06.29.12 Personal

On My Mind

I listen to club music when I edit's the Jersey in me.
I believe nobody loves me more than my dog.
I usually order a slice of pizza and a large side of regret on Thursday evenings.
I love my laptop...I call her my conjoined twin.
More often than not my humor is inappropriate and this makes me smile.
Email is my love language.
I not-so-secretly think I'm my parents' favorite child.
I wear too much jewelry.
I believe my husband is attracted my version of crazy.
I'm scared of the dark.
I'm addicted to ordering books from
I sleep on flat pillows.
I dance every day in my office. Every. Single. Day.
I'd rather be the worst of the best than the best of the worst.
I put on too much face lotion when I go to bed.
One day I'll make a frittata or quiche and call myself Mrs. Fancy Pants.
I bruise easily.
I'm a little bit scared all of the time, which makes me think I'm doing something right.

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Kelly - I really enjoyed this!  07.03.12 - 8:29pm
Elizabeth - love this! you are so funny! thanks for being YOU!   07.02.12 - 3:38pm
Tiffany A - Love this Jas! Glad you're you ;) I agree with Matt Smith...that line is quotable!  07.02.12 - 9:56am
Alex - I love this post :)   07.02.12 - 5:13am
Heather - I love this! Embracing who you are and loving it, I'm inspired!  07.01.12 - 7:45pm
Matt Smith - Great stuff! I really really like the rather be the worst of the best line. Quotable.   06.30.12 - 10:18pm
Marissa Nicole - I love how candid & open you are. It warms my heart & mostly makes me laugh.  06.30.12 - 3:02pm
Wendi - i love this!   06.30.12 - 11:30am
Elizabeth - Everyone has a bit of Jersey in em....especially this Jersey Girl....LOVE the list.   06.30.12 - 4:13am
Corrie Lindroos - You make me try a little bit harder every day. Thank you for being you.  06.30.12 - 12:12am
Martha Sachser - I thought you outsourced your editing :) Now u are back to editing? Im about to give up on my editing process to have more time to do other things...   06.29.12 - 5:34pm
Ashley Goodwin - OMG You are SOOOO Mrs. Fancy Pants! I was just watching that show and thinking "You know, I think I am a mix of Gretchen with the logic of Heather." Gretchen will say or do anything but Heather is the sensible one. WISH I WAS INVITED TO PARTIES WITH DIAMONDS IN THE CHAMPS!  06.29.12 - 5:18pm
sarah danaher - I'm a little bit scared all of the time, too. actually maybe a LOT scared all of the time. #signofsuccess  06.29.12 - 11:49am
rich - you are a fantastic blog writer!  06.29.12 - 11:23am
Roxanne - You are a true Star!!!! You are simply me!!! Lots of hugs!  06.29.12 - 11:09am
annie - and all this time I thought BB was my long lost sister! now I know I've got lost lost TWINS!! :)  06.29.12 - 10:56am
leslie - You are so fun! love it :)  06.29.12 - 10:49am
Jessica vidmar photography - Thank u for that last line.  06.29.12 - 10:25am
Sarah Morciglio - 1st-Im from Jersey so your #1 cracked me up :) I usually listen to Pitbul while I edit...makes the time fly! 2-I'm convinced my Daisy (the chosen pup) loves me more then anything too!! 3-Inappropriate humor is the best kind! 4. I'm just addicted to Amazon!! 5. I think being scared all the time keeps you on your toes...and you are DEFINITELY doing something right :) Have a great weekend!  06.29.12 - 10:11am
Jennifer Rice - I have to say, the "office dancing" and the "little bit scared all the time" are my favorites :) Fun and human ?  06.29.12 - 10:00am
Mark Nally - Love what’s “On Your Mind” I may have to use your line “I’d rather be the worst of the best than the best of the worst.” But I will give you the credit. Besides everybody knows that I wouldn’t come up with something like that anyway. Really enjoy your blog.  06.29.12 - 9:42am
Chad Pennington - Jas, I did't know you were from Jersey. I was born and raised in Newark NJ. I was a club head since 12. I have stopped clubbed as of now but when I hear the music, I just can't help my self. "Oh Black Betty" -lol  06.29.12 - 9:35am
Shannon K. - I'm not in the least surprised to know we have like 97.3276% of those things in common :)  06.29.12 - 9:34am
Leia Smethurst - Right on Jasmine. Above all- you are human and not afraid to show it. Your confidence is contagious.  06.29.12 - 9:29am
Marlo Laney - I have learned this year that I Love making people Laugh, I want to be an entertainer for one week, I worry about about being a great photog, I secretly want to live in a 5 star hotel and I'm starting to talk back to the TV :o)   06.29.12 - 9:29am
scott westerman - You are beautiful ! inside and out !  06.29.12 - 9:21am
Fiona McGuire - Hi Jasmine Fabulous post as always. I love your honesty. I am trying to be brave and blog more and put more of me into my posts! I too dance in my studio every day! One of these days I am not going to hear the door and i will get caught busting-a-move by a client! :) Keep up the fabulous inspiring work. Fi x  06.29.12 - 9:10am
Natalie Tuggle - I love this! It's a lot like my habits, but even more...I need to dance in my office more...and name my Mac. Club music is the only music to edit to.  06.29.12 - 9:07am
Lauren Wakefield - Love this post.  06.29.12 - 8:41am
Neha - I can relate to more than one of these...thanks for being relatable!   06.29.12 - 8:27am
Lisa - Love it! Especially the one about your husband being attracted to your version of crazy. That's true of my husband, as well! (My version, that is!)   06.29.12 - 8:25am
Christa - Email is my love language too :)  06.29.12 - 8:14am
simi - this made me smile :)  06.29.12 - 8:0