a small world after all! Can't wait to see you at their wedding!... Autumn Siqueido  04.18.12 - 1:08am
Becky B - Is it crazy that I really want to know where she got those shoes?!   04.17.12 - 12:27pm
Abayomi - Lovely composure  04.17.12 - 9:44am
Currie - What a seriously gorgeous session!! And that truck is awesome!!  04.17.12 - 6:31am
Stephanie Stewart - Love everything about this session, the pup, the sweet truck, that dress, those SHOES, the light, the field! GAH! Wonderful work!  04.16.12 - 10:34pm
Rachel Marie Photography - This has been one of my favorite locations as of late! Beautiful lighting and stunning images   04.16.12 - 9:30pm
Amy Arrington - Gorgeous!  04.16.12 - 7:43pm
Nena - Your photos are so beautiful to me! She's a beautiful girl and looks so happy! =-)  04.16.12 - 7:27pm
Janet Cruz - Hey Jas, (I feel like we're friends, so if we were hanging out, I'd call you Jas, unless you asked me not to) anyway..... Wow,,,, beautiful! so, do you climb trees to get that "from above angle"? Inquiring minds want to know! Janet (you can call me "J")  04.16.12 - 5:32pm
Monika R Photography - I adore the shots in a field. And the first b@w is my fav!   04.16.12 - 4:30pm
brianna - love this shoot! can we use this field for me too? it doesn't have corn but it will do. ;)  04.16.12 - 1:17pm
Katrina Mather - Absolutely beautiful couple, fantastic location, super cool truck... and the world's best dog (yaay Boxers!! just like mine!) = one successful session. Good work, and congrats to Shannon & Bill!  04.16.12 - 12:40pm
Hailey - I absolutely love this session, Jasmine! Way to rock it!  04.16.12 - 12:39pm
Lydia - Ah, the field, the light! Loving the last truck picture of the two of them--perfect for a huge canvas!  04.16.12 - 12:27pm
gladys - LOVE, Jasmine! Especially those first two. Beautiful!  04.16.12 - 12:13pm
Meg Courtney - I LOVEE these images! They are so soft and romantic, and the location totally reminds me of my home in Alberta Canada - Amazing Session!   04.16.12 - 12:11pm
stacey ramsey photographie - beautiful color and compositions!  04.16.12 - 12:01pm
Jennifer Medeiros - oh.. my.. goodness. That truck is incredible!! Someday....   04.16.12 - 11:36am
Ashley Goodwin - dannngggg!  04.16.12 - 11:23am
Rici - I really love your dog whisper talents! ;-) Beautiful pictures Jasmine!! I really love looking at your blog! Saluti.  04.16.12 - 11:11am
Ken - Another amazing shoot Jasmine! You are my hero behind the lens!  04.16.12 - 10:38am
Tovergoud Bruidsfotografie - Very nice engagement shoot of a lovely couple! Love the way you use the sun. Greetings from the Netherlands  04.16.12 - 10:20am
Janie - What a stunning couple.. :) I loved reading the story behind them.Great job.. :)  04.16.12 - 10:16am
Michelle Feeney - Such a cute session and of course being a boxer owner myself I can't deny the awesomeness Cash brings to his photos. :)  04.16.12 - 10:07am
melodie - Jasmine, the second to last one is so different for me...coming from you...if that makes sense. I LOVE IT. Way to always keep it changing and yet the same.   04.16.12 - 9:58am
Ashley Therese - Love the softness and complete gorgeousness of this engagement session! You seriously rock. And that photo of Cash is money... Sorry, couldn't help myself. : ) xo  04.16.12 - 9:53am
Robyn - Oh, Jasmine! Beautiful.   04.16.12 - 9:42am
Andreas - Very nice! Good light and good mood!  04.16.12 - 9:38am
Shawna - I always LOVE when the more furry family members come along for photo shoots! <3 Breathtaking the light and the truck adds a nice touch. Oh, and Shannon's dress - LOVE.  04.16.12 - 9:34am
Daphne Ellenburg - Gorgeous & inspiring as always! Can't wait for your Creative Live event :-)  04.16.12 - 9:32am
lee sun hee - beautiful as always! love the light.  04.16.12 - 9:31am
Richelle Hunter - Fabulous.   04.16.12 - 9:27am
Nikki - Gorgeous photos and I LOVE the way you tell the couples stories :) Just Beautiful!  04.16.12 - 9:23am
ashley barnett - ohhhh wittle baby Cash!!! Looks like our Cooper! I LOVE that field- whatever that purple-y stuff is in the grass is killer! And her dress is fab too :)  04.16.12 - 9:18am
LEOLAK - RAWR indeed!!! Love this and that truck ROCKS!!! Smart man that Bill to come to his senses! LOL Great session Jasmine and that last shot is awesome!!!   04.16.12 - 9:17am
Kacie Lynch - Oh wow - the light is gorgeous!! You did an amazing job... as always! :)  04.16.12 - 9:16am
Daffodil Waves - Wow, this is gorgeous!!  04.16.12 - 9:10am
Haley Johnston - Beautiful!  04.16.12 - 9:07am
Life with Kaishon - How beautiful. I love her dress. I LOVE their dog. I really love their smiles. Sensational times 10.  04.16.12 - 9:04am
Amanda - Sunny field shoots are my favorite! You did a fabulous job Jasmine... like always =) I love the sun - right on the horizon = perfect.   04.16.12 - 8:42am
Gail - Props to Shannon, because if I could have my engagement session shot in the OC, I'd TOTALLY want it in a field too!   04.16.12 - 8:40am
Katelyn James - not that this should be our goal.... but in your own way.... that last truck shot was SO JOSE! :) Beautiful session Jas!   04.16.12 - 8:23am
Samantha June - Beautiful pictures as always! LOVE that last one! :)  04.16.12 - 7:52am
molly - AH. stunning. AMAZING. that truck photo? the doggie! TODIEFOR! lovelovelove.  04.16.12 - 7:48am
B - I love it, Hammy! You killed it. PS You do have some madd dog whispering skills ;)  04.16.12 - 7:25am