08.17.12 Personal

My Life, in iPhone Photos

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Tony Sale Photography - Cool stuff, love the wine glass by the open door - makes me want to explore.  08.21.12 - 2:37am
Natalie - I read the artical/blog Chase wrote about the value of iPhone photo's...These are absolutely PRICELESS! :-)  08.20.12 - 12:45am
Mou - Wondering who the lucky photographer is ;-)   08.19.12 - 5:38pm
LEOLAK - LOVE the pic of you and JD! Fun set of pics! Happy weekend-ing!!!  08.17.12 - 5:38pm
Ruby Mascorro - Jasmine I love this post. I've noticed that you've done these before. Did you create this yourself on Photoshop or Microsoft word. I would like to recreate something similar for my personal journal that I keep for myself hidden under my bed. Thanks Jasmine. I hope to one day be present in one of your conferences. And take a picture with you. You're one of my favorite photographer and person in general. You, JD and your doggy. Your Fan, -Ruby   08.17.12 - 1:06pm
Alexis - Sweet! You're living the life! :) What is ombre hair?  08.17.12 - 11:33am
Kitrin Jeffrey - Absolutely love that you're an Instagram addict, just like I am! I totally dig your ombre hair - I'm only brave enough to put long layers in my hair ;)  08.17.12 - 10:39am
mariel - the trick to cutting your own bangs is twisting the bunch of hair tightly before cutting horizontally. so that its not too blunt. oh and i heart you.   08.17.12 - 10:11am
Kristi Eckman - Love it! What program did you use to make this?  08.17.12 - 9:56am
Kimberly Bourgeois - You're SUPER COOL! and PS: LOVE the hair!  08.17.12 - 9:34am
Teresa Criswell - I adore you and your sense of style and adorable humor! You are a delight!  08.17.12 - 9:31am
Magaly - La coca cola en botella es lo máximo, sabe diferente que la de lata. Y la de botella chiquita es aún más rica! La han probado?  08.17.12 - 9:25am
Tamara @ Fishy Face Studios - You two are too cute for words!  08.17.12 - 9:16am
Tangie - I love this! How do you make such cool iPhone photo collages for your blog???   08.17.12 - 9:09am
The New Diplomat's Wife - the olympics pic is too funny - love your sense of humor.  08.17.12 - 7:35am