06.29.12 Personal

On My Mind

I listen to club music when I edit's the Jersey in me.
I believe nobody loves me more than my dog.
I usually order a slice of pizza and a large side of regret on Thursday evenings.
I love my laptop...I call her my conjoined twin.
More often than not my humor is inappropriate and this makes me smile.
Email is my love language.
I not-so-secretly think I'm my parents' favorite child.
I wear too much jewelry.
I believe my husband is attracted my version of crazy.
I'm scared of the dark.
I'm addicted to ordering books from
I sleep on flat pillows.
I dance every day in my office. Every. Single. Day.
I'd rather be the worst of the best than the best of the worst.
I put on too much face lotion when I go to bed.
One day I'll make a frittata or quiche and call myself Mrs. Fancy Pants.
I bruise easily.
I'm a little bit scared all of the time, which makes me think I'm doing something right.

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Kelly - I really enjoyed this!  07.03.12 - 8:29pm
Elizabeth - love this! you are so funny! thanks for being YOU!   07.02.12 - 3:38pm
Tiffany A - Love this Jas! Glad you're you ;) I agree with Matt Smith...that line is quotable!  07.02.12 - 9:56am
Alex - I love this post :)   07.02.12 - 5:13am
Heather - I love this! Embracing who you are and loving it, I'm inspired!  07.01.12 - 7:45pm
Matt Smith - Great stuff! I really really like the rather be the worst of the best line. Quotable.   06.30.12 - 10:18pm
Marissa Nicole - I love how candid & open you are. It warms my heart & mostly makes me laugh.  06.30.12 - 3:02pm
Wendi - i love this!   06.30.12 - 11:30am
Elizabeth - Everyone has a bit of Jersey in em....especially this Jersey Girl....LOVE the list.   06.30.12 - 4:13am
Corrie Lindroos - You make me try a little bit harder every day. Thank you for being you.  06.30.12 - 12:12am
Martha Sachser - I thought you outsourced your editing :) Now u are back to editing? Im about to give up on my editing process to have more time to do other things...   06.29.12 - 5:34pm
Ashley Goodwin - OMG You are SOOOO Mrs. Fancy Pants! I was just watching that show and thinking "You know, I think I am a mix of Gretchen with the logic of Heather." Gretchen will say or do anything but Heather is the sensible one. WISH I WAS INVITED TO PARTIES WITH DIAMONDS IN THE CHAMPS!  06.29.12 - 5:18pm
sarah danaher - I'm a little bit scared all of the time, too. actually maybe a LOT scared all of the time. #signofsuccess  06.29.12 - 11:49am
rich - you are a fantastic blog writer!  06.29.12 - 11:23am
Roxanne - You are a true Star!!!! You are simply me!!! Lots of hugs!  06.29.12 - 11:09am
annie - and all this time I thought BB was my long lost sister! now I know I've got lost lost TWINS!! :)  06.29.12 - 10:56am
leslie - You are so fun! love it :)  06.29.12 - 10:49am
Jessica vidmar photography - Thank u for that last line.  06.29.12 - 10:25am
Sarah Morciglio - 1st-Im from Jersey so your #1 cracked me up :) I usually listen to Pitbul while I edit...makes the time fly! 2-I'm convinced my Daisy (the chosen pup) loves me more then anything too!! 3-Inappropriate humor is the best kind! 4. I'm just addicted to Amazon!! 5. I think being scared all the time keeps you on your toes...and you are DEFINITELY doing something right :) Have a great weekend!  06.29.12 - 10:11am
Jennifer Rice - I have to say, the "office dancing" and the "little bit scared all the time" are my favorites :) Fun and human ?  06.29.12 - 10:00am
Mark Nally - Love what’s “On Your Mind” I may have to use your line “I’d rather be the worst of the best than the best of the worst.” But I will give you the credit. Besides everybody knows that I wouldn’t come up with something like that anyway. Really enjoy your blog.  06.29.12 - 9:42am
Chad Pennington - Jas, I did't know you were from Jersey. I was born and raised in Newark NJ. I was a club head since 12. I have stopped clubbed as of now but when I hear the music, I just can't help my self. "Oh Black Betty" -lol  06.29.12 - 9:35am
Shannon K. - I'm not in the least surprised to know we have like 97.3276% of those things in common :)  06.29.12 - 9:34am
Leia Smethurst - Right on Jasmine. Above all- you are human and not afraid to show it. Your confidence is contagious.  06.29.12 - 9:29am
Marlo Laney - I have learned this year that I Love making people Laugh, I want to be an entertainer for one week, I worry about about being a great photog, I secretly want to live in a 5 star hotel and I'm starting to talk back to the TV :o)   06.29.12 - 9:29am
scott westerman - You are beautiful ! inside and out !  06.29.12 - 9:21am
Fiona McGuire - Hi Jasmine Fabulous post as always. I love your honesty. I am trying to be brave and blog more and put more of me into my posts! I too dance in my studio every day! One of these days I am not going to hear the door and i will get caught busting-a-move by a client! :) Keep up the fabulous inspiring work. Fi x  06.29.12 - 9:10am
Natalie Tuggle - I love this! It's a lot like my habits, but even more...I need to dance in my office more...and name my Mac. Club music is the only music to edit to.  06.29.12 - 9:07am
Lauren Wakefield - Love this post.  06.29.12 - 8:41am
Neha - I can relate to more than one of these...thanks for being relatable!   06.29.12 - 8:27am
Lisa - Love it! Especially the one about your husband being attracted to your version of crazy. That's true of my husband, as well! (My version, that is!)   06.29.12 - 8:25am
Christa - Email is my love language too :)  06.29.12 - 8:14am
simi - this made me smile :)  06.29.12 - 8:09am
Catt Levesque - I friggin' adore you. Keep doing what you're doing, girlfriend.   06.29.12 - 8:02am
Winter - For the record, you are so-every-bit-of fabulousness there is. And i thank you, for every day simply living and loving what you do. Sharing what you know, and being exactly who you are. You inspire and continue to every single day!  06.29.12 - 8:00am
ashley barnett - Love you Jasmine <3 Happy Friday! By the way, I finally get to type in our NEW BLOG ADDRESS in the comments section and I just got giddy! :)  06.29.12 - 7:53am
Rgv Wedding photographer - Honest and transparent post, amiga. Always good stuff going on in this blog.   06.29.12 - 7:28am
Andria Lavine - I love the last one!   06.29.12 - 7:09am