Fresh Year, Fresh Start, Fresh Commercial

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spoke at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Conference yesterday and though I'm exhausted, it was a truly wonderful experience. Coming to Las Vegas every year reminds me of my beginning as a photographer and how much has changed, both personally and professionally. In light of these changes, it's always an honor to collaborate with Anton Lorimer of to create a new business commercial.

Putting these projects together is a labor of love, but Anton is amazing at what he does and helps me tell a story my brides--both current and prospective--can grasp onto, and it provides insight to who I am as a person.

Without further ado, I'd honored to share the fruits of his labor...

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Olga Gustavson - Hi Jasmine, I loved you work, your videos and the way you help other photographers. I'm or trying to be a photographer, learn everything I can form other in the business like you and my friend and mentor Frank Donnino. I have a Canon 7D with a 28-135mm lens and that's all i have.  12.28.14 - 4:09pm
Thomas - Your videos are great! I learned some very useful stuff on your blog :-) I love your work!  04.30.14 - 3:12am
Mark Martinez - Love the look and feel of this of this promo - perfectly fits your brand.   04.19.13 - 4:09pm
Mark Potter - So. Freakin'. Awesome!!! :)  03.26.13 - 4:34pm
Carla - You are such a beautiful inspiring person. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.   03.26.13 - 2:57pm
Michelle Scafidi - Beautiful work! All glory to God!  03.26.13 - 1:03pm
Mandy Caudill - Fist bump!!! THIS is amazing!   03.25.13 - 9:41am
Sophie Asselin - Wow! You are so awesome in this promo video. Love your wotrk and love your talent :) Thank's to share with us!  03.20.13 - 5:27pm
Aiymee - I've always loved your promo videos Jasmine! Love the style and feel of them. Great job!  03.19.13 - 2:20pm
Barrie Wedding Photographer - Love this video! It shows your personality so vividly Jasmine! Such an inspiring reminder after enjoying ReSTARt - thanks so much for sharing as much as you do!  03.17.13 - 3:14pm
John Cain Sargent - I snapped with the music. I nodded with your words. Great work!!! Not said as the generic line of encouragement-- this piece of work by you and Anton is great.   03.17.13 - 8:33am
Monika Greenaway - I have been thinking about this post...well since you posted it! I relate to you, photography has brought so much joy to my life because of the fact that it allows me to have a voice and enables me to live out loud. I have been continually realizing these facts and you put it into perfect words! Love love love the video! It's amazing. Perfect.  03.16.13 - 3:58pm
Mario - Awesomeness! Love your video.  03.16.13 - 2:13am
Ashley Rogers - I love it!! Fabulous job!  03.15.13 - 2:43pm
gladys - your commercials are always inspiring jasmine. love watching them. xo  03.14.13 - 7:46pm
Laura - I know that you are at WPPI, but I seriously get worried whenever you don't blog. I hope you are alive and well! I will always check your blog everyday even if you ever become a once-a-month blogger. You are that good!  03.14.13 - 3:54pm
Ashley - Gosh, I LOVE you J* Keep it up girlfriend! xo  03.14.13 - 1:14pm
Tanya Leigh Rey - Jasmine - You are a huge inspiration to me and I feel re-energized every time I hear you speak! I truly enjoyed listening to you on ReStart and am excited to implement all of the fabulous ideas you shared. Seeing your video has inspired me to create one for my business! Keep inspiring!  03.14.13 - 10:40am
tami paige - yes you do, my live out loud. :) and give us the courage to do the same...thanks. and thanks for "calling me out on my crap." ;)  03.14.13 - 6:41am
Ray - One more set of kudos here! #Respect  03.14.13 - 6:34am
Elizabeth - LOVE are such an inspiration. What an awesome video.  03.14.13 - 3:41am
Mandy Christodoulou - LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Saw it on Creativelive and now seeing that its on your blog I can play it everyday for inspiration!! High 5 on this one girl!  03.13.13 - 11:30pm
Erin - Great video! Always top notch work!  03.13.13 - 8:07pm
Candace - Beyond awesome. Truly motivates me to get something going. Thank you jasmine for all that you put out into the world.  03.13.13 - 7:35pm
Bobbie Brown - It's fabulous!   03.13.13 - 5:32pm
Kirk Willcox - I am in LOVE with this Jasmine. It totally captures your fun personality. I love the song too!   03.13.13 - 4:59pm
Annetta - Very nice Jasmine. I like it a lot.  03.13.13 - 3:11pm
Lindsey McClennahan - Loved seeing this during restart, SO inspiring! Love it!  03.13.13 - 3:08pm
Meredith Sledge - Ohhhh Jasmine, you're amazing. I saw this on CreativeLIVE but it was just as good the second time!!   03.13.13 - 3:01pm
Joel Keddie - Beautiful Jasmine! Love it!  03.13.13 - 2:49pm
Lupe Juarez - yeah shes my role model <33   03.13.13 - 2:20pm
glenn gordon - Sweet! Well done and not over the top - captures a great reflection of who you are J*. Best of luck.  03.13.13 - 1:43pm
Christina Hastings - Wow, you and Anton seriously blew that commercial out of water! Absolutely stunning! You make me want to strive for soooooo much more when I watch that. When I hear you talk about relationships, and then see you in that video capturing and making them--all I can say is WOW. God bless!  03.13.13 - 1:34pm
falcon - Your videos are always amazing Jasmine, but this one is beyond inspirational! Congrats!! xo  03.13.13 - 12:59pm
Peter Kasbergen - Wonderful! You remain a true inspiration to photographers all over the world. Thanks!  03.13.13 - 12:56pm
J. Todd Coomans - Beautifully produced and awe inspiring as usual. Thank you for being "Fabulous"!  03.13.13 - 12:47pm
Stacey - Fabulous video, and fabulous message! You're as fabulous as ever!  03.13.13 - 12:19pm
m - I think your amazballs :)   03.13.13 - 12:03pm
Kathleen - Wonderful! You look great!   03.13.13 - 12:01pm
Hitender - Hello Jasmine... Such a beautiful video... You inspire soo many people... and I'm one of them :) I'm not sure if I can pull this off .. but... " You go gurl ! "  03.13.13 - 11:56am
jaleen - You are awesome!  03.13.13 - 11:39am
Nathan Leduc - WOW! Very awesome vid. You just took it up a few notches =)  03.13.13 - 11:34am
Evonne & Darren - LOVE it! And Anton is awesome too! :)  03.13.13 - 11:32am
Francine Castro - Jasmine, I would like to say only one word to this video: WOOOOWWWWWW! Congrats :) Looks, AMAZING! (as always) xoxo Fran ;)  03.13.13 - 11:07am
Iliana - This is AWESOME! You look beautiful and your smile is so warm!! GREAT COMMERCIAL!!!  03.13.13 - 11:04am
Maïeva Voyage - Jasmine, May this new year be even more successful for you than all the other ones. (I'm sure it will... you have some much energy, so many ideas,... and you're really inspiring...). All the best, Maïeva Voyage  03.13.13 - 10:55am
Molly - Brilliant.   03.13.13 - 10:47am
Stephanie fay - I ADORE this video! Amazing job Anton... and amazing job Jasmine! loooooooooooove it.   03.13.13 - 10:44am
Andrea P. - Love it! Congratulations on constantly moving forward.  03.13.13 - 10:21am
Emily - You and the video are beautiful!! Love it!!  03.13.13 - 10:15am
Nicole Glenn - So perfect! It's been so wonderful to see you grow and achieve success over the past few years. You're my idol! I wish nothing but the best for you and your endeavors. Sending love from San Diego. N  03.13.13 - 9:59am
Lindsay - LOVE IT!  03.13.13 - 9:58am
Stacey - Total City Girl - Looks great Jasmine! So interesting to see how you and your commercials have evolved. You are such an inspiration!  03.13.13 - 9:49am
Florian - Wow! Very very good! You are such an inspiration. All the best from Germany, Florian  03.13.13 - 9:47am
Lauren - Wow, wow, wow. Amazing commercial. The way you feel about photography is very similar to how I feel about it - like it's an extension of me; like it's my lifeline, my way to connect with other people and to make my mark on the world. I love your work so much! Thanks for all you've taught me as I embark on this journey in and through photography...  03.13.13 - 9:42am
debbie ryan - I have to say this is totally amazing and reveals who Jasmine truly is. Jasmine you have inspired me and the days I wanted to quit I did not, I just went to your website and it renewed my passion every time. Thanks for being you!!  03.13.13 - 9:42am
Rachael - Jasmine, I so enjoy every one of your commercials but this one is SO you! I love the new slogan "Live Out Loud". It reminds me of something a musician might say but really, it can be applicable to any artist. Love it! PS, you're as beautiful as ever!  03.13.13 - 9:40am
Katelyne Marie - Jasmine this is perfect! I love it so much. Great work Jasmine & Anton for creating such a great work of art.   03.13.13 - 9:38am
Michelle Heberts - Jasmine, this is beautiful!!! Everything about it screams the T. I'm taking a break from photography to focus on my 3 little kiddos but you honestly make me look forward to get back in to it in a couple of years. You are just so inspiring and encouraging to others!  03.13.13 - 9:38am
Mykou - Breathless...and I <3 your voice! Can't wait to see what this year will bring for you J*   03.13.13 - 9:38am
Justin Douglas - Great and Fresh Commerical!! I've been ReSTART-ing my business thanks to you!  03.13.13 - 9:38am
jamie - This is awesome Jasmine! The energy and life just radiates from you when you talk about photography and it is SO inspiring!   03.13.13 - 9:37am
Alyse Nicole Photography - Love it...amazing video work and I always love seeing behind the scenes footage.   03.13.13 - 9:37am
Whitney Lane - Kel and I noticed that one camera man was not like the others at the first episode of ReSTARt. So fun to get a bottom half of my face cameo in ur commercial. Keep on rockin! And I have been a huge fan of Lorimer works for awhile. SO talented!  03.13.13 - 9:37am
Marija Kerekes - I'm so blessed for finding you and your work!   03.13.13 - 9:36am
Urška Majer - This is simply amazing!   03.13.13 - 9:34am
Michaelangelo Ondevilla - THAT WAS AWESOME!  03.13.13 - 9:34am
Katie Jackson - OMG! Love it! I hope you are going to integrate it into your website!  03.13.13 - 9:33am
Abigail Wadsworth - Beautifully done Jasmine dear. I love the way you live out loud...and I'm doing it right along with ya girl! Thanks for empowering by example. :) xo   03.13.13 - 9:33am
Paige Overturf - LIVE OUT LOUD. It's inspiring and challenging and creates a sense of belief that, yes, I can keep daring to dream and reach my goals. It almost made me tear up, love everything about this and I couldn't agree with this message more!!   03.13.13 - 9:31am
Levi Watson - Wow! Awesome job.  03.13.13 - 9:26am
scott - Beautiful Jasmine ! just beautiful  03.13.13 - 9:13am
Alexis - Love it! Go J*! Rock on! :)  03.13.13 - 8:56am
Whitney H - Loved seeing this as part of reSTARt. Yes, you (meaning, I) really can grasp who you are in this short clip. I'm so glad that I found your website in my first 3 months of saying that I want to be a photographer. I'm so thankful for all that you share!  03.13.13 - 8:52am
Anne U - Oh my goodness, I get goosebumps every time I watch this video...amazing!  03.13.13 - 8:37am
Cathy - OMG!!!!!! This is gorgeous. Totally made me tear up a little-not ashamed to tell you that :-) Awesome awesome work. Love you-love your work-and love what you do and have been doing for other photographers like me striving toward huge dreams. Thank you for being you and doing what you do!!!!   03.13.13 - 7:55am
Dan Speicher - Beautiful video as always. I love how each one shows a new direction, but is still so very much you. Thank you for doing these, and helping me to push my self when it comes to sharing ME  03.13.13 - 7:51am
shari - love it! and you :) great job!  03.13.13 - 7:44am
Lacey Rabalais - Love. Love. Love. Great commercial. Great story. Such an inspiration. As Always. :)  03.13.13 - 7:44am
Cheryl Ford - I love this - you are such an inspiration!  03.13.13 - 7:23am
Aimee - Tell me he included a snippet of you dancing the robot with your camera. I think he did and I love it!   03.13.13 - 7:16am
Mara - jasmine - you empower others to live out loud as well. Huge props! The commercial is inspiring and beautifully done. Thanks for making this world of photography a kinder and happier place.   03.13.13 - 6:47am
Alyssa - You are so many kinds of awesome. Love this!  03.13.13 - 6:32am
Liz - As a video editor I can't even begin to tell you how inspiring this is! It's so real and warm, but modern and clean at the same time - beautiful!!  03.13.13 - 5:56am
Life with Kaishon - I bet your class was amazing : ) So happy for your success Jasmine.   03.13.13 - 5:55am
Charity - .... Just when I think there is no possible way that I can love you any more, you find a new way to inspire me. Thank you for all that you do. I'm sure that it is overwhelming and tiring to constantly to give of yourself to all of us all the time, but you must know, you have to know how much it means to each one of us that check your blog daily in the hopes of a new post. Be blessed in all you do! And keep up the great work. I have no doubt that GOD is SO overwhelmingly, violently proud of you!! Love you, Charity  03.13.13 - 5:50am
Ernie E - NICE!! This commercial really shows who you are.  03.13.13 - 5:34am
Lene - A really nice video. Love it. Want it! :-) Lene  03.13.13 - 4:35am
Monica Justesen Photography - I'm in love! It's amazing :] It's always extremely obvious that you put an enormous amount of thought and effort in to every aspect of your business and your work. It's inspiring and encouraging! Thanks, Jasmine!  03.13.13 - 4:30am
jack - Beautifully filmed and your words are inspiring!  03.13.13 - 4:10am