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Friday Randomness : Two Things At Once

or the past few weeks JD's been dropping hints like a path of bread crumbs leading me to one of his crazy ideas. I say one because he has many ideas, but we can save talk of buying a food truck for a different blog post, umkay? JD mentioned getting another dog, a playmate for Polo. I can't even get into that conversation because the fact that I've managed to keep a dog alive for six years surprised us both.

And don't forget your hydrangea, he scolded. Ahh, yes. My hydrangea. I was given a hydrangea plant for my birthday and I haven't killed it. Six weeks later and it's still alive and kickin' so, naturally, JD believes I'm competent and responsible. Because I can water a plant. So, heck, let's get another dog while we're at it!

I don't think I can manage another dog right now, but I told JD if I can keep two plants alive simultaneously, I might consider getting a second dog. He then suggested buying me a cactus.

In more randomness of life...

When I came across this, I honestly believed JD drew this! ;)

If I ever found this in my kitchen, I might die from cuteness overload...

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Sam Allen - My husband wants to get a food truck as well so I feel ya! Always love your Friday Randomness photos, your captions are too funny!  05.26.12 - 8:30pm
Amanda Wwebber - haha, that first picture is hilarious!   05.22.12 - 3:39pm
Bridgette - I have met you, I have heard you speak in person, I study your knack for managing shyness with overflowing outward energy. You make me laugh and you are incredibly inspiring. Today, this Mom-tographer who stole a few minutes to catch up on the blog thanks you for your little bit if funny....and I always turn the beaters off.   05.22.12 - 2:20pm
Ania,Edinburgh - bed cartography is how co-sleeping with my 3 year old looks, and 'Her' refers to my child.  05.22.12 - 4:18am
Raymond Vestal - I stole the Vader/Batman picture.  05.21.12 - 10:55am
Monika Greenaway - How would you describe that feeling in your stomach when something is either subtly really funny or so cute you can't take it? That's the feeling I get when I read your Friday randomness!   05.21.12 - 9:22am
Jillian Tree - My husband SO could have drawn that bed photo too! I showed it to him & he laughed cuz it's so true :):)  05.20.12 - 12:50pm
Jen R - love the bed diagram. have the same problem with my dog  05.19.12 - 11:16am
Moi - Excellent! a friend for little Polokinds, will it be a girlfriend? or will she be his sister cos technically she will also be your furry child? Hmmm gets complicated if you overthink it.  05.19.12 - 7:03am
Marissa Nicole - Hehe, you make me laugh!  05.19.12 - 3:47am
Wedding Photography - so much funny is just a amazing !!!  05.19.12 - 2:47am
Wedding Photographers Melbourne - I love the cookie monster shot - very funny.  05.18.12 - 11:22pm
Tony Belmont - Unlike photo equipment, you probably can't rent a dog to see how things would work out. But I have a feeling you would love them both should you get another one. The egg beater one was toooo funny! Where do you find these things? Your style of writing is so great - always enjoy it. Thanks!  05.18.12 - 10:57pm
Mochie - This Friday's post of randomness is the best. like. ever. Hahaha I laughed at all of them even with my wisdom out! Thanks for the laugh!  05.18.12 - 5:24pm
Meredith Sledge - OH MY GOSH. HILARIOUS. The first one rocks. My slow little brain processed it finally after a minute and I laughed so hard.  05.18.12 - 4:30pm
Jamie - haha, thanks for the laughs today Jasmine. love the egg beater one!   05.18.12 - 3:10pm
claudia - I <3 the first image... lol  05.18.12 - 2:14pm
Bart Kuipers - Love the beaters, can't stop laughing about that :) And the cookie monster as well!  05.18.12 - 12:37pm
LEOLAK - These are all awesome!!!! Favorite so far!! HILARIOUS!!!! You Rock...keep it up!!!  05.18.12 - 12:25pm
Haley Johnston - Love love love your Friday randomness posts! I agree with JD, Polo does need a new friend :)  05.18.12 - 12:19pm
Mark Nabong - I love Fridays for many reasons and your randomness blog is definitely one of them. Thanks for sharing!   05.18.12 - 12:06pm
Dee - hey jasmine - i'm hoping it's alright if I could pin some of the pics on this post on pinterest. I'll ensure it links back to the blog post. please let me know if it's not and i'll take it down immediately. thanks!   05.18.12 - 11:47am
Melissa Avey - LOL these are great :)  05.18.12 - 11:42am
Stephanie Stewart - J*, I love your Friday Randomness posts! They always make me laugh and smile! What kind of dog are you going to get for Polo to play with?????   05.18.12 - 11:36am
Stephanie - Not that it matters, but I think I'm with JD on the second dog issue. Think of how great it is for you to live with your best friend. Wouldn't it be great for Polo to have a best friend to live with, too? Plus, though this may not be true with kids, when it comes to pets I think two is about the same amount of work as one. Maybe a little extra poop to pick up on walks and a little extra food to buy (to make the extra poop, of course) but it's not really that much more work!  05.18.12 - 11:30am
Rosie - Your post always make me smile.  05.18.12 - 11:11am
Laura Kaster - Pfisssshhh..caring for a plant and caring for a pet are two completely different things! It's like comparing apples to a Led Zeppelin CD. I myself have the Black Thumb of Death when it comes to plants...but my cats are watered, fed, and well-cared for. So you can tell JD to stick THAT in his pipe and smoke it! :)  05.18.12 - 10:48am
Andrew Lipsett - All funny, but the last one is very strong! Keep up the amazing work Jasmine :)  05.18.12 - 10:34am
Jennifer Medeiros - I'm always Dartb Batman. ;)  05.18.12 - 10:13am
Bekah - One of my FAVORITE editions of Friday Randomness. I can not stop laughing.   05.18.12 - 9:51am
Charlie Sauls - I LOVE your Friday randomness. The bed drawing is dead on! Exactly the dynamics in my home. Well, unless you toss in one of the kids. Then the whole bed belongs to them. :-)  05.18.12 - 9:46am
Dianne - Love these. The kid with the WO is hilarious. And the bed drawing? Oh yes, we definitely have those moments here. Darth Batman? I want to see Sponge Vader Wolverine Pants!  05.18.12 - 9:46am
Hai Doan - Apparently, I am in the same situation with JD... would love to share the bed chart to my wife. Thanks!  05.18.12 - 9:41am
Sean - Cactus die too, just throwing that out there. Been there, have the t-shirt. I had to cover my mouth to keep from waking people up when I saw the bed diagram. That's just awesome. Thanks for the Friday smiles, Jasmine. JD...keep the faith, Bro. We own that 6" on the edge of the bed!  05.18.12 - 9:39am
Michelle - <3 this.   05.18.12 - 9:36am
Kat - You sound like my husband and I but with reversed roles. I petitioned ... I think the word begging comes to mind. My first-adopted, Daisy, and I toured shelters in LA and attended adoption events. We finally found the perfect match for her and it's been an absolute dream for the last 7 years. Two dogs that are best friends are the greatest thing as they'll keep each other company, pick up on the other ones habits (good as well as bad) ... and two are decidedly not more work than one. In addition, you can have a dog on each side on the couch. In short - as long as you make sure they're a perfect match and Polo is in LOVE with his new buddy/buddette ... go for it!  05.18.12 - 9:34am
Melissa Jean - Crazy timing on this post. My husband has been trying to convince me that my dog needs a friend too!  05.18.12 - 9:34am
Abby Grace - AHahaha that Darth Batman one is AWESOME!!  05.18.12 - 9:30am
kristen holly - I had to laugh out loud at the bed drawing, Jamie would absolutely agree with that one. And the cookie monster? Come oooon! :D  05.18.12 - 9:27am
ashley barnett - I am totally with JD on this one!!! :) Two puppies makes the world go round!!   05.18.12 - 9:14am
Life with Kaishon - OH MY GOSH! I love the beater picture so much! Me too about sleeping : ) There is no buffer space in our bed!  05.18.12 - 7:55am
Monica Gibbel - I literally laughed out loud when I saw Bed Cartography and promptly emailed it to my husband! I'm sure he will get a kick out of that.  05.18.12 - 7:34am
Andria Lavine - If JD didn't draw that one on Bed Cartography, my husband did... Maybe it was a collaborative effort :) Have an amazing weekend!  05.18.12 - 7:18am