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Friday Randomness : Valentine's Edition

can't believe Valentine's Day is just two weeks away. I realize it's a commercialized day to express your love, but the chick-flick-loving portion of my soul still appreciates a day dedicated to the thing I love the most: amour. Valentine's is also a perfect day for marriage proposals, so three cheers for keeping us wedding photographers in business.

Just keeping it real, Internet.

I'm not a I'd-love-a-dozen-red-roses-and-heart-shaped-chocolates kind of girl, but I do love quirky expressions of love. I, however, think my husband and Dwight Schrute share similar Valentine sentiments...

If my husband gave me this bar of chocolate, I'd probably {re}fall in love with him...

And then my husband would respond like this...

Maybe it's the wannabe crafter in me, but this Valentine's scratcher coupon might be a fun project to create!

I actually emailed this cartoon to my husband because it's pretty much THE STORY OF MY LIFE.

Happy Friday!
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Rob Dodsworth | Norwich Wedding Photographer - I really like the scratch card idea and there's nothing wrong with a 'little' Vino on Valentines day!  02.12.13 - 6:38am
Jessica Shea Photography - I just went back to look at your first posts on your old blog out of curiosity, and one of the first ones I read was about Valentine's Day and how JD always knows how to get you the gifts you want, but forget to ask for :) I'm phasing out my old "blogspot" blog to incorporate one on my site, and a part of me really relates to seeing how you've evolved, only I'm years behind you! Anyway, thanks for sharing and as always being relatable!  01.31.13 - 10:42am
Paige Overturf - Baha! ...and I love that craft idea!!  01.28.13 - 12:31pm
Stephen Shefrin Photography - As a guy... I think you're husband right on my level. My gal will get a hand-written note and a chocolate bar if I remember. I love the cartoon BTW.  01.25.13 - 7:43pm
Ariel Soto-Suver - I ? Valentine's day! And I still make handmade cards every year - love the scratch card idea! xoxo!  01.25.13 - 6:13pm
Nikki - I love Dwight!!   01.25.13 - 6:02pm
Heather Hamer Photography - Here's to lots of proposals!   01.25.13 - 1:37pm
Claudia - I love the scratcher coupon. I might even look for it and buy it. It's cute you can write whatever you want! :)  01.25.13 - 12:35pm
Mackenzie - Love the cartoon! Hilarious!!  01.25.13 - 8:19am
Monica Justesen Photography - Now all I want is chocolate...thanks! Haha The second photo is hilarious. I wonder where I can buy that! And two weeks away? Eek! Thanks for the reminder!  01.25.13 - 8:05am
jamie - teehee. love them all. the last one made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing!  01.25.13 - 7:56am
Mandy Caudill - Jasmine, the last cartoon is a conversation on days that end it day!! I know the feeling :)   01.25.13 - 7:36am
Sabrina - LOVE everything about this post. Seriously. Even your comment about "keeping it real." haha!  01.25.13 - 6:31am