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The Girl Who Guards the Bags

e spent this weekend in a barrage of airports, layovers, and cabanas. It was a whirlwind trip to Cancun for a lovely wedding for an amazing bride and groom. Can't wait to share more of their wedding photos soon!

In other news, after assuring JD I safely packed our passports and after our cab driver asked if we were in possession of said passports, I raised my eyebrows and huffed, uhhh, yeah.

When we arrived to the front of the airline check-in line, I panicked. I FORGOT JD'S PASSPORT AT THE HOTEL. It happened in slow motion, but I turned to him and said Please don't be mad...promise you won't be mad...swear? It was like he knew--he just knew I forgot--so he turned on his heel, sprinted like mad man, and hailed a cab for the 30 minute ride back to the hotel. While I filed my a magazine...ate my weight in guacamole guarded the bags, JD went to fix my mistake.

This was just one of many this past week, but I'm just happy I have someone in my life who can deal with my complexities. And, really, nobody guards bags better than I do. Really.

Here's JD hard at work...nobody adjusts a veil like that man.

Speaking of adjustments, if you'd like to make changes to your business, I announced my upcoming workshop for June! To get more information, check out!

Happy Monday!
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kati -'ve got one AWESOME husband and another funny memory to add to the books. :)   05.17.12 - 5:58am
Vanessa Balenovich - God bless our husbands-don't know what we would do without them!   05.15.12 - 7:04am
Moi - Oh my goodness, you must have died a thousand deaths when you realised about the passport! Poor you! Never mind, we all make mistakes, yay for JD saving the day and yay for you being the best bag guarder in the world! Love the attached pic too.  05.15.12 - 3:58am
Studio Finch - Thank you for this post. It's nice to have a partner who is understanding and patient - I feel blessed in the same way!!  05.15.12 - 12:32am
Amelia Rhea - You truly are lucky. If it were me and my shyguy, I'd probably go into problem-solving mode overdrive and impose all sorts of crazy on him. =P  05.14.12 - 9:47pm
May - Hilarious! at least he didn't waste his tim escreaming at you!  05.14.12 - 7:41pm
Gabby / En Route Photography - HeHe JD is a ROCKSTAR! ;)  05.14.12 - 5:19pm
chris - Adorable and beautiful images, great work your truly talented Ginger Pixels  05.14.12 - 2:40pm
Michelle Fry - Sounds like the sort of thing I do but I too have a calm husband and other calm people around when i need them! Lol x  05.14.12 - 1:50pm
ADogonMyChair - JD must be my husband Bob's twin from "another mother".   05.14.12 - 1:34pm
Tami - That's AWESOME. My husband would have made me hail a cab to go get it while he ate guaca....I mean guarded the bags.  05.14.12 - 12:46pm
Sonal - I love how much you show your appreciation for your husband on this blog. It's a nice reminder that we should never take our loved one's kindness for granted. :)  05.14.12 - 12:13pm
Jamela - Thank you for making me feel NORMAL!!  05.14.12 - 12:10pm
Sabrina - Oh my heavens, I can see that happening to me one day. My husband has already saved me a couple of times this wedding season... and we're only a month in! Nothing as drastic as a passport, but it did involve a 20 min drive back to the hotel before the wedding started. Love that man :-)  05.14.12 - 11:42am
Cecilia Grace Mizin - I always believed that women were created because men could use some help.. but I 've been saved by my husband from MY many MANY MISTAKES. I've since changed that belief. :)   05.14.12 - 11:28am
Shelly - Hmm.... Moon Palace?  05.14.12 - 10:38am
Elizabeth Feild - I absolutely adore your love for JD and vice versa!!! Basqueing (made that word up, i think) in utter admiration! Perfectly imperfect people!  05.14.12 - 10:00am
brianna - *stuff* happens... Thank God for patient husbands!   05.14.12 - 9:53am
Davenna Trahan - He can adjust a veil and always looks sharp...even on a beach!!  05.14.12 - 9:48am
The New Diplomat's Wife - ha! believe it or not, i do this all the time. and just this week i did it with my iphone, which i conveniently left on the plane. you'd think that with all the travel this would become automatic but nope. all in a diplo-day's work.  05.14.12 - 9:47am
Sandra Fazzino Photography - As I finished reading your blog post out loud to my husband over breakfast, I grinned and quickly pointed out that he would NEVER be that gracious with me!! He laughed, "I would NEVER let you handle my documents!" To prove my point further, I smartly snapped at him, "but if I forgot MY passport, you wouldn't flag down a cab and get it for me - I would be on my own." "That's right!", he proclaimed. And there you have it…. JD is the BEST husband on the planet!!!!!!!!!!   05.14.12 - 9:47am
Gail - Oh Jasmine, what are we gonna do with you??? So glad you're married to that man of yours who's such a sweetie. You'll never eyeroll at that question again, will you?!   05.14.12 - 9:27am
Chad - We veil-adjusting-husbands of complex and talented wives need a support group.  05.14.12 - 9:26am
Nora Nathoo - OMG, I have done things like that all the time. I so know what you are talking about, and Chris is so patient with me too. Last time we were on our way to Mexico, on a flight from Phoenix, I thought I forgot Chris' cell phone on the plane. He ran back to talk to the agents while I waited in security. (My Bad, I had his phone in my purse the WHOLE TIME!!) He was slightly irritated, but he totally understood that this is who I am sometimes!  05.14.12 - 9:26am
Sacha - Well, since you are Mama Bear to sweet Polo, and it was Mother's Day weekend, he had to be nice to you no matter what mistakes you made!! xxx  05.14.12 - 9:22am
Faith Cherisse - JD is responsible for the passports next time! :)   05.14.12 - 9:20am
alexandra - hee hee hee i love your sense of humor. eating is my forte too.  05.14.12 - 9:19am
Danyiel J - You are a lucky girl...I mean who forgets the passport in the hotel? Let me guess, you had yours?  05.14.12 - 9:18am
Abby Grace - Oh my gosh! That'll make your heart stop. Kind of like that one time I forgot my 70-200 in the bottom drawer of my hotel room because I'd outgrown my bag and my lens no longer fit? Yeah. Thank GOD (I mean that literally) for second shooters/assistants/awesome husbands!!  05.14.12 - 9:03am
Monika Pash Photography - Ohhh Jaz... this is the STORY OF MY LIFE... my poor/understanding/calm/sweet/eyerolling husband has had to deal with a million incidents like this (it's really awesome to have someone like this by your side through life isn't it?? And just think about the fun/excitement/adventure/intrigue that we add to their lives ;) Thanks for sharing... always and forever a fan!!! PS ~ I'm integrating PASS this year for my wedding clients and love that you introduced me to it via your last workshop with creativeLIVE!! :)   05.14.12 - 8:18am
Life with Kaishon - What a pretty place to get married. WOW!  05.14.12 - 7:58am
Jackie - I love how you are so honest and how JD is so understanding!   05.14.12 - 7:46am
molly - oh man! well at least you got there safely! i would have panicked! glad you were there to guard the bags :)  05.14.12 - 7:46am
Alicia - And he looks so dapper doing so. That man has great style (or takes instruction well from his wife). Either way he always looks like he just stepped out of a magazine! Can't wait to see more from Cancun!  05.14.12 - 7:41am
Tara - oo noo! Glad you all made it though!   05.14.12 - 7:37am