How Can I Find Inspiration?

once heard Inspiration described as a lover who visits when he/she pleases...and on those cold, lonely nights, we wish Inspiration would visit to warm our beds and make us feel less alone. I couldn't agree more. And riiiiight about now my mother is sending me a warning email about the perils of blogging about lovers. She's praying for us all.

In seriousness, I crave inspiration the way any creative might, but try as I might, I can't make it come to me. I must wait.

I read an article explaining how inspiration and/or flashes of genius are actually rooted in science. Because of this, we can create a system and life that allows ourselves to have better ideas more often.

The article stated everything you've read, tasted, viewed, experienced and learned over the years is stored in your brain as unrelated connections. A section of your brain called the superior anterior temporal gyrus (right side, just behind your ear) helps connect the dots and puts them together into a cohesive idea.

However, if you're stressed all the time or have created a crazy busy schedule with little to no margin your brain has a harder time looking for those dots because it is so focused on what you have going on. When your body can relax, your creativity can shine as your creativity is really your brain connecting the dots and presenting solutions.

This is why many people get their best ideas in the shower. They are completely disconnected -- no phones, no email, no computers -- which allows the brain to get to work.

Liene says if you want better ideas in 2013, set a resolution to regularly do something out of your norm. Read better books and read them more often. Go to museums. Take your daughter out for ice cream. Watch well-made films. Go to a comedy show. Go for a walk. Go for a swim. Learn to cook (I'm working on this one!). Take up knitting.

You can do it alone or make it a date with your spouse, kids, friends. The trick is to get out of your usual routine and allow yourself to have fun and relax.

Making time to take care of yourself is better in the long run. I'm slowly learning to let go of the urge to stay busy and, instead, simply be. After all, if I want Inspiration to visit, I should probably be in bed ;)
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Ana - I'm one of those people that waits for inspiration to 'strike' and, well, there must be a better way around that - I feel this might be it :D .  01.25.13 - 7:53am
Wm III - Thanks for the encouraging post. I like Jack London's quote regarding inspiration, "You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." Sometimes that club is letting yourself relax and surrounding yourself with inspiring things.  01.22.13 - 7:53am
Tiffany - Wonderful. Genius! So (currently) up my alley. It's so reassuring to know that us "creatives" are often all in the same head-space. Thank you for sharing Jasmine!  01.18.13 - 12:00pm
Carrie - Such a cute image Jasmine!  01.14.13 - 12:52am
Jeff Fedor - Great words Jasmine Inspiration comes from within we only have to find a way to listen  01.13.13 - 4:14pm
Stephanie K - I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has some of my best ideas in the shower. :)  01.12.13 - 9:44am
jen kessler - The book The Artist's Way is a great book that talks much about these same things and encourages "artist dates" such as going for ice cream, swimming, etc.  01.11.13 - 1:04pm
Leaves of Grass Photography - Thank you for this reminder Jasmine. xo - Pamela  01.07.13 - 6:27pm
Rob Holley - You nailed it. Let it flow and it will find you. The same with love. It cannot be forced.   01.06.13 - 11:16am
FALCON - I was just watching an interview between Danielle La Porte and Gabrielle Bernstein, and Gabrielle said the best thing for creativity is meditation. It makes sense!   01.04.13 - 5:39pm
Ashley Christine - Perfectly timed post; I needed this reminder! I just got back from the beach where it was just time for me & the Lord, and I realized I need to just "be" once in a while & not plow through life 1000mph. Thanks J for the reminder!  01.04.13 - 2:05pm
Neta - Love it! Very inspiring post! Did you wrote this in the shower? Thx for sharing! :)  01.04.13 - 1:06pm
Alexis - Very creative post :)  01.04.13 - 11:30am
Leslie - so true! or at the crack of dawn when you wake up and can't sleep ... it seems I get the best ideas in the black of morning before the sun is up and the world awakes.  01.04.13 - 11:28am
Hannah Taylor - Thank you for your post. It's very encouraging! It made me think of a scene in "Eat. Pray. Love" when they talk about the art of doing nothing. It's wierd to think that sometimes it's okay to just let your mind soak.   01.04.13 - 8:46am
Ardean - Thank you for sharing this. It is definitely something I need to focus on this year and get my creativity back on!  01.04.13 - 3:32am
Leah - soooo what if I shower with my phone.... I'm doomed! ha loved this. Thanks for taking the time to do to help so many others! Happy New Year!  01.03.13 - 10:45pm
Smarty pants - My superior anterior temporal gyrus is right behind my left ear, eh? Wishing I coulda copied off you during anatomy ;)   01.03.13 - 5:16pm
Fellow Photographer from Halifax - Hi Jasmine! I've set my resolution to think outside my comfort zone! You are very inspirational and I truly wish you a wonderful 2013!  01.03.13 - 1:43pm
jen - I know you like to read, and I just finished this one over Christmas vacation...I good inspiring read and helps you focus on how to be inspired  01.03.13 - 12:36pm
Justine Cirullo - AMEN! to being in bed! :) Thank you for such great thoughts! XOXO  01.03.13 - 12:25pm
B - I love this! Thanks, Hammie!  01.03.13 - 12:12pm
alfagetti - Great article! I'd also like to recommend a wonderful book I read years ago, and continue to refer back to, called "The Creative Habit - Learn It And Use It For Life" by choreographer Twyla Tharp. Excellent read.   01.03.13 - 11:32am
Tammy - As usual, a great article! You're a great writer; I enjoy your blog!  01.03.13 - 9:34am
Kelly Jung - Hi Jasmine! A friend of mine recommended that I follow your blog. I am looking to transition out of my IT job and into photography, my passion, this summer. I want to be home more with my kids and truly feel this is the best way to make it happen. I am excited to follow your blog and learn from you. I know I have a long road ahead of me in building my business and clientele, but I am really excited about it. Thanks, Kelly PS - I linked my website, which I am building this week while off work, so the link won't work just yet.  01.03.13 - 8:48am
monica Hellem - Thank you!! I really needed to read something like that. I feel so lost when it comes to ideas this days..I´ll try to enjoy my lazy days :-)   01.03.13 - 8:39am
liz hickey - What a fantastic post. My best ideas come in the moments between sleeping and waking. For a couple of years I used to take a notebook and write at this time and many ideas I am working on now have come from those notebooks. Have you ever read a book or followed a process called 'the Artists Way' by Julia Cameron? I found this an amazing process - taking myself (and my special people) on all kinds of dates to all kinds of for the soul!  01.03.13 - 8:24am
Tricia - This is brilliant! I need to add a few more things on to my resolution list is seems. Thank you!  01.03.13 - 8:22am
Kristin - Love this post. When I first began I looked for inspiration in other photographers work, but I quickly learned that I needed to look other places...things totally unrelated provide the most inspiration now.  01.03.13 - 7:34am