Golden Gate Bridge, China Town, Clam Chowder...

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angel swanson - can't wait to see a+j's photos!! :-) have fun up there!  11.17.07 - 8:00am
DavidHam - Funny...I am also up here Thur,Fri and Sat. Have a family session on Sat.  11.16.07 - 11:10pm
wrecklessgirl - i'm here in SF too this week <3   11.16.07 - 2:26pm
Michael Corsentino - Hey Jasmine! Give me a buzz when you have a minute. If you have time between now and Sunday swing by the studio in SF, I've got a cool (long overdue) gift for you and JD :-)  11.16.07 - 2:00pm
serena - oooh....sounds fun!  11.16.07 - 1:03pm
Nataly - Have fun! I can't wait to see the images from the engagement shoots!  11.16.07 - 12:29pm
gabriel ryan - so cal won't be the same without you this weekend! say hi to the bay for carlie and i...  11.16.07 - 11:06am
cassandra m - Awesome! oooooooh sounds like FUN FUN FUN! I can't wait to see the pics. Have a BLAST and take time to relax a little too. Prayers for a safe trip!  11.16.07 - 9:09am
david & kimi baxter - mmmm...ghirardelli  11.16.07 - 8:04am
Alaina - San Francisco is the most amazing city! I hope you have a great time. Don't forget to check out the Buena Vista if you get a chance.  11.16.07 - 7:41am
Tristan - Have a good time up here in the city by the bay!  11.16.07 - 7:06am
Regina - Boy have fun and can't wait to see the results when you blog on...... Have a safe trip!   11.16.07 - 7:05am
Shy - haha... Im gonna be there friday to Sunday too!!!!   11.15.07 - 11:48pm
David Escalante - Hey! I just saw Mike up here last week... Now you are heading up here... Don't know what your schedule is looking like but we should try to get together!  11.15.07 - 10:43pm
Shannon - ultra-creative way of doing this post. love it!  11.15.07 - 10:14pm