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hen Jane Gaboury, Director of Publications for Professional Photographer Magazine, reached out via email, I was totally excited. She emailed and asked about writing an article and my mind was racing with the possibilities. I was planning to submit a proposal about the roles unicorns played in a wedding photographer's life and the importance of Nutella in a balanced diet, when she preemptively asked about JD.

Umm, like, what?!?

Jane wrote and explained she saw the blog post about JD's attention to detail and asked if he'd be willing to share his perspective on second shooting and tips for assistant photographers. What transpired was JD's first published article...and I couldn't be more proud of him! To read the article in its entirety, feel free to check out the September issue of Professional Photographer Magazine, but here's a sneak peek for now...

Happy Thursday!
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In Awe - I'm in AWE of the fantabulous design you have for the blog! w.o.w  12.23.13 - 8:19pm
Mom - So proud of my wonderful son-in-law!!   10.09.12 - 5:35pm
Rici - Now I´m proud of JD as well! Well done!!!!!! and I love how you always manage to include unicorns! ~ Saluti.  10.01.12 - 12:01pm
Ashvin Ghisyawan - Nice work! You deserve it  10.01.12 - 1:52am
Lydia - JD, thanks for a brilliant articles. Wedding Photographers should take note :-)   09.30.12 - 11:07pm
John Cureton - Very Cool. Congrats on getting published!  09.30.12 - 9:17pm
Linda Sherrill - Loved the article!   09.26.12 - 5:45am
Gavin McCulla - It is always nice to be recognized by the industry leaders,its a sign that you are doing a marvelous job.  09.20.12 - 2:04am
Weddings Venezuela - Nice Work JD!  09.18.12 - 7:32pm
Khristen Powell - Its quite rare for a man to be so attentive to details. You make a great pair! :)  09.18.12 - 12:07pm
Evonne & Darren - Go JD! Those are great tips... thanks for sharing!  09.17.12 - 12:57pm
Mary Margaret - Congratulations, JD! That rocks!  09.14.12 - 10:55am
LILIA - Beautiful JD! Felicidades!!!  09.14.12 - 12:48am
Danielle Bryan - So great!! Congrats JD!  09.14.12 - 12:02am
Edouard MONTFORT - Very cool for you !  09.13.12 - 11:11pm
kirk willcox - GO JD!!! your the man lol  09.13.12 - 5:11pm
Christina Hastings - *Ding, ding, ding* Three cheers for JD!   09.13.12 - 2:52pm
Aimee - Awesom! Congrats, JD!  09.13.12 - 2:11pm
Melinda T - Great job! Can't wait to read it!  09.13.12 - 1:00pm
Denver photographer - Good for you - congrats!   09.13.12 - 12:07pm
Lydia - You're awesome, JD! This was a good reminder for myself as a primary shooter, and I'm passing it on to my second shooter as well!  09.13.12 - 11:57am
Jolynn - Go JD! How awesome!!  09.13.12 - 11:55am
Tira J - Awesome news JD! Congrats! Can't wait to read the article. Make sure your boss gives you some extra time off for going the extra mile in the publishing world. LOL!   09.13.12 - 11:23am
LEOLAK - Awesome!!! Congratulations JD!!  09.13.12 - 11:19am
Tiffany - Yay for JD. :) It's always the quiet ones!  09.13.12 - 10:50am
Sheaulee Ng - Congrats JD!   09.13.12 - 10:31am
Erin Oveis Brant - woohoo!! go JD!   09.13.12 - 10:19am
B - Awwww! I love that guy. So proud of him.  09.13.12 - 10:09am
Kim Renee - So neat JD! I'll go check out the September issue!  09.13.12 - 10:09am
moi - Ha ha ha, way to go JD! Yeah buddy, well done!  09.13.12 - 10:03am
Sylvia - JD > unicorns!  09.13.12 - 9:40am
Alicia - Yay JD!! The article was great!  09.13.12 - 9:35am
Kristin Greenwald - YAY, JD! I have my issue at home and will be sure to flip right to your feature. You deserve it! Congrats!  09.13.12 - 9:21am
Kim Schepperley - Just received my issue yesterday and about to flip it open!   09.13.12 - 9:10am
Leslie - JD - I would totally send you a cupcake if I actually knew you ... can't wait to read it! :)  09.13.12 - 9:06am
Stephanie Stewart - GO JD!!!! Awesome! Congratulations!!!  09.13.12 - 8:36am
Jennifer - Wow! Congrats!!! I got my copy yesterday and saw that on the cover!!   09.13.12 - 8:34am
Megan - That's awesome! Congrats to JD!  09.13.12 - 8:14am