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The Face of an Olympic Competitor

e spent every chance we could this weekend watching the Olympics and anxiously awaiting a country medal count. Who knew I was way into archery or skeet shooting? When it comes to winning a medal plated in six ounces of pure gold, apparently I am. Because I started feeling left out of the competition, I thought of what events I might medal in and I came up with the following:
   *The US Eating Team <-- America's the heavy favorite (I worked hard for that pun).
   *The US Eye-Rolling Team
   *The US Hairspray Team (the team who achieves maximum volume with least aerosol emission takes the gold)
   *The US High Heel Sprinting Team
   *The US Talking Team (JD suggested he'd be on the US Listening Team)

The aforementioned list makes me sad because I have, like, no athletic ability. Once during gym class in high school, I had to jump over a box but missed the peak and tripped flat on my face. It was then when my Olympic dreams were dashed.

However (and you knew this However was coming), I will say that if there was a competition for organizing people to pose for a photo, I'd be on the top podium. I mean, just look at the determination in my face at Saturday's wedding...

I'm so glad JD captured my photo finish.

Happy Monday, Internet.
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OC Family Photographer - I think you need a couple of assistants who walk around with caution tape and parking cones, who just set it up behind you at each location. Just saying.   01.11.16 - 8:26am
Ashley Christine - I just had to share this with my family! We were all in stitches. =) Thanks J for the laugh! If the Lord sees fit to bring me my Groom; it is my dream to have you be my photographer. You'd have me crying from laughter. =)  08.04.12 - 8:14pm
April Vest - I don't know why, but it is seriously comforting to know that you deal with the same scenarios. haha, I always warn my bridal parties and family that I snap my fingers a lot and bark orders during this part.  08.04.12 - 10:36am
Mandy - WOW Jaz! Looks like the papparazzi...... Leads me to a do you deal with all the family getting in your way of a photo? We had a wedding about a week ago and actually got shuffed out the way by family to take pix. We handled our business in a very polite way :-) but gets quite annoying.  08.03.12 - 1:21am
Karl Stelter - Nice! I love that everyone is focused on the group obviously to the right of frame, and the man taking a photo on the right side of this shot is taking a photo of something entirely different.  08.02.12 - 3:52am
rich - well - you were named top 10 wedding photographer so that definitely counts for an olympic team! the photo at the end of the post is just priceless!  07.31.12 - 7:27pm
Wanda Malfara - Hey...congrats. However....(see, there I did it too) it amazes me how many "Uncle Bobs" there are that we have to fight with for the best shooting position.  07.31.12 - 12:35pm
Sophie - Too funny. So cool to see you in action!! :)  07.31.12 - 11:18am
Liesbeth - COOL! And I also wonder how you can work in a dress... I would be a total mess! Just last Saturday, I wore white pants - WRONG choice I tell ya. My bottom was totally gross and green as grass when I came home!  07.31.12 - 1:44am
LEOLAK - LOVE THE DRESS (Purple always rocks!!). Thanks for the laugh on this crazy Monday!   07.30.12 - 10:29pm
Haley Johnston - Seriously loved this! You are so fab!   07.30.12 - 7:18pm
Jasmine* - Just to clarify: I wasn't wearing heels...I just stand on my tip-toes so I can give a commanding appearance! ;) @Bryan: No, it's not a balance weight on my camera, but actually a Pocket Wizard I screw into the bottom of my camera to fire an off-camera flash. I was prepped for the First Dance inside the Reception, but also photographed pictures during the cocktail hour :)  07.30.12 - 3:47pm
Steph S - How do you shoot in heels like that??   07.30.12 - 2:06pm
Ramona P - Wow Jasmine . . how the heck do you shoot a wedding in a DRESS??? I am stooping and kneeling, laying on the ground and climbing chairs, etc etc!!! What is your secret to doing it all in a dress?? :D   07.30.12 - 12:08pm
Angela - Thanks for the big laugh this morning!  07.30.12 - 11:37am
Frances Otero - My dear. You get another gold medal for the absolute best sense of humor in our photography community. You are quirky, smart and incredibly talented. Kudos!   07.30.12 - 11:05am
Yuliya M. - How about a medal for best outfits? Where's your dress from?  07.30.12 - 10:12am
Mariano - Great moment  07.30.12 - 10:08am
Maggie Fortson - hahaha! This is so funny. You do deserve a gold metal :)   07.30.12 - 9:53am
Dianna - Holy uncle bob attack!  07.30.12 - 9:51am
Juliana Goldberg - Do you seriously shoot weddings with heels on????  07.30.12 - 9:43am
Faith Cherisse - Love the game face Jasmine!   07.30.12 - 9:42am
Candace S. - If you won gold, I'd get silver - determination is my middle love this post J, you rock!  07.30.12 - 9:41am
Lisa Lee - This shot actually made me LOL! If I was the judge, I'll definitely award you a Gold Medal for your commitment and energy!   07.30.12 - 9:38am
Kitrin Jeffrey - I love it that you are confident enough to laugh at yourself and share this picture with the rest of the online world. Me, I would delete that puppy so fast....but that's what makes you fabulous ;)  07.30.12 - 9:38am
Kate - I just love how many shoulder photographers you have around you! It's hilarious, but so true, people don't want to buy photos, so they stand next to the photographer and copy the photo. Oh boy.  07.30.12 - 9:33am
Kate Douthwright - Oooh man, I know that look on your face all too well! That is way too funny!!!!   07.30.12 - 9:31am
susieq3c - Um. You are shooting a wedding in a dress and heels. That alone is worthy of Olympic gold in my book. For real shoot gorgeous weddings AND you look fashionable doing it? There you go, raising the bar for the rest of us once again. Happy monday- your blog sure made mine better!  07.30.12 - 9:26am
jamie - haha, love it!  07.30.12 - 9:19am
Chris Grave - LOL!!!... your a trip : D Loveyaalots  07.30.12 - 9:18am
Harmony - Woa, that is a lot of paparazzi there!!! You by far take the cake (wedding cake that is, hee, hee, sorry, couldn't resist;)  07.30.12 - 9:18am
Alex Sablan - The focus in a crowd of people and ability to communicate clearly still is amazing  07.30.12 - 9:15am
Scott Herdling - Gold medal for you j*  07.30.12 - 9:14am
Melissa Paul - Love that you're making it happen while keeping the paparazzi at bay, all while working it in hells... you win the GOLD in my book.  07.30.12 - 9:08am
Bryan - Is that a balance weight on your DSLR?  07.30.12 - 8:38am
Kristen - This picture cracks me up. You are in the biggest sea of people trying to get their attention I'm sure. How successful were you? In true Olympic style, you should've had a blow horn!! Haaa!   07.30.12 - 8:28am
Dana Laymon - My god that is a lot of Uncle Bob's! I don't know how you do it. But I'd give you a gold medal for sure.  07.30.12 - 8:05am
Rachel McCloud - And the gold goes to.....Jasmine Star for being super awesome and great at making wedding parties focus and getting the job done :) I could learn a ton from you. :)  07.30.12 - 7:49am
Tara - Love that deterimined face!   07.30.12 - 7:27am
sharon elizabeth - hahahaha!  07.30.12 - 7:21am