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Working : In Seattle

or as long as I can remember, JD--who was a cartologist in another life--mapped out a perfect road trip. In his mind. Up the California coast with the Pacific to the left of us and wild mustard flowers to our right...pitstops at lunch trucks profiled on the Food Network...waving to kids stuck in the back of a minivan. What he didn't factor into his daydream was a cantankerous wife, who sings off-key and packs whole grain snacks, and petulant dog. It was shaping up to be less Old Spice Man and more Griswold Vacation than he pictured, but once we arrived to Seattle, we took a collective breath and felt at home.

We came to Seattle for work, but we've been able to relax and enjoy the glorious state of Washington...a workcation, if you will. When we launched the photography tutorials for theSTORE last week, we worked from a new space and allowed us to focus solely on getting it off the ground. I'm also shooting while I'm here (more on that later), but we've carved out time to soak up Seattle in the summer.

We rented a cottage and it has a yard, so Polo has made himself right at home...

During my time off, I scour used book stores like Twice Told Tales and Elliott Bay Book company...this sometimes drives JD crazy, but I promise him reading makes me a better photographer. And a nicer wife. And a better cook (okay, so this is a bit of a stretch, but a girl's gotta do what she can to get more time while shopping!).

We also spend way too much time eating great food. JD said I shouldn't post this photo, but I just have to because it was one amazing spring roll! Life changing. I want to remember this spring roll for the rest of my life. Amen.

We carve out time to talk about business, projects, and planning for the second half of the year...lucky for us there's a bevy of locations willing to provide inspiration of the libation sorts...

I asked JD to set up the timer for a self-portrait and this is my please-hurry-up face...which is just a tiny bit nicer than my I'm-a-hungry-girl face.

Our {slanted} self-portrait.

We're trying to submerse ourselves in the Seattle culture, so yesterday we went to a farmer's market to pick up groceries and support our local farmers. Yes, I said "our" like I freaking own the city.

The Ballard farmer's market boasts to be the best outdoor market in Seattle and it didn't let us down...where else can you find cranberry peas, soap, honey, salted ham hocks, and a boysenberry pie?!

Oh, JD. My sweet JD who carries a reusable and recyclable grocery bag and buys a bouquet of flowers...he's a classic guy with a hipster heart.

This is the view from our backyard at sunset...the scope and magnitude have served as a place for introspective moments and deep breaths. I'm thrilled to go home rejuvenated with a fresh perspective for what's to come...

Happy Monday!
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Melissa - MUST find out where this rental is!  08.24.12 - 10:27am
Mikaela - I love this :) So happy to hear how well Seattle is treating you...and oh the picture of you? Gorgeous of course. Shane could tell you a few stories about my hungry girl face and I know it wouldn't be pretty ;) xo!  08.23.12 - 9:52pm
Eva - Oh I did this road trip 11 years ago, starting from San Francisco though. Still vividly remember driving into Seattle, amazing view  08.23.12 - 2:42pm
Natthan Rennard - It's lovely to see you guys in our neighborhood! We live in Ballard and walk over to the farmer's market nearly every Sunday. We didn't go last Sunday, but it would have been awesome to run into you two and introduce ourselves if we had.  08.22.12 - 10:19pm
Nick - I so miss my second home, especially Ballard and The Sexton. Great bourbon and did you try the Sexton Mac? -Yum  08.22.12 - 4:22am
Pua - Aww did you leave already!? Glad you're enjoying Seattle while the sun has been out! And yes, our Farmers Markets are the best! :)  08.21.12 - 11:22am
Marisa Loper - yay you're in seattle! and loving it! :) if you are on the eastside and want to hang out on the lake, maybe try a little wakeboarding just let me know! we'd be happy to host all of you for some yummy food and good times (and i mean all of you. my son would go crazy over polo).  08.20.12 - 10:28pm
Jessie - I thought you must be in Seattle when I saw your Instagram with the honey lavender ice cream at Molly favorite! You came here at the perfect time weather-wise...enjoy the rest of your stay!   08.20.12 - 8:33pm
Jen Sexton - Love the SEXTON sign! =) Thanks for sharing!  08.20.12 - 7:57pm
LEOLAK - POLO PIC!! He looks so excited! You lady Jasmine are GORGE! Seriously! I feel ya on the I'm hungry feeling/look lol. Looks like a great time, and clearly I need to add Seattle to my must visit list. Cheers to relaxation and rocking out the rest of the year! Thx for sharing.   08.20.12 - 5:46pm
Christa - Love these personal posts the most :)  08.20.12 - 4:23pm
Denver wedding photographer - JD rocks. I did not know he was a cardiologist. Too funny.  08.20.12 - 4:16pm
Mark Martinez Photography - Three words - Hoh Rain Forest. Do it now. You'll thank me later :)  08.20.12 - 3:14pm
Kimberly Hill - Welcome to Seattle! Glad you can enjoy this sunny weather we're having :)  08.20.12 - 2:56pm
elisabetta {Linen and Silk} - You've made me feel like I need another trip to the US... until then, I can't wait to hear what you have in store for the second half of the year. Happy scheming!   08.20.12 - 1:45pm
Diana - Oh, this sounds lovely! Seattle has just been bumped up to the forefront of places to live! :)  08.20.12 - 12:05pm
Gail - So so grateful you two were able to escape for a bit, explore together and rejuvenate for the remainder of your year!!!! xoxox G   08.20.12 - 11:59am
Meghan - How exciting that you're in Seattle!! How long are you here for?!?! If you ever need models, or help, or anything let me know! I'm just across the water ;) P.S. You should come visit Bainbridge Island :D  08.20.12 - 10:22am
Jennifer McKinney - It seems that you might be camping out in my hood, Ballard. Very cool ;-)  08.20.12 - 10:20am
rich - we definitely want to visit seattle ourselves one day - hard to get out there from the east coast! hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!  08.20.12 - 10:18am
lynda - seattle suits you, you should be here more often. :)  08.20.12 - 10:13am
Tracy Martin - My partner and I just got back from spending 5 nights in Seattle during their heat spell and even though we were shooting in an air conditioned theatre, we were able to enjoy the city during the late afternoons and evenings. We consider Seattle our second home and would move there if we didn't love the Bay Area a bit more. Enjoy.  08.20.12 - 9:59am
Dede Edwards - Enjoy!  08.20.12 - 9:57am
Whitney Dupuis - Just beautiful. It is easy to forget that the most simplistic things in life are often times the most beautiful. What a great reminder.  08.20.12 - 9:53am
McKenzie Powell - Awww... the Ballard market. The best! So glad you two enjoyed it.   08.20.12 - 9:53am
Ashley Martens - So nice to relax from the business... :D I love Seattle!  08.20.12 - 9:51am
Sarah Vander Beek - Welcome to Seattle J*!! I hope you, JD and Polo, enjoy your stay!!  08.20.12 - 9:48am
Emma - Seattle is a GREAT place to visit when the weather is nice. But after living there 6 years, I can truly say I would NEVER EVER leave L.A again. LOL Living there takes a special kind of person... ( who doesn't mind not seeing sun for 200 days)  08.20.12 - 9:41am
ashley barnett - A workcation?! Best.Idea.Ever!!!   08.20.12 - 9:41am
Jennie - THANK YOU for representing my fair city that I love so much. You captured it perfectly. I'm glad the weather was good and you enjoyed all that makes Seattle so special. Wished I would've run into you while you were here though! lol  08.20.12 - 9:41am
Ali - I'm glad you're in my fair city and that the weather has treated you well.   08.20.12 - 9:37am
dan! - A workcation is a brilliant idea. Welcome (once again) to seattle.  08.20.12 - 9:35am
Nikki Closser - Jasmine! So glad you are loving my city :) Your blog entry put a huge smile on my face. I moved here four years ago and it has changed how I eat and shop and I have learned to slow down a bit, just to take it all in...because there is SO much to take in here! Cheers to this great city :)  08.20.12 - 9:34am
Liz - Love all the street-style photography! And yes, I always refer to farmer's markets anywhere as 'ours'. If you're road tripping back, there's a really good one in Santa Barbara. Plus you can pretend to be in the soap opera. Or not. :)  08.20.12 - 8:27am
The New Diplomat's Wife - sounds like a wonderful trip and can't wait to see what the second half of the year brings for you (and by extension for your readers! )  08.20.12 - 7:57am
Ernie E - For some reason, I thought CreativeLive when I read the title. Great set of images and thank you for sharing your working vacation with us!  08.20.12 - 7:53am
Moi - That Polo is THE most adorable dog, I could just squeeze him till he squeaks! I love the black and white image from inside the restaurant and the vibrant colours of the market, yum.  08.20.12 - 7:44am
TXDOC - Thanks Jasmine and JD. Loved reading the chronicles of your workcation... I recently visited Seattle for the first time and had a blast finding small coffee shops and organic markets, it's really a wonderful city to discover. Thank you for sharing!   08.20.12 - 7:19am
Jarka H. - Love the hptos. Seems you have wonderful time there!  08.20.12 - 7:03am
Ken - Also maybe do a C-L class as well while you are staying in Seattle ?? That would be the best :) Heres alsway hoping Ken   08.20.12 - 6:54am