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Memorial Day 2012

s a kid, Memorial Day was a pretty big thing in our house. Just before my dad made pancakes, he'd go outside in his favorite pair of red sweatpants and proudly display his American flag. He lost many friends during the Vietnam war, so the day was about remembering. Who they were, for what they fought, what they gave us.

Sometime later in the day, we'd have a barbeque or go to the beach because that's also what the day was about. For him. My dad said memories are for the living, so we must live and enjoy what's been given so freely to us by those who sacrificed their all.

Many thanks to those in the armed services who protect and serve...and their families who sacrifice so much too.

The lovely ladies at Style Me Pretty are showcasing a few of my military bridal photos of Michelle + Colton, so feel free to check it out here!
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Michael Ralph - Uniformed grooms look so cool  06.09.12 - 5:44pm
Jennifer - Is this all natural light?  06.02.12 - 8:26pm
Deb Howard - Thank you for this post, Jasmine (although I'm seeing it a couple days after the fact). My Dad is a Vietnam vet as well. He was a medic who had men die in his arms from combat wounds when he was just 21 years old. He delivered a Vietnamese woman's baby in a foxhole as well. Death & new life in one tour of duty. I have such great respect for my dad (and yours) and all men and women who sacrifice (or give the ultimate sacrifice) so we can be free. God bless you and your precious family. <3 ~Deb  05.30.12 - 12:33pm
Jon Hainstock Photography - Love this! Such a classic photo :)  05.30.12 - 6:24am
Photogrpaher in Liverpool - Great background and great attitude of the couple  05.30.12 - 5:51am
Susan Wolfer-Lennex - Love it, beautiful photo.  05.29.12 - 9:50am
Meghan - What did you shout to get them to smile this big? Love it J-star!  05.29.12 - 7:39am