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Seattle Eco Friendly + Organic Wedding

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ast month I spent time in Seattle, a city I equate with creativity and respite. I blogged about my adventures, but while there I also had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with a spectacular group of people. And I know I'm sometimes extra descriptive when it comes to people (and things and moments and life in general), but--really--they're spectacular.

These wedding creatives aren't just good at what they do, they're good at who they are. And it made the day amazing.

It was an honor working with Jenn Elliott Blake of Bowtie and Bustle, who worked tirelessly to create a unique vision for the shoot. The concept for the shoot was driven by the idea that weddings can be beautiful and environmentally conscious at the same time. Jenn incorporated organic color pallettes and re-purposed materials (beyond the use of vintage wares) adding a sustainable-modern take on a Pacific Northwest lifestyle.

Concept, Design + Styling : Jenn Elliott Blake of Bowtie and Bustle
Floral Design : McKenzie Powell Designs
Paper Details : La Happy
Desserts : Hot Cakes
Hair + Makeup : Erin Skipley
Venue : Cast Iron Studios
Vintage Rentals : Scout Vintage
Bridal Dress : Martha Webb
Custom Table Linen : Andie Powers of Assemble Shop + Studio
Models : Amber Anderson + James Powell
Photography : Jasmine Star

This dress? I died. Jenn found it on Pinterest and had it shipped from the UK for the shoot, but it was an adventure tracking it down...if she wasn't so good at design, she could easily get into being a detective based on her research skills and determination alone.
Oh, and this is Amber, our gorgeous bride for the shoot...

While visiting her mom in Colorado, Jenn assembled these hanging rope, braiding them. And I'm happy when I can tie my shoes on the first try.

McKenzie Powell is easily one of the most talented floral designers I've worked with. Easily. Her designs are effortless, free-flowing, and beautiful. When I asked what flowers she used, she responded with this short list: Cosmos, Clematis, Rudbeckia, Dill, Rosemary, Oregano, Sage, Thyme, Veronica, Queen Anne's Lace, Dusty Miller, Porcelain vine, and Agrostemma...

Jenn writes about her design: The color palette and materials reflect a natural & organic feeling with neutral tones being contributed by the use of wood, cork, macramé rope, organic silk, vintage amber-colored glass bottles & metal tins in an industrial setting. The burnt orange & mustard yellow pops of color were used to create a cheerful juxtaposition to the natural vibe of the design. I wanted the design to feel very clean & simple at the same time, not too much fuss.

Transitioning from the expected heavy use of florals in weddings, Jenn and McKenzie in turn used fresh herbs, potted plants and minimal cut stems for the centerpieces, hanging installation & bridal bouquet. Cork (one of the most sustainable & easily recycled products in the world) was hand cut to create floral vases, a backdrop for signage & the candle holders on the tabletop. Acacia wood cutting boards were used in place of the traditional dinner plate and as a "guest gift", inspired by a recent visit to Paris where charcuterie-style meal options were in great demand in cafes for communal dining purposes.

Look at this darling boutonniere...I had to spell check that word three times. Ugh.

Time Out: look at this up-do. Is that what they're still calling it these days? Up-do? Or did that end in the late 90's? Hmmm, let's start over. Look at this hair creation by Erin Skipley...she's so darn talented.

Wedding dessert stations are one of my favorite things (well, actually, anything with sugar is my favorite) and Autumn with Hot Cakes did a phenomenal job! She's one of the most popular bakers in Seattle and it's with good reason. After the shoot, JD made us stop by her bakery in Ballard on four different occasions for her chocolate chip cookies and molten mouth is watering simply at remembering all that yummy goodness.

The best part of the shoot? Being able to eat everything from the dessert bar after photographing it. Job perks, Internet.

This gorgeous bouquet is comprised of Dahlias, Clematis, Rudbeckia, Dill, Rosemary, Queen Anne's Lace, Dusty Miller, and Agrostemma...

Oh, Amber...rawr.

Most weddings have an interactive station of sorts (photo booth, guest book signing, appetizer bar, etc), so Jenn thought she'd take a new spin on the idea of photo booth by creating an area where guests could use a polaroid camera to take photos and leave them for the bride and groom...

The polaroid photos would be added to a hanging chair to make it part of the wedding as a whole...

I'll end this post with this photo because it sums up how I felt while shooting: happy.

To see an entire gallery from this shoot, I'm excited to have it featured on Style Me Pretty today...feel free to check it out for more organic and eco-friendly wedding inspiration!

Happy Thursday!
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