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Foundation of Love : Styled Wedding Shoot

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little over a week ago I photographed a styled wedding in Seattle, Washington. It was nothing short of splendid due to the amazing people who came together to make it possible. The crew at creativeLIVE invited me to teach an online photography course, which included a live shooting demonstration beautified by a group of selfless individuals who came together for the greater good of the photographic community. It was honor documenting their hard work and talent.

Many thanks to...
Design + Coordination : Kelsey Eads of Sugarcomb Events
Hair + Makeup : Tiffany Lowry of Tiffany Colors
Floral Design : Meghan Stoller of Mum Floral Design
Cake : Kara Burfeind of The Sweet Side
Fashion + Styling : Sherri Garcia of Styled Seattle
Paper Goods : Todd Karam of TKTJ Design
Linens + Pillows : Susan Trenery of Susan's Couture
Set Construction : Kaleo Quenzer
Models : Bridget + Dakota ... Monika + Adam ... Meghan + Jeremy
Photography : Jasmine Star

And much appreciation to Summer Watkins of Grey Likes Weddings for featuring today's wedding photos!

One of my favorite elements to the wedding design was the hand-dyed string Kelsey used in the centerpiece...

Coastal hints were used throughout the photo shoot and any time sand and watercolor are mixed, it makes for a very happy me.

Bridget and Dakota are married and made the sweetest model couple to work with...I especially think she looked gorgeous in the Jim Hjelm wedding dress...

Working out the Sally Crew hairpiece and jewelry...

Instead of a traditional guest book--and staying with the watercolor flair--guests were to sign a miniature canvas for the bride and groom with well wishes...

Oh,'re gorge...f'real.

I love the different boutonnieres and the deep, rich purple anemone used for the groom...

Once I navigated the wedding detail photos, JD started shooting with me to capture different angles. This was extremely helpful, especially when we were running out of time! His photo is on the left...

I loved the clean and classic feel of the wedding cake...and it smelled delicious, too! In other news, JD captured the photo on the right...I'm so appreciative for his perspective and ability to see things outside of what I'm doing.

Toasting, roasting, and a lot of good laughs...

The best thing about a second shooter is capturing virtually the same moment from two perspectives....JD's is on the left, and mine is on the right...

Rawr, Meghan...rawr.

The bride and groom gave their guests wedding cake and I especially love JD's angle of Bridget (on the right) as the fun and radiant person she is!

To see more photos, be sure to check out Grey Likes Weddings today...and, lastly, to those who watched online and supported, thank you. Really. Together we spent the afternoon making dreams, mistakes, and resolutions possible. For this, I'm incredibly thankful.

Happy Tuesday!
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Issi Greig - The colours are stunning, bright, vibrant......lovely work.  04.16.14 - 6:46am
Alicia Gines - Jasmin! I LOVE your work; so clean, free and full of colorful love! What I LOVE most is that you LOVE your hubby. My hubby is my second shooter, assistant and my business' rock. I love how you boost your hubby in all of your posts and ackowledge his work without fear that "its better then yours". Every photographer has beautiful work, it's all subjective and people should hold those opinions and only speak kind words. Regardless of that Love, you are amazing and you know this, I just needed to express my new love for you!   07.09.12 - 3:20am
Vasia - Simple and beautiful!  06.01.12 - 3:41pm
Mónica - Someday I would like to be a model for a wedding shot with my husband. We never had a wedding because we had'n money to afford it, so it would be a nice way to have it :)  05.24.12 - 9:18pm
Michelle Fry - Great photos I love your ideas so unique, a real inspiration. thanks  05.14.12 - 1:58pm
Swansea wedding Photographer - Absolutely stunning work here head kissing shot!  05.11.12 - 12:06pm
Anja King - Oh, soo cool to see these, having seen you photographed them. All the models were awesome and Monika was a shining star, loved her toasts and her writing the note. And congratulations on the feature!  05.11.12 - 4:53am
Andrew Cresswell - Love the dress and the intimacy of the shots, great work  05.11.12 - 1:09am
Lauren Kim Photography - Beautiful and bright - gorgeous couple and stunning creative ideas  05.10.12 - 5:32am
Moi - Beautiful, beautiful images. Well done and thank you for sharing this with all of us.  05.10.12 - 4:15am
Cindy Fike - So cool to see the end product after watching the course. And knowing some of those little tricks you used on a few makes me feel like I know a little secret. :)  05.09.12 - 12:38pm
Photographer Enthusiast - Nice collection! I've always been a photography lover ever since, I love everything from nature, wildlife and portrait. I am an Athletic Trainer by Profession but always had a keen Interest in photography. The main focus of my business recently has been strength in wedding photography.   05.09.12 - 2:08am
web design bangalore - I love these and have added some to my Pinterest.  05.09.12 - 1:26am
Amelia Rhea - Everything was put together so well. I love it when creatives from different disciplines come together to create magic*...   05.09.12 - 12:31am
Delbensonphotography - I really like the beauty of these images. The colors are as perfect as the couple. They are soo beautiful. You have gorgeous models as well. Very successful !  05.09.12 - 12:24am
Studio Finch - Love the stylized shoot great work! Also, I wanted to thank you for letting me know about the program BlogStomp-it's a wonderful thing. We will be doing our first stylized shoot soon!!  05.09.12 - 12:07am
Julie - Thank you Jasmine for sharing your passion and for being you. ALSO, CONGRATS on the feature! You and your team totally deserved it! Your photos are just beautiful.  05.08.12 - 6:17pm
Rici - Thank you for sharing this with us! It is sooo wonderful to have been able you watch this shoot come alive in front of the cameras and to see the result here! Amazing! I really liked to see your´s and JD´s angle as well so I can reflect on the work process and all. I really like the freshness and all the vivid colors! Saluti!!  05.08.12 - 5:11pm
Mayra Fiori - I definitely feel part of this shoot. I learned a great deal from it. Thank you for allowing us to see your raw talent. Much appreciation from one so cal gal to another. =) Keep it real forever.  05.08.12 - 4:32pm
stacy medows photograpghy - Sorry J*, JDs pics are my favs!!!! But you had your hands full with the workshop. :-) Yours are really nice, but his sparkle... You are lucky to have such a talented backup to compliment your skill of working the wedding party, people skills r a huge asset and you rock the people skills and JD rocks the candid, perfect composed shots.   05.08.12 - 4:19pm
Vanessa Balenovich - Wow Jasmine!! Just when I think I am filled with all the knowledge you share you make my "cup runneth over" -LOL (from my fav movie Hope Floats) Loved this creativeLIVE and its so amazing to see the blog post to follow! Thank you for all the hours you put in for us!! xo V  05.08.12 - 3:50pm
Currie - Holy cow, every inch of this is gorgeous!   05.08.12 - 2:00pm
Tamara @ Go Fish Style - Beautiful! the colors are amazing! the details are fab!  05.08.12 - 12:42pm
Haley Johnston - Gorgeous! I am so glad I was able to watch creativeLIVE to see how you shot this! You are amazing, Jas!   05.08.12 - 12:12pm
Joleen Willis - Watching this online was such an amazing learning experience, and really, REALLY helped prepared to do my own stylized shoot last weekend! Thank you Jasmine!  05.08.12 - 12:11pm
Photographers Barrie - Beautiful shots! Love the warm emotion and the bride has just a stunning smile.   05.08.12 - 11:48am
Gabby / En Route Photography - It was so much fun watching you on CL again... I hope u'll be back soon! :) xxx  05.08.12 - 11:48am
Tammy - This shoot was gorgeous!!!!! The make-up and hair fabulous!  05.08.12 - 11:46am
Monika Greenaway - Oh my goodness!! How fun. This was so amazing to be a part of. These are beautiful Jasmine.   05.08.12 - 11:41am
Lydia - Gorgeous! I especially love the pictures of all the bridal party interacting! Way to rock it out!!  05.08.12 - 11:39am
Mandi Nikole - Beautiful as always  05.08.12 - 11:23am
meg manion silliker - it was so great to watch you shoot this and to see the final results. gorgeous. i so appreciate your honesty and your delightful attitude for everything. xo  05.08.12 - 10:51am
Denise Prichett - Thanks for doing creativeLIVE. I learned so much. And I am still learning, by seeing what the photo editor chose versus what you showcased as the photographer. The main thing is to shoot for the client - shoot for yourself - and then shoot for editorial. Thank you doesn't seem to convey how much this online course and your blog mean to me, from the bottom of my heart I truly mean it. Thank you Jasmine and JD!!!!!  05.08.12 - 10:46am
John Cain Sargent - WAHOA! Loved seeing this all unfold, Jasmine. Great job! What a privilege to learn from you.  05.08.12 - 10:39am
Kitrin Jeffrey - Hey J* congrats on being published on Grey Likes Weddings! Thanks for sharing these lovely pics of that styled shoot - I also love that shot with the bride holding the plate with the piece of wedding cake ;) Keep on rockin' girl. Hope you're feeling better!  05.08.12 - 10:21am
Tina Nandi - Gorgeous photos. I'm glad I could 'be there' through the internet! You are an awesome inspiration, Jasmine. Thank you.   05.08.12 - 10:06am
Paulette - congratulations jasmine!! even in super panic/freak out mode and under bone crushing, eat you alive cuz you're live on the internet pressure, you took amazing pictures AND taught an amazing course!! love!  05.08.12 - 9:50am
Rebecca Cain - I learned so much during the online class!! It was pretty awesome watching you in action :) Thank you so much for sharing your passion!  05.08.12 - 9:47am
Rachel Tatem - Hey hey! I was there... well, virtually ;p  05.08.12 - 9:41am
Priscilla Longshore - LOVE, LOVE , LOVE all of these..............awesome as always i love watching you work your magic, if i could ever be a fly on the wall i would have love to be one for your workshop LOL  05.08.12 - 9:30am
Cathy - I definitely am convinced that JD has the better eye and his composition is always spot on. He is much more deserving to be the primary shooter, IMHO. Good job!  05.08.12 - 9:28am
Kamu - wow! Everybody look like models!! amazing!  05.08.12 - 9:16am
Peter Mahar - Jasmine! Loved seeing you on creativeLIVE and watching this shoot unfold! Great work, hope to join you all in the flesh next time. Blessings   05.08.12 - 9:14am
Mina Cicconi Photography - Gorgeous job, J* =)  05.08.12 - 9:13am
Bart Kuipers - Wow, the photo's turned out amazing! I mean, I knew they were good when you shot them and showed them to us on CL, but in this collection they stand out even more! Great job, especially under the kind of pressure you were on that weekend, you can definately say that whatever life throws at you, you can make it work! Thumbs up!  05.08.12 - 9:13am
Alice C. - How fun to see the end result!! Loved watching you on creativelive! You are amazing! <3  05.08.12 - 9:13am
Jade - I am watching you shoot this while I edit... hehehe.. Thanks for being you!! Love you and JD.. Hope you come out to Aus soon so I can meet you both :)  05.08.12 - 9:13am
Julie Wilmes - LOVE IT! The colors are amazing! I was so sad that I missed out on the airing of it, but it looks like y'all had the most amazing time. :)  05.08.12 - 9:09am
Lena Messana - I so would not have even of thought anything about that cake photo if I didn't see the scenario myself! ;) Seriously... amazing to see everything from start to finish! xoxo  05.08.12 - 9:05am
Sabrina - Gorgeous! I wasn't able to tune in so I've been excited to see the photos. I LOVE the little canvas idea for a guest "book"! And now, thanks to you, I'm craving wedding cake. Glad we have another wedding this weekend :-)   05.08.12 - 9:01am
ashley barnett - Yay! Congrats on getting it featured! It all came together beautifully in the end. :)   05.08.12 - 8:46am
Melanie - Jasmine, it was such an honour to be able to watch you capturing these pictures live on our screen from a million miles away (Melbourne, Australia) at some crazy hour of the morning. They are absolutely stunning and you are an inspirational photographer. Thankyou for sharing with us!!  05.08.12 - 8:38am
molly - GAH. i love this styled shoot! it's amazing! and now i want wedding cake. that piece looks so yummy.  05.08.12 - 8:27am
Julianna - Loved watching this creative live, thank you Jasmine for what you do.  05.08.12 - 8:17am
Kasia - Love those pictures ! Although it's a styled shoot, your models look like they've known each other for year, we sense a warmth between them, that's nice (I love the head swap picture, too ;)  05.08.12 - 7:56am
Life with Kaishon - It was a very beautiful wedding : ) I always love JD's perspective. I also always love cake. Darn it.  05.08.12 - 7:33am
Dana Laymon - that is awesome! I loved watching every minute of this and the ideas were so unique! congratulations on the feature! i think we all feel like we had a part in it!  05.08.12 - 7:27am