10.08.12 Personal

I Believe in Love

We spent the weekend in New York City for a wedding. On our flight back, I scribbled down my belief in love and how it manifests itself. The past few days were filled with craziness, joy, and happiness. And I'm elated to have had someone by my side to experience every emotion the city unfurled to us.

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Dordrecht - This is really cute :) I really hope that you will write more  12.08.14 - 5:57am
Kaitee - Lovely.  10.13.12 - 11:22am
Karin - Youre gonna make me cry! Very beautiful.  10.11.12 - 8:55pm
Shane - I believe your handwriting is awesome! ;)  10.09.12 - 6:46pm
Tammy - You're such a romatic! JD is a very lucky man!  10.09.12 - 3:38pm
Belinda - Awh! Love it   10.09.12 - 12:37pm
Alexis - I believe that's BEAUTIFUL! :)  10.09.12 - 10:45am
Stephanie Callaghan Smith - Love this - life is so much better when you believe in love!!  10.09.12 - 5:19am
Luisa - I believe in love even if it fails you.  10.09.12 - 12:33am
Tara - I am a florist who worked with you in 2007, you know in the beginning and I have followed your blog since it started and watched it evolve & grow. On nights when my eyes are bleary from to much computer time, I go to your blog your posts like this... I too believe in LOVE.  10.08.12 - 10:42pm
Paige Overturf - I believe this is one of my favorite posts!  10.08.12 - 9:50pm
Marie - I believe you're awfully's almost like you grew up in googlersville. Have fun at Florence and the Machine! Dog days are over.....that's our jam...cause of our engagement slide show :)   10.08.12 - 8:49pm
Cindy Habel - Beautiful! Love is beautiful! How warm and happy life is when we believe in love :)  10.08.12 - 8:45pm
staci - i am so mad at you! here i was just watching the weather and then i see this in my feed, read it and now tears are streaming down my face. life circumstances have made it such that this seems completely impossible for me but i love the idea of belief in love and just getting to say i love you everyday. you don't realize how special it is until someone makes you stop and think about the fact that you don't say it. beautiful. all of your words (and your heart) are beautiful.  10.08.12 - 8:26pm
Lisamarie - I believe that all your beliefs are perfect. Especially vacation splurges.   10.08.12 - 4:16pm
Tony Belmont - I believe in this list! And I believe that if everyone believed in this list, the world would be a better place. Beautifully written, Jasmine. Just as your photographic images are beautifully captured.  10.08.12 - 1:05pm
Ashley Christine - Aw, that is so good! I <3!  10.08.12 - 12:36pm
Bobbie Brown - What a gorgeous image! Love this post :)  10.08.12 - 12:06pm
Gina - I LOVE LOVE this post. Simple but perfect!  10.08.12 - 11:30am
Laura Pedrino - Beautiful :)  10.08.12 - 11:04am
Laura F - Absolutely beautiful  10.08.12 - 11:03am
marija - I believe in myself, since I started foloving your blog. You gave me hope, and courage to follow my dream! So I believe in love and that dreams can be true! Thank you j *   10.08.12 - 10:39am
Jasmin - Oh my goodness! You can work it, Lady! No matter if it's with pictures or with words, you are able to capture the truth perfectly! Love it! Love to steal some of those sentences for my next love letter to my hubby! May I?  10.08.12 - 10:39am
White Dreams - Tears... of joy. I also believe in love, that's why I'm doing what I'm doing.  10.08.12 - 10:28am
Lindsey - : ) love this.  10.08.12 - 10:21am
Jaime D - i LOVE this post jasmine made me think of my hubby and some of the things we do esp the waiting for dinner together if it gets cold hehe  10.08.12 - 10:07am
Julie Hurley - Love love love that you posted this in your own handwriting vs. typed. And thanks for continuing to share yourself with us - not just the photographer side of you.  10.08.12 - 9:55am
cheryl - I believe... you caused me to spontaneously water up! Thank you because I believe in love too and it's just as much about the little stuff as it is the grand and noticeable stuff! This was a pleasure to read. xo   10.08.12 - 9:44am
Life with Kaishon - Me too. Who is the author of this piece of brilliance?  10.08.12 - 8:52am