Garden Engagement : Elise + Chris

heir chance meeting was due in large part to a slice of pizza. A slice of free pizza, but Elise and Chris know the events surrounding that bribe may also have been enticing. Chris and his USC fraternity brothers hosted a mid-afternoon party at their frat house and invited Elise's sorority for a day in the sun and on the slip-n-slide.

Studying in her Delta Delta Delta sorority house, Elise looked up from her books at the clock and realized she could probably sneak over for a slice of pizza and get back to studying without being detected. She no doubt enjoyed the extracurricular activities of Greek life, but Elise simply wanted to focus on school at the moment. She slipped into a red bikini top and shorts, and made her way to Sigma Phi Epsilon.

It was there she met Chris, a charming, vivacious, humorous guy who easily persuaded her to spend the afternoon studying the art of Fun. Seven years later, they've traveled the world, created memories, and are set of embarking on their most exciting adventure yet: marriage. I'm extraordinarily excited to document their wedding at Pelican Hill Resort later this fall and I know great things are in store based on our time together last week!

One of the reasons I was particularly excited for Elise and Chris' engagement session was because of the personal attention they paid to choosing the right location. Wanting something unique, Elise suggested meeting at her grandparents' house in Orange County, surrounded by 10 acres of gardens, foliage, and sun-dripped backgrounds. It was the perfect location for engagement photos!

I'm very thankful for Jeannie Savage of Details, Details sending such amazing clients my way...from the moment we met, it felt like a perfect fit! Just look at how much these two adore each other...

Elise, you are something it!

Elise spent her childhood roaming the gardens of her grandparents' home and their gardeners use their cherry-picker truck for most the harvesting, a detail Chris always seemed impressed with! ;)

There's this thing I think to myself sometimes behind the lens. Hairology. You know, the study of just how awesome someone's hair can be? As I photographed Elise, it took everything in me not to reach out and touch it. She's like a real life Pantene ProV commercial...


Chris told me at the beginning of the engagement session that the garden attracted the most amazing sunset light and he hoped I'd capture a bit of it...Chris, I hope I didn't let you down! ;)

To see more of Chris and Elise's garden engagement photos, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow or simply watch it here with music provided by The Music Bed...
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South - Again, Great Job with these photos, you are a truly talented group!  10.12.12 - 7:30pm
Tosha Devonn - Very nice work! I love how the couple seem to be having a wonderful time during the shoot!  09.06.12 - 8:15am
Becky Male - Beautiful couple, I love the wide shot. Really lovely photography  07.15.12 - 9:09am
John Cruz - Great job, Jasmine!  07.14.12 - 11:08pm
cassandra-m - LOVE these. The light is so Pretty and the couple is beau-ti-ful~!!  07.13.12 - 1:42pm
Melissa Avey - Cambridge Child Photographer - Love that 2nd to last shot!  07.11.12 - 9:56pm
Kathryn Denelle Stevens - totes adorbs (and i say this with a completely straight face)!!! I wonder if you know where Elise bought the blue and white striped shirt? It is the cutest!! Thanks for sharing these lovelies!  07.11.12 - 11:33am
Denise Karis - CUUUUUTE! Gosh beautiful!!!   07.11.12 - 2:08am
Mom - What a beautiful couple!! Love you Jasmine!!  07.11.12 - 1:05am
LEOLAK - Ummm okay what a HOT COUPLE!!! These are gorgeous! Great location...stunning images!!! Elise is going to be one beautiful bride!   07.10.12 - 10:00pm
Amy Arrington - Beautiful pictures Jasmine!!  07.10.12 - 5:29pm
Nena - There are too many great photos to choose and most of them are in the slideshow! Lovely model couple and love =-)  07.10.12 - 3:03pm
Allie Coyle - LOVE these pics Jasmine! Totally stunning! I was wondering too if you've ever had a client re-edit your photos? I recently shot a wedding and noticed the bride took a few of my photos and did the whole "black and white photo with the flowers in color" effect (ugh) on a few of the photos. :( Is there any way to guard against this? This isn't something that I would ever do to my photos, so should I tell clients they can't edit the photos I give them? I'd love to know your thoughts and how you'd deal with this! Thanks, as always, Jasmine!!  07.10.12 - 2:28pm
ilophoto - Beautiful! Tech Q: were you using a patented J* natural reflector on the last shot before the slideshow? There has to be some nice reflected light coming back at them, no?  07.10.12 - 12:35pm
Haley Johnston - They are so adorable and so in L-O-V-E! Amazing capture, Jasmine! :)  07.10.12 - 11:58am
B - Gorg! I love it. Cherry truck and all...  07.10.12 - 11:29am
claire - gorgeous photos! what is that song called on the slideshow? i love it! thanks for sharing your amazing photos!  07.10.12 - 11:01am
m* - gorgeous!!! Love how special the location was!!!   07.10.12 - 11:01am
Gail - Va va VOOM. These are so flippin' gorgeous! I know you were sick last week, but seeing these photos? You'd NEVER know it. You're the consummate professional, J!   07.10.12 - 10:53am
Katelyn James - one of your best! The colors are amazing!! love you!  07.10.12 - 10:48am
Susan Evans - These are beautiful!  07.10.12 - 10:23am
Tony Bayliss - A Beautiful posting as ever! Love the closeness and the fun of the first shots then the step up to elegance in along with the change clothes - simply beautiful.  07.10.12 - 9:54am
Wedding Photographer Essex - Beautiful photo's always helps when they are a good looking couple. Love the backlit shots  07.10.12 - 9:20am
Corinna See Stansbury - Love!  07.10.12 - 9:15am
Kitrin Jeffrey - Simply another stunning engagement session J*. They look like such a fun couple to work with too.  07.10.12 - 9:14am
sarah danaher - okay, serious hair envy here. they're a GORGEOUS couple, and I'm stoked to see their wedding!!  07.10.12 - 9:13am
Christall - Beautiful! I always love your the gorgeous lighting and colors in your pictures! It looks like they had a great time too, lol! :)  07.10.12 - 9:10am
Naida - Beautiful photo session.   07.10.12 - 9:07am
Adam Mason - Love the natural light pics! Love her top as well. Everyone looks great.   07.10.12 - 9:06am
Kacie Lynch - Absolutely beautiful!  07.10.12 - 9:00am
Jennifer - I opened this blog post and my first thought was "oh yummy light" Gorgeous!  07.10.12 - 8:34am
molly - i'm speechless. these are so beautiful, jasmine!! amazing!!  07.10.12 - 8:31am
kristin - Love this!  07.10.12 - 7:58am
Mark William - Amazing.. as usual. :)   07.10.12 - 7:30am