10.31.12 Personal

Wizard of Paws

1. Happy Halloween!
2. Lord have mercy, I love candy corn.
3. JD said absolutely no dog costumes this year...but he said nothing about hats. Boom, LOOPHOLE!
4. I need to sweep.
5. In a pathetic effort to hoard candy, I plan to sit Polo outside our door to scare off potential trick-or-treaters.

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Lafayette - Cheese!   11.09.12 - 2:55pm
cassandra-m - Polo posts are the BEST~!!!!!!!!  11.03.12 - 10:52am
Marcia Todd - Fix yourself a little treat by mixing that candy corn with some peanuts. Yum-Mo!!  11.01.12 - 5:58pm
Karen - Haha, best loophole ever. Polo has the cutest grin.  11.01.12 - 12:57pm
Ashley Christine - I <3 Polo! So cute!   11.01.12 - 11:22am
Emily - Great Photo, I love how Polo smiles so cute!  10.31.12 - 11:53pm
LEOLAK - POLO PIC!!! Love this! Happy Hallloooowwweeeennn!!! You are smart Jasmine! ;-) Loophole indeed.  10.31.12 - 7:31pm
Sonal - I love how Polo looks like he's cheesin' in this photo. A photographer's dog for sure!  10.31.12 - 2:35pm
Lindsey Laughlin - Is he growling or smiling? I laughed out loud! You guys are the coolest.  10.31.12 - 1:30pm
Tx Doc - Happy Halloween, Polo :)  10.31.12 - 1:20pm
Jamie - This post made me smile! Polo is so adorable. My husband also made me promise not to dress up our dog, but I am loving this hat "loophole" - thanks, Jasmine!   10.31.12 - 12:57pm
Lyn - Polo looks well pleased with your choice of hat :)  10.31.12 - 12:08pm
Rachel McCloud - Polo looks super intimidating in that hat. I would be afraid;) I need to sweep too.  10.31.12 - 11:39am
Emily - He doesn't look all that scary!!  10.31.12 - 11:18am
rich - i think polo will make you seem more friendly than scary haha! nice hat! polo is such a dog model!  10.31.12 - 11:04am
Martha Davidson - haha I love this dog!!  10.31.12 - 10:29am
Kristin Cooley - OMG! That "smile". I died.   10.31.12 - 10:26am
Terry King - Hmm, you using a broom on Halloween night? Could the rumors be TRUE? :) hehe jk  10.31.12 - 10:26am
kelly dillon - I LOVE that his teeth are showing! hahahaha  10.31.12 - 10:07am
Jennifer Hudspeth - Love his smile. : D  10.31.12 - 9:42am
Priscilla Baker - I love how Polo smiles for the camera!  10.31.12 - 9:22am
Gail - OMG that face on Polo just KILLS me.   10.31.12 - 9:05am
Melissa Kate - hahahha love the hat!  10.31.12 - 8:11am
ashley barnett - He's so happy to be wearing that wizard hat he's SMILING lol  10.31.12 - 7:50am
Monica Smith - Is he smiling under that hat?! What a good sport.  10.31.12 - 7:11am