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I’ve been told I’m loud on more than one occasion. Okay, on many occasions.

I’m pretty quiet in a large, unfamiliar crowd, but once the proverbial guard is let down, my tongue roars faster than a Mazerati and my voice is completely unsuitable for people within 15 feet of me. I can’t help it. I’m half Puerto Rican…it comes with the package.

When I’m excited (and it seems I get excited more frequently than the average person), I have a tendency to yell and/or shriek. I don’t even realize I'm doing it until people peel away from me and rub their ears. Like I said, it comes with the package.

Yesterday, by the octave of my voice, one could easily assume it was a great day. Despite the horrific weather here in Irvine caused by the Santa Margarita fires (crimson sky, ashes floating everywhere, palpitating heat), I had a totally fun Day After Session in San Juan Capistrano, then rushed home to make dinner for my best friends. Every week we congregate in a different home to watch America’s Next Top Model and the host is in charge of dinner. I’ll usually spring for Thai take-out, but last night I wanted to impress everyone with my mad Chef Boyardee skills, so I made an Italian meal. As we sat down to say a simple prayer before the meal, my heart was so overwhelmed with thankfulness and happiness, I kinda, sorta cried. I squeaked a prayer past the enormous lump in my throat and then thanked my friends and JD for their constant love and support.

And what better way to watch ANTM than in front of a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies! Ahhh, yes, nothing surpasses a good dose of chocolate, surrounded by friends, watching the painfully annoying Tyra Banks crush a girl’s modeling aspirations! ;)

Just in case any of my blog readers want something to shriek about, look at this…

As I poured milk for a few of my friends to eat with their cookies, I poured myself a glass of orange juice. I drink OJ with all my desserts. I know, I know…some think it’s gross, but I loooove it. There’s just something so unnerving about milk to me. I totally abhor it, so growing up I got accustomed to drinking OJ with sweets.

Go ahead, shriek in disgust.
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Susan Fong - oops that comment was suppose to attach to the bride post above x  09.23.12 - 8:17pm
Susan Fong - Breathtaking and beautiful!  09.23.12 - 8:17pm
kay english - Ooo! I love thai food too and also America's next top model. You should try making Thai Iced Teas... they're super easy!  07.29.09 - 10:49am
Barbara Marchante - Funny, my daughter also drinks OJ with her sweets......I love your pictures, wis you were in Miami......  01.23.08 - 2:56pm
sofia - I totally think its a puerto rican hubby is always yelling at me for being loud. and talking way to fast when excited. BTW, I was surfing your blog sorry for the late comment  01.09.08 - 8:33pm
Scarlett Lillian - Ahhh fun, I wish I could be there to join the ANTM parties with ya! I'm across the country in spirit with ya!   10.27.07 - 8:55pm
Aaron - milk is whack!!!!!!  10.27.07 - 11:58am
Tiffany - So funny that we just talked about being loud....and Mark shared about my loud in theater movie comments! I love when your PuertoRican loudness comes out...I can relate with my Nicaraguense side!! OJ, so unique! I'll have to try that one=)  10.26.07 - 6:32pm
Mashayla - Nice subtle shout out to the Butter Pecan Ricans!!!! I must Ricans are loud and talk fast. Watch out!!!! Oh and wow...somehow I find myself going to your website on a regular basis. There is something calmy about your art and your passion. I am so proud of you.   10.26.07 - 4:07pm
Dianna M. - I don't like milk either. I only drink it with my milk. I was going to make CC cookies today, but then decided against it. Now, I think I'll make them again. It's just too tempting.  10.26.07 - 11:43am
Joy Nudd - We are milk haters as well..Garrett can't help it, he's lactose intolerant so he "drinks" Rice Dream and if he can't find one when we travel, he puts OJ in his cereal :) I like Soymilk! love this post! Joy  10.26.07 - 10:24am
Stacy Cross - Ewwwwwwwww. :) You nasty.  10.26.07 - 8:14am
kelli - I hear ya sister! I've never had someone say to me "what did you say? I didn't hear you." in my life!  10.26.07 - 8:12am
Jasmine* - Okay, so here's the truth about my cereal eating tendancies...yes, I tried eating my cereal with OJ (once...and I was a kid..gimme a break!), and I'll never do it again! :) And, lemonade? Hmm, I may just have to try that one day soon! ;)  10.26.07 - 8:10am
Adam - All I can say is Lemon-Aide and chocolate chip cookies!!!! People think I am crazy.. but's it's awesome. No to milk!! _a  10.26.07 - 5:48am
Eric - you won't believe this, but last weekend I saw an America's Next Top Model at a Fashion show outside my apartment here in Austin. I'm 100% sure!  10.26.07 - 5:17am
Juliann - haha, you're so funny Jasmine. I remember asking my cousin when we were younger, "Why don't we use orange juice for cereal instead of milk?" She said, "I don't know." So I poured OJ over a bowl of Frosted Flakes, and I said..."Okay, let's try it." She looked at it, and stepped away shaking her head and said, "No." "What? Why not?" I put my spoon in, and took a little bite. "Oh..." It taste just like Frosted Flakes and OJ. That's it, end of story :P :)  10.26.07 - 2:04am
Josef - you also eat your cereal with OJ? I'm not a fan of milk, but I think I would shriek if you had your Capt'n Crunch with OJ...Yikes! :)  10.25.07 - 9:15pm
Donna - Okay I hate OJ gives me a stomach ache I don't drink milk either I'm with Rachel On the Soy milk love it!! I have to have ice cream with my cookies that are right out of the oven! That is the best!  10.25.07 - 7:53pm
Rachel Brooke - ok im jumping on the "hate milk" bandwagon, but I have got to promote Silk Soy Milk!!! It's wonderful. Vanilla and chocolate are great!  10.25.07 - 7:02pm
kerri mcconnell - oh david!! oj and toothpaste... there really is nothing worse than that!   10.25.07 - 6:46pm
david baxter - milk does a body good :) something about oj and chocolate, almost like toothpaste and oj :)  10.25.07 - 6:35pm
Angela - Ohhh I loved Top Model last night, Tyson Beckford.....ahhhhhhh. He is one beautiful man. YUMMY!  10.25.07 - 6:16pm
Simply Modern Weddings - oooh I so LOVE ANTM, I tried organizing an ANTM get together with my girls, but everyone's schedule is madness. LOL on the OJ with the desserts, but everyone likes something different. I am weird about milk sometimes too :-)  10.25.07 - 5:52pm
ksen :) - hey -- i completely agree with you on the OJ thang-- i am not a milk fan myself. but a ginormous fan of cookies & treats!! & I also agree with Justine... "warm & gooey straight out of the oven" = perfect. :) i also happen to be loud (or so i have been told many a times)... so i say 'cheers to oj, cookies & living life loudly!!!" (great post btw!)  10.25.07 - 4:13pm
Justine Ungaro - I am wayyyy behind on ANTM this season but I have it saved on tivo. Sorry Jas, but I have to vote for milk over oj with cookies. :) My weird thing is that I don't like to cook them all the way. I like to eat them warm and gooey straight out of the oven.   10.25.07 - 3:57pm
Nataly - I think all Latino's are pretty much loud...don't let my Dad read this, though! He takes pride in being "calladito." Hah!  10.25.07 - 3:51pm
Lisa - Hey Jasmine! I completely understand the orange juice thing because I too have never been a fan of the liquid calcium either!! Do ya suppose that's one of the things that makes us artists a bit more creative?! =)  10.25.07 - 3:22pm
angel swanson - no shrieking here, but i admit i gasped. i absolutely LOVE milk; there is nothing more comforting than an icy cold glass of milk and warm, chewy cookies!! nothing against OJ, though, as long as its pulp free!  10.25.07 - 2:27pm
Mallory B - Haha, On the other hand. In fact it is OJ that gives me a stomache ache--and I must drink it in moderation. But cookies without milk! I would die!   10.25.07 - 2:11pm
Kate Federico - That's not too bad. Fed (My husband) drinks OJ with Pepperoni Pizza! YUCK! Talk about acid reflux! P.S. I love ANTM!!!!!  10.25.07 - 2:11pm
Neal - OJ is great with everything. Rather have juice with a meal than any other refreshment. Way to take a stand. Long live OJ!! (Okay, Orange Juice so people don't get confused that I like a freak!)  10.25.07 - 2:06pm
jaime - On ANTM, wasn't that WACK the way ol' girl just gave up (I think her name is ebony)! She did not deserve to be there I am so glad Ambreal got to stay. I think Tyra was a bit irritated when Ebony said she wanted to go. I say ahite then girl P-E-A-C-E! Holla Back!  10.25.07 - 2:03pm
Brianna - Orange juice with cookies, brownies, cake...whatever else, is GROSS. I don't care how many co-signers you get. That picture doesn't quite show how small those glasses are...they were more like a shot glass. I had to eat my last 6 cookies with NO milk!   10.25.07 - 1:54pm
Jasmine* - Regina...THAT'S the problem...the other half of me is MEXICAN! :D I was destined for loudness!   10.25.07 - 1:51pm
Regina - Oh! Hech Nawh I thought it was Mexican who were the loud ones...No really I knew PR, Cubans and all the other Hispanics around the world were loud but Mexicans are loud too! But I love it and I love that your just as loud as I am. Yummmmm cookies sound so good and especially to a pregnant women.   10.25.07 - 1:47pm
Isabel - I'm glad to see it's not just us Cubans that are loud : )   10.25.07 - 1:42pm
Jasmine* - Okay, just to clarify...I hate milk, but I love cereal, so JD and I had to make a compromise because he likes milk. We now buy Lactaid milk (which is pretty much pretend milk), but I'll leave it in the bowl after eating all the cereal. And can I please say how NICE it is to have fellow milk haters support me?! Now I can reassure JD that, no, I'm not as weird as he claims I am! ;)  10.25.07 - 1:29pm
kristen dawn - i put ice in my milk!  10.25.07 - 1:28pm
Chantal - Ugh...I'm the same way, I HATE milk, I can't even watch someone else drink milk, it just makes me gag!  10.25.07 - 1:22pm
C.J. Scott - Blech...I'd never be caught dead drinking a glass of milk, although I do have the occasional bowl of cereal. Odd too hey?  10.25.07 - 1:18pm
jen harris - You've never scared me by your loudness...of course, I am a "loud one" too. Own it!! :)  10.25.07 - 1:09pm
Amy Martin - I SO wish I was a part of an ANTM dinner party group! Right up my alley! :) ps- I've been meaning to email you, so be on the lookout!   10.25.07 - 1:07pm
Ricki Ford - I am with you Jasmine, the only milk I can drink is Chocolate.  10.25.07 - 1:05pm
Jasmine C. - Since I teach, sometimes I forget to turn off my "teaching voice" so I can understand the whole being-unaware-of-how-loudly-I'm-speaking thing. Adam says I sometimes forget to turn off my "teaching glare" too. ;)  10.25.07 - 12:57pm
Amy - No shrieking here! I can't stomache a glass of milk either.  10.25.07 - 12:41pm
cesar perez - I loooovve oj...but with cookies? I need my milk! Tanya hates milk...I cant get her to drink it...she'll eat honey nut cheerios...and leave all the milk! HAte it! Hope all is well in cali and our heart and prayers go out to all of ya'll   10.25.07 - 12:41pm
chelsea | blueline - I drink OJ with my DONUTS!!!! all the time!! love oj. in fact i hate milk except on cereal so we are totally in the same boat.....  10.25.07 - 12:37pm