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Friday Randomness : Animal Edition

I spend inordinate amounts of time on the internet. I spend hours a day surfing the web for work (if we were talking in person, I'd use air quotes around the word work), so I keep a file of random clippings. Yesterday I spent the day in the hospital with my father and while he was in surgery, I scrolled through the file. I couldn't help but smile and I hope these animals start your weekend off with with a grin.

My father is recuperating and I'm happy to have been reminded that life's moments are spent with those you love...all while smiling.

Happy Friday!
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cassandra-m - Sending your Papa prayers still. And PS...I luv all the animals. Awwwweeeee.  01.31.13 - 12:03am
Carolyn Doxie - The baby spooning the doggy is adorumble!   01.28.13 - 9:31pm
Benjamin Ard - Ha! funny pics  01.25.13 - 1:50pm
Ken Topham Irish photographer - Jasmine your blog is stunning, I dread to think how many hour go into it, beautiful keep it up.  01.25.13 - 9:16am
Monica Justesen Photography - I just died at the elephant and walrus, ahhh!  01.22.13 - 11:38am
Hannes Uys - This is super cute!  01.20.13 - 11:17pm
Shannon K. - The chihuahua is the best. Cracks me up! Happy to know your dad is recovering...I know he means the world to you :)  01.20.13 - 6:53am
Hochzeitsfotograf Hamburg - Animals are so cute! They deserve no less love than people!  01.19.13 - 5:49am
Lucie Zeka - thats awesome  01.18.13 - 10:28pm
LEOLAK - So glad to hear your father is doing well. Will keep him in my prayers for a speedy and well recovery! Hugs to you all. This post definitely brought a smile to my face.   01.18.13 - 11:23am
Niki - Seriously, that last one is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing!  01.18.13 - 11:02am
Sherri - Just exactly what I needed to start my smile for the weekend. I want a little hand, too!  01.18.13 - 11:01am
Ashley Christine - This made me smile. :) Thanks J! Praying for a full & quick recovery for your Dad!  01.18.13 - 10:11am
Christine - Thanks for the furry cuteness and wishing your dad a speedy recovery! :)  01.18.13 - 9:59am
Jennifer Rice - How cute! Love the last one, that's either a REALLY tiny baby or a REALLY BIG puppy!!! Glad your dad is recuperating well!   01.18.13 - 8:20am
Shell - Thank you for the update on your Dad. Although I really do not know either of you. I was praying and looking for an update late last night. These photos are so beautiful and made me smile. I am stating my year off right with a lot of Jasmine learning. Actions!! Thank you for all you do for us "want to be Jasmine Star's in the industry!" We love you!! Hugs to you and your Dad! I am sure he is as amazing as you are!!!!!   01.18.13 - 8:15am
laura - i love these photos! Big smile on my face now Jasmine! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! Laura xx  01.18.13 - 8:11am
Alexis - Funny and sweet photos of animals and people, J*! I read about your father's surgery yesterday on Bianca's blog. Happy to hear that he is recovering from a successful surgery! Your family is always in my prayers! :)  01.18.13 - 7:08am
Wess Gray - I always enjoy you father's sayings. Please give his my best!  01.18.13 - 6:41am
Kristin - Glad your Dad is feeling better.   01.18.13 - 6:34am