09.14.12 Engagements

Laguna Beach Engagement : Shala + Omar

t sat in her junk box. When she didn't hear from him, she wondered if he didn't like the way she looked. After all, it wasn't like he had anything else to gauge the totality of who she was. Just a few photos and an email address. But Shala hadn't heard from Omar in the weeks since a mutual friend introduced them by way of email, so she put him out of her mind. But, it sat in her junk box. Omar hadn't heard from Shala since he emailed so he thought she must've been uninterested from the start.

Weeks later, she happened to come across his email and it sparked a tidal wave of communication. In a single swoop on non-junk mail luck, they agreed to meet in Laguna Beach, where the spent their first date talking, dining, and roaming the streets until it became dark enough for the stars to act as their guides. A year and a half later, they returned to the restaurant where they met and spent the day reminiscing about the moment when an email in a junk box changed their lives.

I'm incredibly honored to be working with Shala and Omar and I'm excited for their wedding later this year...should be a day filled with the awesomeness of who they are. I had a blast shooting their engagement session and here are a few of my favorites...

One of my favorite things about Omar is his ability to make Shala smile...

See what I mean about the smiling?!

Oh, Shala....GO ON!!!!!!!

After a quick outfit change, we walked to Laguna Beach for a few more engagement photos...and a good time.

The light was simply spectacular and made for a perfect day on the beach...

Many thanks to Lynn Simpson for Shala's hair and Robin Dunn for hair...

I'll end on this photo, but if you'd like see more from Shala and Omar's engagement photos in Laguna Beach, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

Happy Friday!
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Jessica - Cute couple!  12.10.12 - 9:59pm
Chris - Sansom Photography - A really touching story and a beautiful engagement shoot. You have some stunning locations over there and it looks like you always get the perfect couples!  11.26.12 - 3:44am
Sarah Khamsoda - What a sweet story!   11.10.12 - 2:57pm
Ken Topham - stunning natural images, you chose great locations for this lucky couple!!  11.08.12 - 3:00pm
ANDRE BLAIS PHOTOGRAPHY - These are so cute, I love the last image on the beach chairs!  10.24.12 - 9:08am
Kristen Driscoll - I love the poses.. and of course the sparks flying between this beautiful couple. Great job!  10.22.12 - 3:58pm
Katey - You inspire me Jasmine!! Your work is amazing!!!   10.10.12 - 9:49pm
Derek Martinez Photography - Awesome session! Beautiful job showing the love between them!   10.01.12 - 3:21pm
Ashvin Ghisyawan - Great engagement shoot! Especially the last one on the beach.  10.01.12 - 1:54am
Crystal - Really beautiful session! You inspire me, Jasmine! <3  09.29.12 - 3:10pm
SHENG YANG - LOVE IT!!!!!   09.27.12 - 10:05am
Mom - Love them all!!  09.23.12 - 9:31pm
Dani Davila - the last one rocks!!!  09.19.12 - 2:38pm
Ashley Christine - Lovely!  09.19.12 - 1:17pm
Amy Nave - Beautiful engagement Jasmine!! I agree with you, and I love the way he makes her smile as well. You captured true love right there:)  09.19.12 - 9:50am
Tina dela Rosa - The last shot is great!  09.18.12 - 2:51pm
Michelle - That blue dress is amazing on her! Gorgeous!  09.18.12 - 4:23am
connie - absolutely amazing! hi shala! :)  09.17.12 - 2:01pm
Life with Kaishon - She is so pretty. I love her dress and her hair. I love his smile. What a wonderful couple. I am glad she found the junk : )  09.17.12 - 9:18am
Lydia - You can just feel their sweet and joyful love through the pictures!  09.14.12 - 9:45pm
Sarah - Oh no I wrote that comment on my phone. That's supposed to be a winky face not question marks lol. Sorry Omar!   09.14.12 - 1:21pm
Sarah - I have the most GORGEOUS sister in the world, from the inside out. Oh ya omar, you aren't too bad yourself ??. Beyond happy for you both, I looovee these jasmine! Xo  09.14.12 - 1:11pm
Khalil & Wilma - What an outstanding couple. How can it get any better: a beautiful girl and a handsome man united in love.   09.14.12 - 1:03pm
Ahna - I love these photos! Beach pictures are my favorite. & Just fyi ... I think one of these ladies did make-up but you credited the hair to both (Many thanks to Lynn Simpson for Shala's hair and Robin Dunn for hair...) ;)   09.14.12 - 12:33pm
Santorini Photographer - Very beautiful pictures!! Congratulations!!  09.14.12 - 12:26pm
Andrea - What a beautiful story... and what beautiful eyes on this girl!  09.14.12 - 12:16pm
sarah danaher - she is so lovely!! you can feel the warmth radiating from inside of her... that she is loved, and that he makes her feel safe. her eyes sparkle.   09.14.12 - 11:32am
LEOLAK - Ohhh how great do they look together!!!! Gorgeous ring too! Love the way you not only capture stories, but the way you write about them? LOVE IT!!!  09.14.12 - 11:28am
Teresa LaVallee - always. :)  09.14.12 - 10:50am
B - Rawr! Persian goodness all over.  09.14.12 - 10:17am
Alexis - I think we've ALL been there as women-- like Shala, wondering if he didn't call because he didn't like the way we look-- but gratefully for Shala, Omar loved more than her looks, he loves her heart. :) I can see it in your beautiful photography of this remarkable couple. Great work! :)  09.14.12 - 10:11am
Stephanie Stewart - What a beautiful couple, and, yes, the smiles are contagious! Gorgeous light, location, color, and their eyes just glow with love and happiness!   09.14.12 - 9:46am
Alaina Bos - She is absolutely stunning... and he's not too shabby either! You captured their personalities awesomely!! Can't wait to see their wedding photos!  09.14.12 - 9:45am
Meredith Sledge - I'm loving these so much!!! I just adore your approach to capturing a session. So genuine and photojournalistic.  09.14.12 - 9:40am
nena - She's very beautiful and they make a gorgeous couple. I love your photos very much! =-)  09.14.12 - 9:39am
natalie - Dear if anyone wouldn't like how she looks. Stunning!!!  09.14.12 - 9:32am
debbie ryan - I just started following your work and you are by far the most amazing photographer. this is absolutely beautiful!!   09.14.12 - 9:24am
Maria - I love her blue dress :)  09.14.12 - 8:53am