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Friday Randomness : How To Share a Cookie

t's Friday and I'm incredibly thankful to see the weekend on the horizon. I sense I'll be parked on the couch watching endless hours of Olympic coverage because, really, I need to know who wins the gold for kayaking. And badminton. In other news, there's another installment of Friday Randomness brewing in my mind, so let's air them out...
Gymnasts who wear glitter in their hair scare me.
Last night I ate protein pasta for dinner...AND IT FELT LIKE I WAS CHEATING!!!
I haven't dyed my hair in so long it appears I have ombre hair without even trying.
Sometimes JD says it's totally fine to give him the silent treatment.
Whoever put the nutritional information on ice cream containers should be tried for the slaying of my happiness.

In other news, please wish me luck...

Support Bras...

I think this is what you call deep tea diving...

Proof Nutella is made in heaven...

A little cooler...

Why I have trust issues...

Speaking of cookies...

Happy Friday!
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ali b - Nutella... lol  08.18.12 - 1:08am
Christian - You know, the cookie one hit the spot! I always ask and people look at me like I'm crazy. Raisins are FAKE chocolate cookies and if you bite into a raisin cookie, MAJOR disappointment! Love the photos and blog by the way ;)  08.08.12 - 11:10am
Megan Lesley - So....that makes Nutella healthy...right?! ;)  08.05.12 - 11:04pm
Tamara @ Fishy Face Studios - this cracked me up!  08.04.12 - 7:00pm
Mariano - Happy friday!  08.03.12 - 9:39pm
Brianna - I agree with every picture. I say this with embarrassment and integrity and yes thats a possible combination. :)  08.03.12 - 4:20pm
Kathleen Carey - Oh my YES I agree with the glitter! It just takes me back to elementary school when it was the cool thing to wear glittery eye shadow. And body glitter. Glitter EVERYWHERE. Anyway, I have to agree with every picture you posted. There is nothing more disappointing than biting into a chocolate chip cookie and tasting raisins. Gross. Nutella is heavenly. And I want all the chocolate chips, not afraid to say it! :) Thanks for this post! Have a wonderful weekend!  08.03.12 - 1:46pm
Life with kaishon - No way! You don't really eat cupcakes, do you? Take a picture next time so there is proof! I hope your weekend is perfect. The kids and I are trying to come up for a plan tomorrow. there is only $8.14 in my wallet though, so we aren't sure how grand our adventure will be. Cross your fingers for us. Love, your favorite multi cupcake eater for real!  08.03.12 - 1:34pm
Jodi Harris - Wow! The Nutella thing has me scared! Have a FUNTASTIC weekend!   08.03.12 - 1:28pm
Lorrie Prothero - the photo of the Nutella, that's how I view guacamole!  08.03.12 - 1:00pm
Manya Keseloff - These are all awesome!!! Thanks for making me laugh!  08.03.12 - 12:56pm
Carmen - I love the deep tea drive.   08.03.12 - 12:53pm
Molly W. - These are especially funny to me today!  08.03.12 - 12:44pm
Sheila Hallmark - Have to agree with Cami...You have ruined Nutella for me. But that might not be a bad thing.  08.03.12 - 12:32pm
Paula Franco FOTOGRAPHY - Ohhh, Jasmine... I don't like Nutella anymore... :(  08.03.12 - 11:58am
desiree - I do the sharing cookie thing! Totally go for the side with more chocolate chips! ;)  08.03.12 - 11:14am
Holly - j*, you're all kinds of awesome!!! ha!  08.03.12 - 11:12am
Big bellied Bertha - I would give you the half with more chocolate chips cause thats how much I love you.   08.03.12 - 10:33am
Candace S. - That's exactly why I can't stand Nutella. Happy Friday!  08.03.12 - 10:15am
Haley Johnston - Your sense of humor is amazing! Way to make my Friday a bit better! :)   08.03.12 - 9:48am
Cami - You may have ruined Nutella for me.  08.03.12 - 9:47am
Tyler Austin - Every one of these had me cracking up! Great post Jasmine :)  08.03.12 - 9:45am
tara - BAHA! Oh man I love these!! hahaha  08.03.12 - 8:32am
Di Holmes - Made me chuckle. I too am a couch potato, and will be all next week. We live close to the rowing in Dorney. We didn't get tickets but I'm enjoying every minute of it from the sofa, always with a glass of vino in hand... Go Team GB!... sorry! xxx  08.03.12 - 7:35am
Sue McCormack - I love you Jasmine! Friday Randomness is my favorite day of the week!  08.03.12 - 7:34am