reSTARt : A Photography Business Makeover

appy Monday, Internet! After a few months of brain-storming and dreaming up new ideas, I'm incredibly excited to announce I'm headed back to creativeLIVE...but we are raising the stakes because we're changing the format and shaking things up! Beginning in January 2013, I'm taking a few photography businesses and reSTARting them for the new year! Over three months, I'll work with photographers for a business makeover from the ground up...

The best news is this course is all about YOU. reSTARt will be a series of business makeovers with three in-studio participants, but online viewers can participate in depth as I'll walk entrepreneurs through conducting client consultations, how to handle difficult correspondence, how to gracefully say no, how to create a branded studio, and how to shoot for your brand...and that's just the first month!

JD and I have lots of surprises in store, but if you want to learn how to create a website reflective of you, grow your social media presence, and learn to shoot in nearly impossible situations, then you won't want to miss what we have planned for February either! We'll complete this free three-month course in March with new websites, a stronger brand, and strengthened technical ability behind the lens.

If you'd like to join me in-studio, just follow the directions in the video and submit your submission no later than November 26, 2012. If you'd prefer to participate online with this FREE photography course, you can register HERE.

Happy Monday and if you're interested in checking out my past creativeLIVE photography courses, you can do so here. Hope to see you soon! And many, many thanks to Steve with Threaded Films for making this promo...he's so awesome to work with!
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Kitrin Jeffrey - J*, I get excited like a kid at Christmas every time I hear you're returning to CreativeLIVE. To hear that you're going to be there for three months?! Shut the front door. I just can't wait!!  11.07.12 - 4:46am
Sarah Lin - Sounds like an amazing opportunity. Thanks for always giving back to the photography community. Whoever wins will surely experience a life changer!  11.07.12 - 1:00am
Michelle - I'm so in.... :)  11.06.12 - 8:38pm
Ashley - cannot wait to see you back at creative live! Looking forward to your new class!  11.06.12 - 7:43am
Nicole - Thank you for the opportunity to participate online during this course. I would submit you a video however I live in Minnesota so that would be quite difficult, huh? :) Best of luck to those in the Seattle area!  11.06.12 - 4:55am
Elle - Registered last night on creativeLIVE! Also wish I could be there in the flesh, but plane tickets from South Africa cost a whole lot!   11.05.12 - 10:43pm
CherryMay - This is soooo exciting! I only wish I lived somewhere close enough to submit a video :) Your brand and innovative thinking is taking the world of photography and entrepreneurship to a new and very exciting height!!! I can't wait to tune in next year!!!!  11.05.12 - 8:02pm
danielle honea - I LOVE that your mom comments on your blog--awesome. ps love that pic of you and JD <3  11.05.12 - 6:19pm
Brenda Janairo - Woo hoo! I really need this right now! 2013 is time for a business overhaul and you are going to be my biggest motivator! Thank you!  11.05.12 - 6:17pm
Ashley Goodwin - Say whhatttttttt? AWESOME AWESOME. You always know how to up the stakes! And, great skirt! Now pick your MOMMA! How you can host this on her BIRTHDAY? ;) xo  11.05.12 - 4:26pm
Kjerstine - Do you have to already have a successful business up and running to enter? I live in the Seattle area and have been trying to start up my AshaMalika Photography for a year- but have been unsuccessful - So does my business have to be "well known" to enter? Thanks for the opportunity!!!   11.05.12 - 2:31pm
Mom - Jasmine how can you conduct one of your courses on my birthday, Feb. 13th? Oh, I have an idea. I'll submit a video but you MUST pick mine. Then we go hit the town that night and celebrate!! Love, Mom  11.05.12 - 1:55pm
emily - fantastic announcement to see on my birthday! i really need this, so now i just have to get the guts to create a video. can't wait to get planning for it!  11.05.12 - 1:38pm
Alex Sablan - Just registered! I am excited   11.05.12 - 12:14pm
John Cain Sargent - Holla! What an INCREDIBLE opportunity! If you're in doubt of whether or not to make a video... be put on some Nike and JUST DO IT, y'all!  11.05.12 - 12:10pm
M - Gahhh! Your sparkly skirt! Love!   11.05.12 - 11:20am
Heather Bird - Awesome... I think I have to step out of my comfort zone and submit this time! And I totally cracked up at [B]'s comment! :)   11.05.12 - 10:42am
Karen J Rubio - I just had to say this would be an extraordinary opportunity. I 've had so much going on in my life the last year but I still have made time to participate in Creative Live and your courses and keep up with you on FB and read your blog. Love you Jasmine  11.05.12 - 10:34am
Monika Greenaway - And that photo of you and JD is so adorable.  11.05.12 - 10:28am
Monika Greenaway - There's one project! Fun! I am looking forward to watching :)   11.05.12 - 10:28am
Whitney Lane Arnett - I really want to submit a video! Now to find the guts to do it  11.05.12 - 9:43am
kristen holly - Signed up! Always excited to see what new info you have to share :)  11.05.12 - 9:16am
Victoria - Sounds EXCITING! Im all in!! :-) Looking forward to it!  11.05.12 - 9:15am
Lloryn - I need this SO bad!! I hope my video is worthy :) !   11.05.12 - 8:56am
Fiona McGuire - Enrolled!!!! Oh how I wish I could be an in-studio participant. I think from Ireland might be abit of a journey! :) Cant wait to watch it.  11.05.12 - 8:46am
Cassandra - Hi Jasmine! What are your thoughts on a children's photographer from Boston possibly submitting a video? I have found your thoughts on business to be soo helpful in my first years. Thank you :)  11.05.12 - 8:41am
Flor Branham - Yay! I'm so excited!!!  11.05.12 - 8:37am
Joe O'Daniels - This sounds amazing! I'm so down. Btw, you rock ;-)  11.05.12 - 8:35am
Tina Leu - This is SO great Jas! I'm looking forward to watching it and taking it all in :)  11.05.12 - 8:29am
[ b ] - you know you can change the thumbnail on the video right? ;-)  11.05.12 - 8:29am
Ashley S - Oh my goodness. What a dream this will be for 3 lucky photographers. I am submitting asap! Thank you Jasmine xoxoxo  11.05.12 - 8:28am
Jeanne Mitchum - Holy cow this is amazing!!!   11.05.12 - 8:26am
Sennie Pierson - that's AWESOME, do me and mine!!!  11.05.12 - 8:24am
Amy Jo - I LOVE when you are on CreativeLive!! Can't wait!  11.05.12 - 8:12am
Meredith Sledge - AHHHHHHHHH!!! Perfect timing!!! Cannot wait for this!!!!  11.05.12 - 8:11am
Jennifer Medeiros - Gah!!!! A-MAZ-ing!!!! Sounds like a dream come true! Thank God for Jasmine Star! :)  11.05.12 - 8:06am
Melissa Avey Photography - Sounds awesome!  11.05.12 - 8:05am
Melissa Kate - You two are so cute! I love that picture!  11.05.12 - 7:45am
Karen - I love that you share your success with others. Is the submission only for those who already have a photo business? Or can those of us who just want to get into the photo business enter?  11.05.12 - 7:32am
ashley barnett - Woop Woop!!!! Best decision of my life making a video for CreativeLIVE!!! I can't wait to see what this year's attendees not only come up with for videos, but walk away with in experience. PS- that skirt is fab.   11.05.12 - 7:08am
Jenni Marie - YAY!! Can't wait!!  11.05.12 - 7:04am
Christy Tyler - You two are the cutest!!! That is all. :)   11.05.12 - 6:49am
Rebecca Nash - Oh My Goodness...I cannot even begin to tell you how much I would love to take part and be one of the brands that you makeover. I've been working on a re-branding here but I feel so lost in so many ways. I have some of the details sorted but others I keep changing. I need some serious help! I wish you guys weren't doing this on the other side of the continent. Right now even if I was chosen I don't know how I would manage to get myself there each month from London, Ontario, Canada I can't wait to watch this series and get some guidance for my own business renovation. I would love to see you do up a post on how to get started, questions to think about, and how to get the best info so we can be prepared to take what we learn from you and run with it in our own businesses... Thanks for being a STAR Jasmine! I think you're fabulous!  11.05.12 - 6:20am