Cancun Wedding : Adam + Laura

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t's usually him who carries the weight of emotional sentiments and deep moments that keep them tethered to each others' sides. Well, at least on the outside. Adam wears his heart on his sleeve whereas Laura is his calm and collected counterpart. They're a perfect balance and nobody protects Adam's sleeve like Laura.

Last Saturday in Cancun, however, Laura's heart was everywhere, on everything she touched. At times overcome with the gravity of her emotions, she perched herself at the edge of the bathroom sink and took deep breaths. I think I just need a minute, she whispered to her bridesmaids. Laura moved through the motions of getting into her wedding dress, but she longed only to be with Adam. To be in his protective arms so she could see straight again.

As Laura walked along a small path at Ocean Coral and Turquesa Resort to see her future husband, she reached out to touch him. In that moment, Laura regained the strength Adam so freely pours in her and their wedding day became complete.

Laura and Adam...gracias por todo!!! Being in Cancun to document your wedding was spectacular and we were honored to be welcomed by your friends and family (big ups to our new Greek friends!!). The day was perfect and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you both! Much Love and Appreciation... j*

One of my favorite things about Laura was her ability to mix different parts of her personality into a little bit of twine, and a little bit of glam...

I love destination weddings because the mood of the day is so much more relaxed. The night before the wedding, Laura told me she's be at the pool in the morning and throw on some makeup before her wedding about drama-free!

And THIS? This right here is why I love when a bride and groom see each other before the wedding ceremony. It's a private moment just for the couple and an opportunity to embrace the memory for what it is...I loved Adam's reaction to seeing his bride!

The weather and light in Cancun was absolutely spectacular...I couldn't have dreamt of a better backdrop, but I knew I'd be well taken care of because Adam and Laura are photographers are well, so they know what's up! ;)

During wedding photos, we had to sneak inside Ocean Coral and Turquesa for a break from the heat, but they continued to push through like pros...

Shortly after the balcony wedding ceremony, we ventured to the beach...this was a moment during the day when I felt incredibly honored to be their destination wedding photographer...and couldn't thank them enough for the privilege...

Laura, really???

Laura and Adam worked incredibly hard in shipping all the wedding details to Cancun in advance to ensure the reception was everything they wanted and felt like home...

The wedding reception was hosted on the balcony of Ocean Coral and Turquesa and offered amazing views of the sunset and ocean...

I want to post so many more wedding photos, but I'll end on this note because it captures their love and perfectness together...

To see more of Adam and Laura's destination wedding in Cancun, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow with Andrew Belle music provided by The Music Bed, or simply watch it here...

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