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St Regis Monarch Beach Wedding : Malissa+Henry

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he sat perched on a high chair with a box of tissues on her lap, the second box of the afternoon. Tears streamed down Malissa's face in a mix of happiness, joy, and nostalgia. A notorious researcher and comparison checker, Malissa is the type of girl who'll wait until the very last minute to make a decision only to ensure it's the best fit for her. She ordered her wedding dress a few weeks before the wedding, the bridesmaids dresses were delivered a few hours before the ceremony, and she'd spent months perfecting every detail for her wedding at the St. Regis Monarch Beach. It was no surprise she spent just as much dedication ensuring Henry was her soul mate, the missing puzzle piece in her life.

Henry waited for Malissa before the wedding ceremony having opted to see each other before their vows. With his back turned, Malissa reached out and tapped his shoulder. When they saw each other, Malissa's tears flowed...and Henry quietly pulled a hankerchief from his coat pocket, proving once again Malissa couldn't have picked a more perfect mate to meet her needs at every moment in life.

Malissa and Henry...your wedding was delightful and I appreciate your kind consideration in allowing me to capture your first day as husband and wife. I wish you a lifetime of joy, happiness, and endless boxes of tissue! Much Love and Appreciation... j*

The gorgeous wedding day began with amazing coastal breezes off Dana Point at the St. Regis Monarch Beach, a pair of Jimmy Choo's, and a wedding dress (with a bow on the back!) from Ian Stuart...

Malissa's was made extra stunning with hair and makeup by Design Visage...and a little more jsuching from her sweet sister, Shirley.

Henry and Malissa seeing each other before the wedding ceremony...

The day was gorgeous and provided a stunning backdrop at the St. Regis Monarch Beach for plenty of wedding photos...

Shortly thereafter a sunset ceremony was in store...

...and lots of celebrating to be had...

Many thanks to JD for capturing this photo...

Just before the reception, we ventured into the Rotunda at the St. Regis for a few more wedding photos...

The reception began with beautiful toasts and warm wishes...and many thanks to Visual Masterpiece for the awesome video lights they brought and to Ruth Wang of Plan to Perfection for ensuring the day flowed smoothly and perfectly on schedule...loved her!

Just moments before the First Dance, Henry looked out to their wedding guests but Malissa spent most the evening staring at her new husband...

To see more of Malissa and Henry's St. Regis Monarch Beach wedding in Dana Point, feel free to click here to view a slideshow with music provided by The Music Bed.
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