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Why I Shouldn't be a Parent : Reason #4,961

Part of the difficulty with my dog is that he doesn't understand he's a dog. Polo actually believes he's human (or part human, part cat) and behaves as an equal member of our family. I know I should, like, lay ground rules and act like the boss, but I'm a total sucker for his smile. Oh, yes, my dog smiles.

When I think about how I engage with my dog, I immediately know I'm destined to be a terrible parent. I'd have the parental propensity to applaud, cater, and clap for a future dictator or political despot. Internet, let's just be thankful Polo walks on four legs and can't talk or else we could be in a lot of trouble.
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Yen - always a fan of Polo. cute kid!  09.05.12 - 7:28am
Michelle - Polo and you were meant to be... you both smile... a lot :) It is contagious for sure!  09.03.12 - 6:33am
Laura Kelly - You will be an amazing parent, because you'll put your kids in raincoats and mini scarves and stuff just like Polo. Cutest. Kid. Ever.  08.31.12 - 1:46pm
Mom - I love my Polo!!  08.30.12 - 7:43pm
Jen R - hehe, my dog smiles too and I also confess to being a spoiler.   08.30.12 - 5:52am
LEOLAK - POLO PIC!!! Any time you need a dog sitter let me know! I'll hop on a plane and be there! LOL I think you'd make an awesome mom! :)  08.29.12 - 8:00pm
Fabuluxe - Ohhh... i love Polo.  08.29.12 - 7:01pm
Evonne and Darren - We can totally relate! We are the same way with our cats... that's why we don't have kids! We love our furbabies! :)  08.29.12 - 3:58pm
Emily Heizer photography - Um... I know that wallpaper and that headboard and that artwork on the wall. Maybe it's a giant coincidence, but are you at the Citizen Hotel in Sacramento?!!!! It's really distinctive because of the political cartoons on the wall- we do all of our boudoir shoots there! And it's like, 5 minutes from my house!  08.29.12 - 2:46pm
Jo - Dogs don't talk back or make real tantrums, once this starts, you will automatically feel the need to discipline in a positive manner! Kids are super cute but in the day to day basis they learn from your actions, so sweetie, that kid won't ever be a dictator, he'll be a great person in society just like Mami & daddy!   08.29.12 - 11:24am
Kiki - This is scarily similar to my own dog/owner relationship! I always say Milo (black Pomeranian, who also smiles, no doubt) is part cat part human, he'll even pounce on a piece of string.  08.29.12 - 11:12am
Alycia - I feel the exact same way. I let my chihuahua Dolly get away with everything. This is one of the many things that has led me to be childfree!  08.29.12 - 11:02am
Donna Stokes Kennedy - My dog smiles too.  08.29.12 - 10:56am
Sandra Fazzino - That's cuz you got "mad love to give!" "I ain't got nothin but love for ya, honey."   08.29.12 - 10:46am
Jarka H. - Such a cute smile. Totally undrestand you :)  08.29.12 - 10:41am
Clickmama - Oh Please. I know you love him and everything but he aint the same thing as a child, your child so relax you will make a great parent speaking of which when are you kids gonna get working and gimme some granbabies!! :))  08.29.12 - 10:35am
Tim Poole - On the other hand, I have heard, and do believe that the relationship you have with your pet is a great predictor of the type of parent you will be. I believe that your interaction with Polo predicts great parenthood for you, if you choose.  08.29.12 - 10:26am
a little bit of whimsy photography - and one day you will see that you are mistaken about those abilities... one day my friend! You will be voted best Parent over and over!!! although you WILL probably have to learn to cook.......  08.29.12 - 10:14am
Nichole - Girl, me too. Only I have two dogs, so it's twice the we-think-we're-human. ;)  08.29.12 - 10:13am
Mrcy - Weush, thought I was the only one with a long list of why not to have a kid. I have two Shibas who certainly haven't helped to change my attitude about kids. Pwehehe Always a pleasure to read your blog. (:  08.29.12 - 10:04am
Darci - Sounds like me! Our house is ruled by our 2 pugs. And I agree, they do smile and it's so stinkin' cute!!   08.29.12 - 10:02am
Der Chang - I don't usually like dogs, but your is cute!  08.29.12 - 9:59am
Faraz - Please don't take it the wrong way, but a raising a child and having a dog seem very different to me. I have a 2 year old son who is diagnosed with autism, we have 4 hours of therapy 5 days a week just so he can look at us and tell us that he is feeling hungry. I can't even tell you about all the nights we have spent crying thinking about the kind of life we had imagined. I had a terrier named Tony for 8 years, and it was not anything like raising a child. P.S: I think you would make a great mother, I have seen you shoot a live wedding on Creative Live and you definitely have what it takes to be a mother  08.29.12 - 9:57am
Kat - Hahah! I totally get what you´re great dane thinks I´m her mom or kid sister...guess it´s my fault!  08.29.12 - 9:55am
Sarah F - I've decided I shouldn't be a human mommy either. For many reasons. I will be good four-legged mommy when the time is right :) lol  08.29.12 - 9:55am
Ling - Soooo cute!  08.29.12 - 9:42am
Moe Martinez - I don't know; That sounds like a good reason to be a parent ;)  08.29.12 - 9:40am
Pablo hill - All dogs smile when they are happy :)  08.29.12 - 9:27am
Jennie - You'd be surprised at how good of a mother you would be. I've met you and JD, and honestly parenting takes honest, loving, caring people. Everything else will come... Although Polo is spoiled, you would learn to spoil, and lovingly disciple your child. It's not about saying no, it's about guiding them to be the best person they can be. :D  08.29.12 - 9:26am
Wedding Photographer Colchester - Ah! what a gorgeous dog, why would you want kids!  08.29.12 - 9:25am
Kasi Stuhlman - My puppy is snoozing on my desk right now at my corporate day job ;) I'm the saaaaaame way!   08.29.12 - 9:20am
Annia - HAHAHA. If you birth any future Communist children, I'm counting on JD to straighten them right out. :)  08.29.12 - 8:50am
Annia - HAHAHA. If you birth any future Communist children, I'm counting on JD to straighten them right out. :)  08.29.12 - 8:50am