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NYC Mandarin Oriental Wedding : Elyse+Andrew

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f he's known for one thing, it's his impeccable taste. Andrew takes pleasure in life's smallest details and he's widely known for his acute attention to minutia that often makes a meal, event, or an experience truly amazing. He's the type of guy who'll smell, swish, and twirl wine in a glass, knowing what--precisely--makes it delicious. In light of these attributes, Elyse leaves life's finer decisions to him.

The beauty in this situation is Elyse is Andrew's version of perfection, down to the smallest detail. They share a sense of humor, they're patient with each other, and Andrew always finds a snack when Elyse is hungry, even if it means running down a crowded street in New York City for a pretzel. Andrew is known for his impeccable taste and everyone knows no girl in the world fits his detail-oriented life better than Elyse.

Elyse and Andrew, what I want to write is a billion words to express my gratitude, but for the sake of time, I hope a simple thank you will suffice. You are truly two of the kindest people I've had the honor of working with and your wedding was absolutely wonderful. Thank you for inviting us into your lives for such a special day and I hope you're enjoy life on a sunny Hawaiian beach right now! Much Love and Appreciation... j*

It was a beautiful fall day in New York City and the weather was perfect for a wedding at the Mandarin Oriental...things were made extra special when I saw a pair of Jimmy Choo's...with a bedazzled bow. Oh com'on...

Elyse chose a perfect Vera Wang wedding dress and it was truly stunning...

Elyse, you're gorgeous. And in case you don't believe me, RAWR.
Hair and makeup by Antonio Prieto Salon...

Elyse and Andrew had friends and family gather from around the United States in New York City for the wedding, so they had a few gifts to make them feel welcome...

JD hung out with the guys as they prepared and Andrew read a note from his future bride...

I've said it before, but I'll say it again...I lovelovelove when a bride and groom opt to see each other before the wedding ceremony. The First Look is a moment just for the couple and Andrew's reaction to seeing Elyse for the first time as his wife says it all...

It was supposed to rain in New York on Saturday, but--thankfully--the weather held out, so we ventured out of the Mandarin Oriental and down the street to Central Park for wedding photos...

Walking through Columbus Circle in Jimmy Choo's and a wedding gown to capture wedding photos? She's my kinda bride.

Central Park served as a perfect backdrop for wedding photos as the leaves were still on the trees and romance in the air...


Shortly after wedding photos in Central Park, we ventured back to the Mandarin Oriental for the wedding this moment, the rabbi asked every guest to reach out and touch the person on front of him/her and the power of the moment eventually led to the bride and groom. It was awesome.

Many, many, and many more thanks to the Claudia and the talented team of Gourmet Advisory Services who made the wedding beyond amazing. They worked tirelessly to ensure there wasn't a single flaw and it showed. I'm incredibly thankful to have met such a fantastic group of people.

The floral designs and decor were provided by Frank Alexander

The First Dance was so beautiful because guests were invited to surround the couple as they danced...such a lovely touch by Starlight Orchestra...

I'll end this post with a special thanks to James with Mandarin Oriental for taking me to the rooftop for this photo of New York at night...a reminder of a perfect evening in the city.

To see more of Elyse and Andrew's New York City wedding photos at Mandarin Oriental, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow with music provided by The Music Bed, or simply watch it here:

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Kila - The reception/tables cape photos are stunning. Of course, central park is awesome as well! Great job!  10.14.12 - 2:29pm
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Fotograf nunta Iasi - Very nice pictures, impresive details.  10.10.12 - 1:33pm
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