10.17.12 Personal

The Hang Nail

couple weeks ago we heard Polo crying outside. And limping. Right about then my heart broke into so many tiny pieces I lost count. Kind of like that bucket of micro Legos you used to play with as a kid. But doubled.

After taking Polo to the vet, we discovered he hurt his paw. More specifically, his nail. So what you're telling me is I paid $250 for you to tell me my dog has a hang nail, I asked the vet. Just kidding. I only asked her that in my head. She loaded us up with antibiotics and a soothing gel, but the key was to keep him from licking his wounds. He should leave that to me since I'm, like, a professional.

I'm still hurt for not being invited to Jen Castro's slumber party in fourth grade.

Polo's been wearing a cone and a bootie to keep him from agitating his paw...and I've taken to calling him My Lil Pirate. He hobbles around with his pseudo peg leg and I'm tempted to attach a parrot to his shoulder.

In efforts to make him feel better, I invited Polo to a slumber party last night. Take THAT, Jen Castro.
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Alaina Bos - Those cones are miserable! Poor little guy... My cat George got a case of "kitty acne" (go figure!) that became so irritated and infected that he had to wear the cone too. He just sat there and looked up at me with "screw you" eyes. It was pitiful! I felt so bad!  11.01.12 - 1:50pm
Ashley Goodwin - POOR POLO BEAR!!!!!! He looks so damn pitiful. It kinda makes me laugh though, i won't lie. IM SORRY POLO, I AM SORRY! PLEASE, FORGIVE MY LAUGHTER! I don't want our relationship to revert...  10.22.12 - 5:00pm
ElizabethRose - I've been a new dog parent for almost a week now...I don't know much about dogs yet, but I guess I'll take this as a warning to keep an eye on her little feet!   10.22.12 - 9:35am
Tangie Renee - Aww...too cute! And I love your writing, Jasmine...  10.19.12 - 10:33am
sherry boles - Awww....Poor thing! One of my furry babies did that one time. I hope he's as good an actress as she was because she got spoiled even more rotten than she usually is!! :)  10.19.12 - 12:17am
Robert Hillis - Poor Jen Castro..... she has no idea what she's done :)  10.18.12 - 7:57am
AmyBinMI - Oh no! Not the dreaded cone of shame!! Poor Polo! Feel better soon pup! And BTW, you can run his collar through the e-collar(cone) loops instead of the "not so stylin" gauze wrap.   10.18.12 - 6:48am
blackhuff - Poor Polo :(  10.18.12 - 6:26am
LEOLAK - POLO PIC!!! Even wounded his still handsome and adorable! Hope his battle wounds heal soon..yes I say battle wounds. I bet that flower or blade of grass is pretty messed up after tumbling with Polo! =)   10.17.12 - 9:55pm
Janet Cruz - Polo...Ever feel like a Martini? (Martini Head (: )   10.17.12 - 7:09pm
Katelyn James - ohhh the dreaded cone of shame! bokeh had his little boy surgery and his cone was miserable! But it a pretty shade of TEAL!! Don't ask me how I found a teal cone but I did!!  10.17.12 - 4:47pm
Oriana - Wow...he looks so cute with his cone!  10.17.12 - 4:05pm
Kirk - Get better Polo. My dog had to have surgery on his back leg so i know how difficult it is to try and keep them from walking and licking their foot. Don't worry I'm sure all the extra attention Polo is getting will make him feel much better   10.17.12 - 3:31pm
Mandi Singer - I love your posts Jasmine!! You never fail to put a smile on my face. I'm glad I am not the only one licking my wounds from childhood. Take THAT, Jen Castro!!! Love it. He he he. Poor little pirate Polo. I've always said, "It's all fun & games until someone shows up in a cone!"  10.17.12 - 12:42pm
Kat - Hahahah! You are so funny! In Spanish we would say "¬°Eres tan ocurridad!" Loved the analogy of your heart breaking like legos...   10.17.12 - 12:17pm
Evonne & Darren - Awww... poor baby! Hope Polo will feel better soon!  10.17.12 - 11:51am
Mandy Caudill - I think you should tell Johnny Depp to take notes on how to be a pirate!!! Love that little fur ball of yours... He is so cute!   10.17.12 - 11:43am
Matt - Hahaha. That is a hilarious pirate photo. And yes, you paid $250 for a hang nail. :)  10.17.12 - 11:34am
Terra Dawn - GOOD news is, now he has a Halloween costume!!! :D   10.17.12 - 11:32am
Kim Renee - Hahaha!! Your caption and descriptions were hilarious! I hope Polo feels better soon.  10.17.12 - 11:00am
debs ivelja - Your stories, the way you write... you really make my day Jasmine, thank you! Oh and a rub behind the ears for Polo... hope his paw gets better soon.   10.17.12 - 10:52am
Karen - I'll bring the parrot ;) Polo looks sweet enough to not chum down my sun conure jaja.  10.17.12 - 10:48am
sharon elizabeth - hahah too cute!!!  10.17.12 - 10:35am
Amelie Cousineau - Awwww!!!! He's so cute!!!!!  10.17.12 - 10:13am
Katie - BAHAHAHA awww poor Polo!! My dalmatian/pitt mix had to wear the cone of shame (*ahem* Pixar fans *POINT*) and she tried running into as many objects as possibly it seems to knock it off of her.. or maybe that was her not realizing her head was 3x the size it normally was and objects appear further away than the seem. ;) Anyways, Polo makes a mighty fine pirate, I'd be his matey.  10.17.12 - 9:56am
FLO - Weeeell, you could paint a parrot with a sharpie on the cone... LOL make it colorful! hope he gets better soon!  10.17.12 - 9:48am
Brenda Eley - Oh no, poor little Polo! Hate seeing him hurt, I trust he's getting some extra love these days!? And throw in some extra dogie treats too, hope he recovers soon! He's such a sweetie and so cute! Please post another pic when he's better, his fan's wanna know! lol!  10.17.12 - 9:48am
sarah - just an awesome post :))  10.17.12 - 9:39am
Scarleth - Aww, he is the cutest! I hope he gets better real soon! (:  10.17.12 - 9:38am
Shelley - Poor little guy...I totally understand how your heart feels. Nothing is worse than when our furkids get boo-boos. BTW, you can get an infatable "cone" at most pet stores. They are much more comfortable and less stressful to most dogs.  10.17.12 - 9:33am
rich - perfect halloween costume! polo the pirate!  10.17.12 - 9:32am
agom555 - Yeah....Where is that Jen Castro now? Probably wanting to go to your party! Karma!  10.17.12 - 9:27am
Priscilla - Looks like Polo is getting ready for Halloween a bit early! Get him an eye patch and he's good to go! <3 Polo  10.17.12 - 9:26am
Sarah - I think you found Polo's Halloween costume!  10.17.12 - 9:25am
Stephanie - Awwww, poor Polo....hope the little pirate feels better real soon xoxox  10.17.12 - 9:17am
Jen R - hope he feels better soon X  10.17.12 - 9:14am
Melissa Kate - Ommggg! He is so cute! Poor littlte guy!  10.17.12 - 9:13am
Leah, Golden Apple - This is too cute, Polo makes an adorable little pirate! I have a dog too and he's the most precious thing in the world to me so can completely understand the heart breaking into lego analogy!  10.17.12 - 9:12am
anouschka - poor polo! hope he feels better soon!  10.17.12 - 9:11am
Melissa - He's all set for Halloween! ;)  10.17.12 - 9:10am
Natasha - AWWWWWWW!!!  10.17.12 - 9:10am
claudia - omg.. this picture made me laugh so much... Polo made my day, he looks soooo adorable. If I were you, I will keep him wearing a boot and a cone forever. :)   10.17.12 - 8:56am
Lisandro Rivera - He looks so cute!! My dog had the same problem. Her biggest challenge was the cone. lol   10.17.12 - 8:42am
ashley barnett - oh em gee. poor wittle bbaaaaybe. cooper just had to have surgery to remove two pieces of a toy that he decided to EAT so they got lodged in his intestines. $4000 later, he's happy as can be. of course, I know we would pay any amount of money to make sure our fur babies are okay. :) Feel better blackbeard i mean polo!!  10.17.12 - 8:27am
Kristen - Poor Polo! :( But I do have to say that the paw thingy looks pretty legit!! Cones are so helpful but yet so sad. Did you take Polo to the playground? It looks like you guys are at a playground in this pic. Get well soon Polo! :)   10.17.12 - 8:09am