Attention to Detail

nce, not too long ago, JD and I cooked together in our kitchen. With the smells of sautéing vegetables, I chopped carrots to add to the mixture. JD kept looking over my shoulder and sighing. After much restraint, he sturdied himself against and the counter and said, you're doing it wrong. That's right, Internet. Apparently there's a RIGHT way to chop carrots. And just in case you don't know what that way is, MY HUSBAND WILL TELL YOU.

JD's attention to detail drives me crazy sometimes (have I mentioned how he organizes the beverage labels in our fridge to all face outward?!), but at least it applies to every aspect in his life, including photography. Which makes him an invaluable partner.

In business and life.

This is a photo from last Saturday's wedding...JD jokes that the less time I have to spent in Photoshop fixing this in post processing is more time spent with him and Polo, so HE DOESN'T MESS AROUND! ;)

Happy Monday!
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Colleen - Shoot...I face the labels out too. It helps you find things faster!!!  07.24.12 - 12:01am
susieq3c - Oh! I'm married to one of those! I've had to LEARN to see it as a blessing, not a curse! Just as he's had to learn to accept my "big picture thinking" as NOT pipe dreams and impossible goals! Nice how God brings opposites together.   07.18.12 - 9:31am
Brooke - What a blessing :)  07.16.12 - 11:45pm
Wedding Snapper - Wow - he's a great guy to have around. Not all second shooters pay that much attention to detail!  06.23.12 - 9:59pm
Cindy Lee - He's so right .. your time together is precious. I identify with JD coz that's how I am .. I really wish my hubby was too :( BUT I love him for some many other things :D  06.22.12 - 5:24am
Nicky - LOVE it!!!  06.20.12 - 12:10pm
Simis - Well, I kinda am on his side about not spending so much time editing because I missed something in the shot.  06.20.12 - 4:41am
Shannon Rosan - lol....I KID YOU NOT I had the exact same scenario happen with my husband, except onions and not carrots.   06.20.12 - 12:00am
Leaves of Grass Photography - That made me smile...  06.19.12 - 10:40pm
Jonny Carroll - nice white shoes!  06.19.12 - 10:14pm
LEOLAK - Awesome!!! Go JD!!!! Exactly how are you supposed to cut carrots?!? LOL   06.19.12 - 6:59pm
Cristina Rossi - Go JD! I love this post and you two! xxx  06.19.12 - 11:02am
Victoria - Beautiful!! I love your photography.   06.19.12 - 10:01am
Mark William (Nabong) - Leave it to JD to look GQ! I long for J* skills and JD* style. Perfect combo. ;)   06.19.12 - 8:50am
Alex - Hahaha this post is adorable :)  06.19.12 - 1:52am
Oksana Harris - Nice! And HILARIOUS!! And whoa, that's pretty nifty that you have all those photos - were they all keyworded "JD attention to details" in Lightroom? ;) hehe  06.18.12 - 9:45pm
April Russell - I'd say that makes him a WINNER! Tell him to send some of that my hubbys way!!! =)  06.18.12 - 9:04pm
Alex Sablan - My wife and me are the same way about cooking, but unlike the two of you, her outlook on photography is more along the lines of, "ooo pretty"  06.18.12 - 7:59pm
feuza - love JD's style, can he share a post on what he wears to a wedding? please  06.18.12 - 4:40pm
Josh Salley - Does anybody know what kind of bag JD uses? I've been trying to find out forever.   06.18.12 - 3:29pm
Jennifer Roberson - Isn't it neat the way the Lord puts us with people that are totally opposite of us to help us along!  06.18.12 - 2:03pm
John Cain Sargent - This blog post for me was more of a 'How to look fresh' as a photographer on the wedding day. Don't get me wrong, J* you're stylish, but it's hard to correlate bangles and heels to a man's wardrobe. Way to rock it, JD.  06.18.12 - 2:01pm
Jamie - haha, I wish my boyfriend I were more like this... we have the opposite problem! :) jd is rockin the details here!  06.18.12 - 1:59pm
Karin - OMG, are we married to the same person?!! =)) My husband is EXACTLY the same, so fun reading this-  06.18.12 - 1:49pm
laura - must be a virgo lol   06.18.12 - 11:36am
Valerie - Love this post! So cute!!  06.18.12 - 11:34am
Ashley Goodwin - I am psycho about how things line up in the fridge too. Labels TOTALLY facing outward. Everything has it's place, and if it's missing, then someone must have stole it.  06.18.12 - 11:10am
Tasha Prescott - Yay! It's great to have an extra set of eyes J*! Now the labels in a fridge seems a tad OCD but hey, he's still awesome lol  06.18.12 - 11:08am
Shannon Turner - You are a lucky woman! I wish I could work with my husband more often, it is so much fun!  06.18.12 - 11:06am
Sabrina Nicole - haha, I LOVE it! I literally did the same thing to my boyfriend last night because he was slicing the squash all wrong. The attention to detail is all out of love!  06.18.12 - 10:48am
Amanda Miller - Love this! And I love how dapper he is looking in that last photo!   06.18.12 - 10:42am
Tina Nandi - Haha. What a trooper!   06.18.12 - 10:32am
kerry macLeod - You are so lucky he has such a good eye! I had my hubbie help me on a recent wedding and it was a gong show, I had to get on and off my ladder like a maniac running to the group and fixing things and then running to him to move the reflector and such he was holding...he tried his best though and he was a great gear caddy. Normally I second shoot and like to be the one doing the tuck ins, dolling out lipgloss, fixing wispy hairs and snafu-ing purses from paranoid Grannies! Love the cute vest on JD too. thanks for sharing, kerry   06.18.12 - 10:28am
TrP - Pic #2 is funny...JD is fixing his suit coat for a front-facing pic, nice. I'm like JD, b/c my field of study requires paying attention to detail, so that plays into my photography. My wife and I found out pretty early on that we both can cook at the same time. Nice suits and footwear JD!   06.18.12 - 10:15am
Krisinda Whitley - I love this. My husband is the same  06.18.12 - 10:02am
Karen Wood - I think I'm in love with your husband. Can I rent him? LOL  06.18.12 - 9:53am
Lila Purdy - I swear Jasmine you knowhow to make people smile even on a monday morning.... I can't help but to laugh at the fact that there is a right way to cut carrots.... :-)  06.18.12 - 9:52am
Andrew - Hey Jasmin, what happend to the 'it is what it is' attitude? I loved that one cause it saves me lots of fiddling around ;-) Andrew  06.18.12 - 9:41am
May - Invaluable indeed! much less time in PS! sometimes while editinf I which I noticed and fixed the detail for real and saved myself time in front of the computer.  06.18.12 - 9:36am
Kasey Loftin - Does JD always wear a suit to shoots? I sweat when I wear something sleeveless, I can't imagine wearing a suit!   06.18.12 - 9:31am
Renee - Ha ha, that's really cute!  06.18.12 - 9:31am
Gail - AHHHH this is so sweet. Loving seeing how you've captured all these visuals of JD paying attention. Which, speaking of attention, that man is the best host I've ever met. If you guys ever have a mid-life crisis and want to change careers, think about opening a B&B. JD can line up all the beverages he wants then AND greet every guest with that trademark smile of his ;)   06.18.12 - 9:30am
Shannon Wimberly - J....D!!! J.....D!!!! J.....D!!!!   06.18.12 - 9:30am
Leslie - everyone needs a JD in their life! ... glad I have mine :)  06.18.12 - 9:24am
Ashley C - NICE! Got to love those organized men! My hubby organizes the shopping cart when we buy groceries...and THEN he continues to organize them on the check out line so they will be "bagged correctly" :)   06.18.12 - 9:24am
brittani - straight up, you guys make an excellent team.. <3  06.18.12 - 9:20am
Christy Tyler - I love it!!!   06.18.12 - 9:16am
Carrie K - Those are some sweet wing tips on JD! Nice.  06.18.12 - 9:16am
Kitrin Jeffrey - I love how JD is so attentive to the details. I'm totally like this too, so I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone!  06.18.12 - 9:15am
Cayton Heath - Awe, this reminds me so much of my husband!! We are lucky to have husbands who make us roll our eyes, sigh, and smile all at the same time.  06.18.12 - 9:15am
Jana Long - awwww, what a thoughtful guy!  06.18.12 - 9:12am
danielle honea - I meet JD once, and only for 5 min...but I instantly LOVED him. He was so calm spoken, and cared about what I was saying (and trust me I was babbling like a foo). And then someone dropped something, and he rushed over to help, without skipping a beat. Such a helper! You two have a huge thing going for you, both so generous, both so humble--and willing to help, ANYONE. which is unfortunately so rare now a days...but your rare hearts make it evident as to why you two thrive.   06.18.12 - 9:12am
amie - Sounds like me! I am a control freak in the kitchen. :) Attention to detail is my forte, but sometimes my downfall. Sometimes I get so obsessed with perfection that I surpass the point of "doing it for my client" and walk into the time-sapping realm of "doing it for me."  06.18.12 - 9:05am
Kasia Dobosz - WOW! That is sooooo true! My man do the same! Some time I love him for being MR PERFECT GUY, some time I have to leave the room;)  06.18.12 - 9:05am
Patrice Blain - Nice post ! details are important... was wondering : what's the bag JD is using on wedding days ? I have a similar bag but it has a velco and I'm thinking, it wouldn't be appropriate at the chruch.. You know, opening the bag with a loud: .scouuuuuuuucnh....  06.18.12 - 9:02am
Martin Hambleton - I'm with your man 100%. The less time you have to spend messing around in post, the better. Life's too short to spend more of it in Photoshop than is necessary.   06.18.12 - 9:02am
Natalie Tuggle - That is so cool! I need someone like that. It's hard to catch everything, but some things can really make or break a picture  06.18.12 - 8:59am
sarah danaher - it's the attention to detail that I need help with! haha  06.18.12 - 8:54am
Tara - too cute! Love how he is fussing with all that with such seriousness!  06.18.12 - 7:24am
Life with Kaishon - How wonderful to have an organized refrigerator. : ) He is a great guy for sure. Happy Monday Jasmine.  06.18.12 - 7:17am
nikki - how wonderful, and annoying :)   06.18.12 - 7:09am