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Kisses+Disses : Broken + Toes

t's summer time. And it's around this time one might see plastic banners hanging from the outside of a nearby church inviting kids to attend Vacation Bible School. Oh, the days of VBS. While most kids remember songs, play dates, and pin the tail on Baby Jesus' donkey, I remember that one time...

I was the overweight kid who often watched games before participating, often nominating myself as a judge. IN MY MIND. Oh, yeah...I was a cool kid. Anyway, the kids at VBS made up a game where they'd jump and touch an exit sign. I can do that, I muttered to myself. So I did. But instead of falling gracefully to the floor, I somehow jumped backward and landed on Mrs. Grisby's big toe. Breaking it.

Mrs. Grisby howled and shoot-darnit-oh my'd the way a good Christian lady would in church and I apologized profusely.

Still to day, whenever I see a VBS sign hanging outside of a church, I think of Mrs. Grisby's broken toe. And thank the sweet Lord Almighty for playing a game located by an emergency exit so I could run away.

Which leads me to another installment of Kisses and Disses...

This week's DISSES go to...
*People who use words like "East" when giving me directions...makes me feel like I'm guiding a ship to a new land.
*Broken toes.
*Misspelling. Yesterday I wrote sequence dress instead of sequined dress...ugh. I'm smrat. I prmoise.

This week's KISSES go to...
*Project Runway. Every girl needs little bit of Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum in her tv cup runneth over.
*Pedicures. I have an unhealthy obsession with changing my toe color. WHAT'S UP WITH ALL THIS TOE TALK?!
*Successfully slamming a revolving door. Sorta.

Happy Friday!
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James L Dekker - Jasmine, your work is just such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing the info on shooting the rings, it's a great help.  07.26.12 - 3:18pm
Karen - East, west, right, doesn't help me, haha. I need to know the name of a major city.   07.22.12 - 1:23pm
Denver photographer - Funny funny. Glad you had the exit door. :)  07.21.12 - 12:03pm
aurea - LOL! Thanks for giving me a good laugh! I can relate in the direction thingy btw!  07.21.12 - 10:24am
Ginny - hahah.. too funny. have a great saturday!!!  07.21.12 - 6:54am
LEOLAK - I so feel you on the direction thing! I tell them, um you need to tell me left or right! Lol! Then I get the 'East is in the direction of the Lake' (that would be Lake Michigan btw-Chicago lady here) and my response is - if I can't SEE the Lake that doesnt help me! LOL Thank goodness for the map on my iPhone! Happy Friday!!!  07.20.12 - 4:23pm
Tony Belmont - I might have said this before, but I had an English Prof who basically said as long as people understand what you are saying, all the rest (spelling, usage, etc.) doesn't matter. My other thought - you misspelled that on prurpose yesterday to be able to add a DISS today, LOL. Have a great weekend everyone.  07.20.12 - 2:12pm
twebster - I'm a "turn left at the second brown stump past the red barn" kinda girl. Tell me to go east or west and I'm screwed!!! ;)  07.20.12 - 1:32pm
Kristi Hill - Ha ha. I'm glad I'm not alone in the directions thing. I grew up in WA state and we NEVER gave directions as "EAST" so when I moved to Colorado and everyone does it that way, I feel stupid because I have no idea which direction that is unless I can see the Rocky Mts. And I've lived here 13 years now. lol.  07.20.12 - 11:04am
Kitrin Jeffrey - I think you might have to dedicate a FAQ post regarding how to slam a revolving door ;) Have a great weekend J*  07.20.12 - 10:59am
Liz - VBS stories are the best!  07.20.12 - 10:40am
Lorrie Prothero - then I'm definitely on your dis list. I ALWAYS give directions in NSEW because I don't always know what direction the person is coming from. East is ALWAYS East, but left is not always left.  07.20.12 - 10:17am