Wedding Photography in Review : 2012

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he past few days I've been working on putting the finishing touches on my online photography business makeover, reSTARt. It begins in two weeks and I couldn't be more excited for what's in store. In the process of organizing my photos for the presentation, however, I've been blown away at how fortunate I am to work with some of the most amazing clients. Ever. Not only are they desperately in love, they're all-around amazing people who make those around them feel priceless.

I'm incredibly lucky to call them clients and friends.

As I look back to 2012, I can't help but feel thankful for people who allow me to pursue what I love.

I'm incredibly thankful for 2012...and I can't wait for what's in store for 2013! Happy Thursday!
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Melissa C - Some great photos of some gorgeous couples ! Gosh, you are busy ! That looked like a lot of work !  03.07.13 - 7:07pm
Chris - Looks like one hell of a year!   02.24.13 - 4:42am
Nicole - Beautiful photos!  02.22.13 - 11:22pm
Carolyn Doxie - *le sigh* So inspired, thank you, 2013 will be my year!  01.28.13 - 9:45pm
Collette Mruk - beautiful year of work!  01.18.13 - 7:12am
Javi Collazo- Fotografo Vigo - A great collection. Fantastic photos!  01.17.13 - 12:20am
Stefan Hellberg - Hochzeitsfotograf Schweiz - Wow, what a year!   01.15.13 - 12:13am
Pete Barnes - Some absolutely fantastic photos there Jasmine, looks like a great year. Looking forward to seeing the reSTARt thing. All the best for 2013!  01.12.13 - 11:01am
Tracey Hosey - Great photos Jasmine. I love the photo of the bride and groom stepping out of what looks like a bridge/tunnel with the leading lines on the roof. I'm also just watching you on creativeLIVE and loving every minute of it! Thank you!  01.10.13 - 4:01am
Cole Joseph - Awesome post J* I always love recapping the year as well in a single post, always such joy to see so many memories and special moments captured. I just posted my 2012 year in review on my blog :)   01.03.13 - 4:15pm
Tom Koetting - My fav was the groom covering the bride's right eye. Very cute. You are an amazing wedding photographer.  01.02.13 - 7:57am
Mercedes - Very lovely set of images! Your voice and vision come through strongly in each of them.  01.02.13 - 6:34am
Fabio - What a great year Jasmine! Keep on Rockin'!  12.31.12 - 5:37pm
Falcon - I really love how much fashion is coming into your photography, I think you would make an amazing fashion photographer! Happy New Year Jasmine! xo  12.30.12 - 7:41pm
AnneMarie - You take the most beautiful photos. Ever. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for '12!  12.30.12 - 1:22pm
LEOLAK - BEAUTIFUL!!! Bring on 2013!  12.30.12 - 5:55am
Clare - Absolutely stunning Jasmine. Good luck with restart; I'm signed up and looking forward to it!  12.29.12 - 10:44am
cassandra-m - Holidays are always hectic. Missing your blog. Wanted to say hello and WOWwhat a year end review....GORGEOUS images!!! Xoxoxo from Savannah, Ga!  12.28.12 - 7:17pm
Cindy Habel - Gorgeous couples, and stunning photography! Well done for another amazing year of pictures Jasmine and JD!! All the very best for 2013 xo  12.28.12 - 1:05pm
staci - oh jasmine ... never, ever doubt yourself. i feel like i KNOW these people. your photos are breathtaking as is their love for one another. keep on, keepin' on.  12.28.12 - 9:30am
Martin Hambleton - A SERIOUS set of portraits!  12.28.12 - 1:23am
Valerie - BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  12.27.12 - 8:27pm
Tom Nicol - There is something about the quality of your images that I just love. Not too light, not too dark, not too much contrast, not too saturated, just beautiful. If you're ever stumped for an idea for a video tutorial, a quick run through of a typical edit on an image or three would be awesome.  12.27.12 - 3:21pm
ashley barnett - Loveliness!! And I'm still kicking myself about that dang CAKE SLICE from CreativeLIVE hahaha. Sorry Jasmine!! <3  12.27.12 - 12:44pm
Mark Potter - Love this recap of your year j*... so beautiful in every way. Can't wait to see what you cook up in 2013!  12.27.12 - 11:32am
Whitney Lane Arnett - What a gorgeous year of images and memories. I can't wait for ReStart see you there!  12.27.12 - 9:57am
Juha Sompinmäki - Very lovely photos of your clients here. While they are all beautiful, the first shot of a girl and streak of light really stands out. Maybe thats why it is the first :)  12.27.12 - 9:52am
Ashley Christine - This makes me happy. :) Stunning!   12.27.12 - 9:37am
Nicole Swenson - LOOOOVVVVEEE this post! I felt all their LOVE through your images! Jasmine Star- you are AMAZING!  12.27.12 - 9:26am
Katelyn James - ohhh yea!!! Show em what you got!!!!! these are so lovely Jas!   12.27.12 - 8:39am
Mikkel - Gorgeous! Your photography is so elegant and beautiful - very inspirational!  12.27.12 - 8:21am
Amanda - GORGEOUS! Love all of these images. Truly blessed and I am very excited for your reSTAR  12.27.12 - 7:15am
Krista Hall - Beautiful work Jasmine. Very Inspiring!  12.27.12 - 7:07am
Kate O'Brien - Beautiful Jasmine! I love every single photo. Amazing work!  12.27.12 - 6:55am
Kristin - Seriously gorgeous girl.   12.27.12 - 6:42am
Sheila Sim - Lovely to see your year in review - simply gorgeous images! xx  12.27.12 - 6:10am