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Friday Randomness : Working in Las Vegas

appy Friday, Internet! I'm in Las Vegas to photograph a wedding this weekend and last night things got cray. Popping bottles in the ice, like a blizzard...something something something gettin slizzard. I've never been good with song lyrics, but it doesn't matter because I'm just making things up. Things didn't get cray, unless you consider watching episodes Antiques Roadshow riveting.

I wish I was the girl didn't worry about business when I travel for business, but, well, I'm not. I over think overthinking, I worry about worrying. What if I eat something bad at a buffet and I can't work the following day? What if I twist my ankle walking back from the Elvis exhibition? What if I get a face tattoo after betting it all on red?! Leave it to me and I'll be the girl walking down the Strip in a life-sized bubble. With a camera.

Speaking of cameras, I think this guy needs a new one...

If I brought Polo to Las Vegas with me, I'd make sure he walked around with this leash, so he wouldn't feel left out...

However, since my dog is at home, he'll fully expect a similar jacuzzi set up upon my return...

Oh! One last thing...I do know lyrics to a few songs, most from growing up and listening to music my mother didn't allow. Hey, Ma, this one's for you... Ice, ice, baby...

Happy Friday
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Naomi Epstein - JD & Jazzy J, So great seeing you this weekend! Hope y'all are getting your pampering on cuz you guys CAPITAL "D" deserve it! Holla :)   10.28.12 - 12:42am
michaelandcarina - Must try the dog jacuzzi idea with our chihuahua, August...   10.27.12 - 1:05am
Leigh-Ellen - After years of stalking your blog from England and Canada we're actually both in Vegas on the same weekend. I find this very exciting and kind of have a desire to walk around until I find you taking photos!   10.26.12 - 5:55pm
Amber - Thank you for this post! Seeing the dog in the "spa" totally made my day :) Hope Polo enjoys his pampering next week!   10.26.12 - 4:13pm
tanya - "slizzard" = best part of the post evah! ;)  10.26.12 - 11:03am
sarah javaheri - You make me laugh!!! I can picture you through all your words.... Relax and have a great time, you will shine like you always do!  10.26.12 - 9:46am
Bill Raab - Puppy In The Sink = AWESOME!  10.26.12 - 9:26am
Sarah Elizabeth Photography - Haha... I can relate to everything you talked about in this post!! I over-think the smallest things - and worry like crazy. :) And make up lyrics b/c I never quite remember what they really are :) So you are not alone in the cray-cray department.  10.26.12 - 9:25am
Katrina Mather - hahahaha the light up leashes are awesome!! Where did you come across those? Is it bad that I wouldn't hesitate to buy one?   10.26.12 - 7:22am