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Friday Randomness : Cheddar Shredder

s a kid, my mom threw me into every play, stage performance, and musical (never mind I had a voice of Charlie Brown's teacher and I couldn't, like, actually sing). She figured putting her kid in front of people forced me to develop confidence and remain composed under pressure...I'm sure she read that in some parenting magazine at the dentist's office. Except the opposite happened. Where other kids pranced on the stage and fought for the leads, I remained in the chorus. Always. Okay, once I was casted as the bearded inn keeper for the Christmas play, but I didn't have any lines.

All these years later, I'm thankful I was thrusted onto a stage for memory's sake, but confidence and composure? Still working on that.

Case in point: we rented a house in Seattle and it came with about 274 trash cans for various materials and recyclables. In California, we have two: trash and recyclables. We did the best we could, but when we put the garbage cans on the street for the Monday morning pick up, we saw our neighbor organizing our trash. Should I repeat that last part?! WHO ORGANIZES TRASH?! Later that day she stopped us as we got into our car and explained how we should be dividing our trash and (wait for it...wait for it...) wash our to-go containers before throwing them away.

JD noticed I'd become a puddle of humiliation so he scooped me up and poured me into the car. This made me think had my mother forced me into one more play, I might have smiled and kick-ball-changed my way to some witty answer, ending with jazz hands. And tap routine.

This leads me to another Friday Randomness... better start practicing your backflips...

And if you can't do a backflip, just hope the guy has THIS kind of wingman...

Annnnd if you find yourself on a date, make sure he has this planned for the evening...

My friend Ginger posted this on Facebook and I love flow charts I can actually understand!

A blog reader, Nicole, sent the website my way and I couldn't stop laughing...

This? This might be the only thing that makes me excited to get into the kitchen and cook...although I'd conversely name it the CHEDDAR SHREDDER.

Happy Friday!
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Jason Borg - Awesome, that is all I need to say, awesome.  08.27.12 - 4:34pm
rich - i don't know how you find these things haha but this post is awesome!  08.27.12 - 10:54am
Hannes Uys - Groovy cheese shredder that!  08.26.12 - 2:30pm
Alexis - Love the "wingman" picture! Aww, sweet! Now the question is, was that STAGED or did the photog actually capture that moment IN ACTION? ;)  08.25.12 - 7:44pm
Shannon K. - You are still one of the funniest people I know.   08.25.12 - 8:57am
Yuliya M. - Organizing trash . . . hmm, I would move out from that neighborhood after that episode ;).   08.24.12 - 2:58pm
jamie solorio - I guess I should mention looks wise! I really wasn't paying attention to the way the cartoon girl was acting...I was editing pictures in bed with my daughter! lol! :)   08.24.12 - 11:42am
Haley Johnston - That is the COOLEST cheese shredder EVER. My roommate and I totally need one. I am sure everyone that came over to visit would love a show! I love your random Friday posts! Have a great weekend!! :)   08.24.12 - 11:11am
Jamie Solorio - When you get a have to watch Bratz: Pampered Petz episode on Netflix! There is a lawyer character that seems to be created after you! Crazy! Anyhow, was just watching it with my daughter Isa this morning...home sick from Kindergarten today! Anyhow, check it out! lol!  08.24.12 - 10:54am
Moose - The dog shamming website is great! From one doggie to another: You Can Call Me Moose ...Tail wags + happy Friday to you too!  08.24.12 - 9:54am
Theresa Lovejoy - waaaaayyyyy too funny!  08.24.12 - 9:45am
Randy Zeitman - Why not "Gratest Cheddar Shredder Ever"  08.24.12 - 9:34am
mixedmolly - Haha! I love your Friday randomness. My husband would not have held his tongue if a lady schooled us on proper recycling :)  08.24.12 - 9:34am
sharon elizabeth - LOLOL... the dog photo is hilarious~!!  08.24.12 - 9:17am
Alicia - "...a voice like Charlie Brown..." You CRACK. ME. UP!!!   08.24.12 - 9:10am
Stephanie Stewart - LOVE this! And how fun is that Cheddar Shredder?! Love it!  08.24.12 - 9:03am