Julie and Eric : Wedding

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If love is what pieces two hearts together, then laughter is the glue.

And if Julie and Eric are any indication of this sentiment, they are stuck together for eternity.

The beautiful day began under the azure sky of Newport Beach, tucked away in a stunning Island Hotel suite. It was known in advance that the day was to have as little connotation of wedding formalities as possible. Afterall, their love is everything but ordinary, so why should their wedding be any different?

When Julie made her way down the palm-lined pathway to see Eric for the first time, they were both laughing before their eyes met. It was a laugh that not only betrayed nervousness, elation, and excitement, but also a laugh that betrayed unadulterated love.

If love is what pieces two hearts together, then laughter is the glue.

Julie and Eric…without sounding cliché, I want you to know that you melted my heart. Your kindness and care was ABOVE AND BEYOND anything I’ve ever experienced. JD and I felt truly loved and appreciated! Documenting your wedding was a highlight of this season, and I wish you nothing but amazingness and fabulousness until eternity. By the way, JD and I have never been thanked publicly during a bridal thank you speech…we were shocked to hear our names…and truly amazed with your selflessness. Have fun in Australia! Much Love and Appreciation…J*

There's no better way to start the day then with a little Cartier bling!

I loooove when my clients opt to meet for photographs before the ceremony! Julie and Eric had a fabulous First Look and JD captured one of Eric's very cool reactions to seeing Julie for the first time as his bride. To see more of their First Look, be sure to check out the slideshow! :)

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks I'm funny... ;)

The Island Hotel has this totally awesome mirror and while I was shooting from another angle, JD snapped just a couple frames and his picture happens to be one of my favs...and I'm slightly jealous! ;)

This picture happened spontaneously. While the bridal party was addressing a groomsman's flower emergency, Julie and Eric were waiting, so I had them turn to me...I guess I just really like the lighting...and the fact that it's not a typical wedding portrait! :)

Ceremony Time : Julie and Eric had their lovely wedding at the Orange County Museum of Art and it was such a great venue!!

Julie had bookmarks made as favors...guests would take their picture in the Capital Photo Booth, and then slide their images into the back of the bookmark. LOVED this!

In lieu of a traditional wedding cake, Julie and Eric wanted Sprinkles Cupcakes! Yes! Before the reception started, Julie rushed over to me--complete with a champagne flute in hand--and said, There are three things you MUST do before you dinner with us...take your pictures in the photobooth...and eat a cupcake! My job definitely has its perks!! ;)

During the toasts...

To see more of their wedding (and the tons of other pictures I wanted to blog!), CLICK HERE for a slideshow! :)

**A special thanks goes to the OCMA staff and the amazing catering attendants...they were simply fabulous!**
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kay english - Love how the groom is smiling and laughing in like every picture! He's so in love :)   07.29.09 - 10:48am
Tiffany - love the bridal party pic with the light coming through...way to capture!!!  10.26.07 - 6:37pm
BrooklynGirl - That cracked me up when you said, "apparently I'm not the only one who thinks I'm funny" and the photo is the bride and groom laughing. Nice work as always!  10.25.07 - 9:04pm
ksen : ) - as always Jasmine -- SUCH gorgeous, beautiful shots!! i LUV the photobooth one -- so perfect!  10.25.07 - 4:07pm
Regina - You always have a way of capturing emotions and those cupcakes! Heyyyyyyyyy! Looking good Jas...  10.25.07 - 1:49pm
Kate Mefford - Gorgeous details! I LOVE that bookmark idea. Some people are just so clever...great coverage, girl!  10.25.07 - 11:22am
crystal Goss - These are great, Jasmine! They look like such a fun couple! I looove the quotes. So sweet! And so true! And the cupcakes look uber cute and yummy!  10.25.07 - 10:24am
Simply Modern Weddings - Love the modern look to the wedding, and yummy to the Sprinkles! Love the photobooth photo j*!  10.24.07 - 10:18pm
Rachel Brooke - the candid wedding party shot is my favorite. Good eye on that one, Jasmine! I also would really like to eat one of those cupcakes. Right now, actually.  10.24.07 - 10:03pm
Emily DeWan - Fabulous expressions! And I'm glad you got to eat a cupcake. I love when couples make sure you have dessert!  10.24.07 - 9:30pm
david baxter - love the shot of the groom laughing. awesome work as usual. i have to admit i do like JD's shot. you've taught him well :)  10.24.07 - 7:31pm
Donna - I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that gets jealous of the hubby photos. Every now & then Andy knocks one out of the park and I get a little green with envy. ; )  10.24.07 - 7:16pm
Brian Khang - Ok.. I need some milk and cupcakes asap now. I think I need to go eat. Awesome pictures as usual Jasmine. Have you been stuck inside also because of the fires?  10.24.07 - 7:00pm
joyful weddings and events - I love the look of this wedding! Her dress is so beautiful! Great job as always jas. Who was the florist?  10.24.07 - 5:33pm
Trista - OMG..her ring is to die for!! Love the group shot too!  10.24.07 - 4:16pm
Stacy Cross - These are fantastic, as your pictures always are! What a cute couple and I love the spontaneous wedding part pic - awesome! You have such an eye for catching great moments! :)  10.24.07 - 4:16pm
Jasmine* - Juuuuuulie!! G'day to you too! Hope you're having fun on your honeymoon! Glad you like the pictures...can't wait to chat when you get home! xoxo... And, Holly, THANK YOU for your kind, kind words...they mean alot! :)  10.24.07 - 2:17pm
Julie - G'day mate all the way from Australia! Just saw the photos and they are beautiful... thank you (and JD) for sharing our day. You were awesome and we can't wait to print them out and hang them all over our home!  10.24.07 - 2:04pm
Anna - Thank you for nice words on my blog and being so inspiring:) Beautiful pictures like always, especially minimalistic dress shot and rocking wedding party.   10.24.07 - 1:45pm
Holly McCaig - Jasmine - every time your blog dings on my Google Reader I get giddy! I am always amazed, inspired, and feel like I'm stealing from you! LOL I mean, that in a way that I am wanting to grow my own business to become as strong and remarkable as the way you have done yours. I look up to you and what you do. Every time I look at your session proofs I feel that much more confident that I can do it too. Your clients are truly truly blessed to have you in their lives and documenting their moments. You deserve the very best!  10.24.07 - 1:40pm
Ginger - GASP! Her ring is gorgeous! Great shots-- Love the wedding party shot.  10.24.07 - 12:57pm
Kymberli - I love the one where it's just her eyes looking at him. I would have NEVER thought to take a photo then, but it is so cool! Great images! Thanks for sharing!  10.24.07 - 12:46pm
erika lais photo - Ahhhh, i just loved the shoe's one!!!! Where was this shoot?????  10.24.07 - 12:40pm
erika lais - One more time a beautiful work!!!! I love your pictures ... once again you rocket!!!! Congratulations ....!!!!!!  10.24.07 - 12:11pm
cassandra m - bea-u-t-i-ful...the wedding party looks like Tropical Paradise! and I love that in most of the photos...they are laughing and you can feel their happiness. awesome pics!  10.24.07 - 12:01pm
Nataly - These are suh-weet, Jas!  10.24.07 - 10:59am
cesar perez - Sprinkles rocks!!! loved the coverage jasmine. I looove the wedding portrait. The decor was awesome, looks like a great wedding.   10.24.07 - 10:32am
Amy - What a beautiful dress!-It reminds me of an angel :) And those are the coolest champagne flutes ever. What a fun wedding to be a part of! You did a great job. ALL the photos are great! I also love the slideshow music...  10.24.07 - 10:05am
Korey - I love their modern touches...very stylish couple!! The picture of the bridal party is amazing and I love Damien Rice!!  10.24.07 - 9:57am
Mark Brooke - nicely done! REALLY COOL portrait, do out of the box!  10.24.07 - 9:55am
Jasmine* - Hi Brenda! No, I didn't use fill-flash...I try to stay far, far away from flash! :)  10.24.07 - 9:52am
ala - your brides are the COOOOOOLEST! i can't wait til january to book you and be one of them! ; )  10.24.07 - 9:46am
Brenda - Stunning! Question...Did you fill flash the shot of the bridal party?   10.24.07 - 9:44am
Melissa Koehler - Jasmine...these are fantastic. I hope you had a cupcake because those looked so yummy! Hugs to you :)  10.24.07 - 9:24am
Carrie - So Beautiful- So real- Jasmine, I long to be in California every time I watch your slideshows! Amazing!!  10.24.07 - 9:24am
Nathan Sawatzky - great work Jasmine, I love the photobooth shot!  10.24.07 - 9:22am