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Four Seasons Las Vegas Wedding : Robyn+TJ

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ess than three months into their relationship and they knew it was different. The One, soul mates, a kismet match. And that was six and a half years ago. Robyn had taken to calling T.J. her husband a few years back--far before he proposed--because she knew the title fit like sole of an old Italian shoe. Perfectly. From Chicago to Los Angeles back to Chicago again, they remained by each other during every move and grew into each other's nooks and crannies.

Their growth was no more apparent than at their wedding. Having written their own vows, T.J. spoke to Robyn in front of their friends and family and promised to love, honor, cherish...and to not put the Kings' hockey games above their time together. A few minutes later, Robyn unfolded her written vows and promised to love, honor, cherish...and to enjoy the Kings' hockey games with her husband at her side. This couple embodies growth and compromise beautifully, which is something they knew early on because, really, soul mates just know that type of thing.

Robyn and T.J., you are incredible. Really. Thank you for inviting me to document your wedding in Las Vegas and allowing me to capture your love. I appreciate your kindness and overt accommodation to ensure we were welcomed! I hope you're enjoying every minute in Maui and relaxing on the beach together! Much Love and Appreciation... j*

The wedding day began at the Four Seasons Las Vegas with a stunning Monique Lhuillier dress (loveloveloved it) and sparkly Jimmy Choo's...Robyn's goal was to make the drag queens jealous of all the glitter! ;)

JD hung out with T.J. while he prepared...and received special assistance with his bow tie ;)

T.J. and Robyn opted to see each other before the wedding ceremony (lovvvvved it!) to ensure we had plenty of time for pictures at various places on the Las Vegas's my angle of the First Look...

Here's JD's angle...

The Four Seasons Las Vegas offered a lovely background for wedding photos...

Shortly thereafter we made our way to Hyde for more wedding's a night club, but midday it served as a great backdrop! I loved Robyn's willingness to plan her day around unique locations for various looks...

Oh, Robyn, you are too make Las Vegas look even better!

I loved Robyn's wedding hair piece...head band...gorgeous beaded and sequence wedding band...whatever you call it, I loved it. It was the first time I photographed a Doloris Petunia piece and I was smitten. Fashion props to Robyn for finding it on Etsy...

A quick trip down the Strip and we were back for their wedding at the Four Seasons Las Vegas...rawr.

I love the way T.J. looks at's as if she's the only person in the world.

I think was the moment when Robyn realized she can now officially call T.J. her husband... ;)

The wedding reception was hosted around the Four Season's pool, and Robyn insisted someone from the party would jump in by the end of the night...her friends and family were incredibly fun and crazy...this quiet moment during the First Dance was likely the last before things got crazy fun...

Bride and groom reactions to the best maid of honor speeches I've ever, ever heard/seen...

Lanterns strung over the pool, great music, and lots of love was how the night ended for Robyn and T.J...and they deserved nothing less.

To see more of Robyn and T.J.'s Four Seasons wedding in Las Vegas, feel free to check out their SLIDESHOW or you can watch it here with Ben Rector music provided by The Music Bed...

Many thanks to the amazing team who helped bring this wedding into reality...
Wedding and Reception: Four Seasons Las Vegas (thank you Dennis Silknitter for all your help and wonderfulness!)
Wedding Coordination: Brit Bertino with Simply Weddings
Floral and Decor: Randi Garrett with Naakiti Floral
Hair: Nicci Loiacono with Nicci Lynne
Makeup: Katie Oates with Katie Ann Makeup
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