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Friday Randomness : Typography

nce I wished I could walk on crutches. On that same day--my 10th birthday--I went rollerskating and fell, breaking my shin. I was in a toe-to-thigh cast for six months. 178 days of having one leg...and lots of sympathy. When the doctor removed the cast, he found a broken plastic fork, leaves, and a red Skittle.

I have no idea why I'm sharing this story other than to make you happy you're not in cast. With a piece of candy stuck to your thigh.

This leads me to another installment of Friday Randomness...

Here's the first known photo of Michael Phelps...

I'm working on a new blog and website, and I fell in love with this typography...


Happy Friday!
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Anom - Hahaha... I can't stop laughing after seeing that first known photo of Michael Phelps and the rubberband. Oh, and I think that Moon logo is the best from that list. ...and... err... Michael Phelps... LOL!  10.17.12 - 1:23am
Darina - Hilarious!   08.17.12 - 8:52pm
Shelly - Oh. my. goodness. That first known photograph of Michael Phelps is GOLD.  08.13.12 - 7:22pm
Bobbie Brown - Okay, I have laughed so hard at the Michael Phelps one! LOVE it! Thanks for a good laugh :)  08.13.12 - 12:02pm
Leslie - Ok, those were great. Very inventive!  08.13.12 - 7:13am
Mitch Arnett - LOL, this is pretty funny :-)  08.13.12 - 7:06am
Tony Belmont - First photo of Michael Phelps was too funny. And the rubberband one, too - I've found a lot of those - no hundreds :( Thanks for all the laughs and smiles you've given me, not to mention all the great info and wonderful images.  08.12.12 - 2:12pm
John Cain Sargent - Can't wait to see the new website and blog unveiled! Any idea of a target launch date-ish?  08.11.12 - 2:50pm
Wilson Usman - Took me a second to catch the joke on the last one... too funny though  08.11.12 - 11:34am
Tamara @ Fishy Face Studios - love the typography!  08.11.12 - 9:29am
aurea - I love the Michael Phelps thingy, lol! Clever! Happy Friday!  08.11.12 - 3:19am
Kara - Here's the link to the typography one: Yay for fun Friday links!  08.10.12 - 10:37pm
Lindsey - Oh. Em. Gee!! When I was 8, i "test drove" a wheel chair, then went skating a couple days later and broke my leg. I TOO was in a toe to thigh cast for almost 6 months!! I did not, however, find a red skittle when I got the cast removed. :) Crazy stuff!!!  08.10.12 - 10:31pm
LEOLAK - HAHAHAHA!!! Awesome! Can't wait to see the new site and blog! You got rocking style! Happy Weekend!!!  08.10.12 - 9:21pm
JEFFREY JAMES - First known photo of Michael phelps!!! :D  08.10.12 - 9:19pm
Terry - Happy Friday- made me laugh!  08.10.12 - 9:02pm
Marlene Stemme - In 2001, I broke my ankle and wore a cast for seven weeks. The other people walking on two legs all the time started to look bizarre to me, like creatures from a "Far Side" zoo. It was a total perspective revelation.  08.10.12 - 8:16pm
Ashley Goodwin - NEW STUFF NEW STUFF YAHHHHHHHH  08.10.12 - 8:02pm
Stewart McKay - Nice! I can't wait to see your new website!  08.10.12 - 7:17pm
jenn | scout - thanks for the friday laughs jasmine! can't wait to see you on wednesday and STOKED to see the doubt it will be fabulous!  08.10.12 - 4:20pm
Karen Taggart - Bahahaha! Thanks for the laugh!  08.10.12 - 12:38pm
brianna - i died on the michael phelps one. oh emm gee.  08.10.12 - 11:37am
Dianne - Hilarious. Love the Michael Phelps pic. And the eagle. Fun font. Happy randomly Friday.  08.10.12 - 11:34am
Stephen - LOL, nice! Favorite is the Michael Phelps :)  08.10.12 - 11:17am
Shaina Longstreet - I love that typography! Very clever. :)   08.10.12 - 11:14am
Mikaela - are you seriously creating a new blog and website?! can't wait to see! by the way these posts always make me laugh...xo!  08.10.12 - 11:13am
Meghan - Your posts always (or at least most of the time!) make me giggle!! I love your current site but can't wait to see what you come up with next!   08.10.12 - 11:04am
Karl Stelter - Haha I love your collections of internet photos, I don't know how you find so many great one's so often! The "Robbery" one got me the most, just so unexpected and creative haha. Have a great weekend!  08.10.12 - 10:41am
Amy Moore - Are you really re-doing your website?!? So SAD! I love LOVE your website design - there is nothing like it out there. It's incredibly unique and it's 100% totally completely fab J* all the way! On a personal side note - I do know how one can get bored with their own site...then again most of us don't have a website as fab as yours - but seriously... you know the saying "don't mess a good thing," I seriously think it applies here. Just my two cents. HAPPY FRIDAY!  08.10.12 - 10:35am
Haley Johnston - You seriously crack me up! A great read to start my Friday! Have a fantastic weekend! :)   08.10.12 - 10:07am
Whitney Dupuis - The last one about the rubber band cracked me up. Sad, but funny.  08.10.12 - 9:58am
Alex Sablan - I was a little shocked at first when I saw 'Merican Eagle but after I looked again and noticed it didn't say Mexican Eagle I chuckled...  08.10.12 - 9:43am
Tamara Lockwood - I can't stop laughing at the Phelps photo. You made my day :) Haha  08.10.12 - 9:42am
Annie - Haha! EPIC!!! POST!!!  08.10.12 - 9:33am
Rachael - Hahaha. Your little cast story made me laugh. Ive never been in a cast and hope i never have to be. If i do im sure i will have ramdomness inside because i have kids. hehe  08.10.12 - 9:32am
Shauna Nicole - Thanks for the needed laugh...:)  08.10.12 - 9:29am
Angie Mack - J*. the first known photo of Michael Phelps...made me laugh! Loud! I had to pin it.   08.10.12 - 9:27am
Jasmine* - @James Dyas: I would include links if they had been included on where I found the "gems" (most via Facebook posted by others or random sites on the web). The biggest problem with sharing things on the web is not knowing where or how they were produced...had they been noted/copyrighted/highlighted I'd be more than happy to share. Thanks!  08.10.12 - 9:24am
Jacks-Pixels - Excellent ... sometime, design can produce great things :) Happy creativity !  08.10.12 - 9:17am
James Dyas Davidson - Enjoy your Friday Randomness but it is a shame you don't provide a link through to where all this fun stuff comes from, especially from a preacher of 'Lips and Clicks'. I'm sure many would love to share these great wee gems from the web. :-)  08.10.12 - 9:14am
Lisa Jay - That typography is so cool. Even if I sadly had to stop & think for a couple of them ;) .... Why does the thought of wearing a cast with a skittle stuck in it make feel claustraphobic? Have a great day x  08.10.12 - 9:11am
Jamilah (like va-nil-la) - omg - why did I laugh so hard at the 'merica picture? LOL thanks for the laugh Jasmine! can't wait to see what your new site & blog will look like =)  08.10.12 - 9:07am
Trish - I know a few people who'd proudly hang a picture of the 'Merican Eagle up in their house ;-)   08.10.12 - 8:31am