07.18.12 Personal

Way L.A.

He heard you missed him, Internet. Parcels weighing metric tons of fan mail arrived on our doorstep begging for a sneak peek of Polo, but he's gained some weight and was afraid to get in front of the camera for a while. He's way L.A. However, after a few episodes of the Bethenny talk show, he's now ready to embrace his buxom go, boy!

{Just in case anyone is confused with the tone of this post...I'm being sarcastic...Polo never watches the Bethenny talk show}

Happy Wednesday!
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ali b - love this little guy  08.18.12 - 1:15am
cassandra-m - Polo Posts remain my favorite..... that lil guy is looking awesome still~!!!!!! Helloooo to Polo in CA from Mocha in GA...  07.26.12 - 4:46pm
Denise Prichett - Polo is sooo adorable!!!!  07.20.12 - 2:54pm
Matt - Hahaha!! Love it!  07.19.12 - 10:39am
Ashley Goodwin - Don't worry Polo Bear, I'm still trying to loose those LBS from theFIX, too.   07.18.12 - 5:42pm
Amanda - Polo is adorable.. Jazmine you make me laugh so much <3!!   07.18.12 - 2:07pm
Jen R - hi Polo:)  07.18.12 - 12:16pm
simi - I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say that we all have a deep and undying love for Polo. The End. xo. p.s. I have a $75 Shabby Apple giveaway going on if you'd like to join!  07.18.12 - 12:02pm
Christina Dely - Awww! We have missed him!  07.18.12 - 12:01pm
Joanie - Just in time for when I was trying to figure out how I was going to cut LadieBugg's hair...oh the inspiration :)  07.18.12 - 11:28am
Kat - Haha! Loved it!   07.18.12 - 10:39am
MartaV - Yay! It's nice to see Polo back.   07.18.12 - 10:31am
Emma Wheatley - So distinguished. :)  07.18.12 - 10:23am
Stephanie - HEART his face!!!!  07.18.12 - 10:02am
Davenna Trahan - I bet he likes the "Chew" ;)  07.18.12 - 9:55am
Elaine - OH POLO! My Dog Samson was so happy to see you again! I always share your blog posts with him ;)   07.18.12 - 9:52am
Tara - He reminds me of my childhood dog- Charlie. <3 him   07.18.12 - 9:50am
Tina dela Rosa - Such a handsome pup.  07.18.12 - 9:39am
Donna M Kennedy - So stinking cute. You rock Polo!  07.18.12 - 9:28am
nancypantsgirl - He's so stinkin' cute!!  07.18.12 - 9:21am
Janelle - SOOOO L.A. My shepherd got a shave this summer (a misfortunate non-communication) and refused be seen on the ATL streets. =) <3 ur work!   07.18.12 - 9:14am
Dawn R - Hi, Polo. Thank you for making an appearance. I must say, you're looking very dapper. :)  07.18.12 - 9:13am
Life with Kaishon - He is so cute. Happy Wednesday Polo!  07.18.12 - 9:12am
rich - maybe polo doesn't watch the bethenny talk show but i'm sure you just might! haha - he's the cutest!  07.18.12 - 9:11am
LEOLAK - POLO PIC!!! Yay!! Thanks for the pick me up! Such a handsome lil fella!   07.18.12 - 8:42am
yadira - We love Polo!!! He looks like he watches million dollar listings :)!  07.18.12 - 8:18am