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Friday Randomness : The Sweet Edition

few nights ago, JD asked if I wanted to see an action movie where lots of stuff blows up and guys act all manly. Well, he didn't really say it like that, exactly, but that's what I heard. I kissed him goodbye and plopped myself in front of my pantry in search of something dangerously sweet and forbidden on the food pyramid. Internet, I made an ice cream shake that rivaled a 10-pound bag of refined sugar.

I, of course, wanted to feel guilty, but as I licked the remaining Nutella from my spoon, I just couldn't find it in me. Remotely.

This leads me to another installment of Friday Randomness...the sweet edition...

Carter's dad deserves the Best Dad award for designing a Halloween outfit around his wheelchair...hands down, America's cutest ice cream man.

Speaking of ice cream, this scooper is perfect gift for anyone impatient for the frozen confection to thaw...a serrated scooper?! Genius.

I have an awful sense of humor.

This spoon was MADE FOR ME.

Whoever invented this s'more keyboard, you stole my heart.

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Dordrecht - I have pinned the keybord :)  12.08.14 - 5:58am
Crystal - Love this post! The little gingerbread man is the best!   10.07.12 - 1:47pm
Mika Larramo - I wish I could change my current keyboard to that one. :)  10.06.12 - 2:55pm
J. Todd Coomans - Ice cream junky to ice cream junky this is the best ice cream scooper out there: the OXO Ice Cream Spade ( BIG scoops and cuts right in straight out of the freezer. I have 5 other ice cream scoopers and 2 of these, the others never come out of the drawer...  10.05.12 - 5:07pm
Emily Heizer Photography - Where did the images come from?  10.05.12 - 11:35am
Ashley Christine - It's a good thing I don't have a keyboard like that... I'd drool all over it. ;) Excuse me while I go search for a bag of marshmallows...  10.05.12 - 10:55am
gladys - awww, carter's costume makes my heart melt. never get tired of your friday randomness. <3  10.05.12 - 10:48am
Megan - Oh my word these are probably the best things ever, I want one of everything! Happy Friday!  10.05.12 - 9:50am
Stephanie - Do you have the links to the original sources of those images (like the gingerbread guy)? I'd love to pin it but I want to be sure to credit the original! (If you know it, that is.)  10.05.12 - 9:49am
Dell - These are funny photos. But I'm mad at you because I'm going to be walking around singing that song the rest of the day. 'Pour some suuuga on maaaay'  10.05.12 - 9:18am
Lindsey - I love that costume..super adorable! Now you have made me want to break my diet..shame on you :)  10.05.12 - 7:24am