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Manhattan Beach Wedding : Amir+Lesley

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t's home. A place they hang their proverbial hats. It's also the place their love has grown and seeped into the gray walls. Walking out the front door ushers you onto Manhattan Beach and the sound of the crashing waves is a welcomed sound in comparison to Los Angeles traffic. Seagulls fly overhead and while the day might seem like any other, it's from from it. On this particular Saturday, Lesley and Amir are becoming husband and wife.

As Lesley prepares in the bedroom they share, pictures of the couple reflect their world travels together and gleaming sunsets along the coast. They also reflect happiness. Lesley and her sisters rush from room to room as they prepare for the church ceremony and their parents laugh as onlookers from the kitchen.

Amir arrives to the church and his brother cracks jokes and proffers last minute fashion cues, although both look dapper in black bow ties. Amir wrings his hands as he waits at the end of the aisle waiting for his bride. And the wait was worth every second. Lesley looks radiant as she walks toward to husband-to-be and as they swear to each other, and in front of God, to forever love, their marriage is sealed with a kiss.

Lesley and Amir, I appreciate you both. Your day was nothing short of perfection and a true representation of your love. Thank you for inviting me to document the first day of your marriage and I hope it marks the beginning of even more amazingness in your lives. I wish you nothing but the best and I have no doubt the future is bright for two kind souls like yourselves. Can't wait to share a macaroon again soon! Much Love and Appreciation... j*

The wedding day started in a perfect way: amazing light, a gorgeous dress, and a pair of great shoes.

I absolutely fell in love with Lesley and Amir's home in Manhattan Beach...I'm tempted to back my house and become a neighbor. True story.

JD hung out with the guys at American Martyr's Church in Manhattan Beach where Amir placed the finishing touches on her black tie apparel.

Good people hang out with good people and Amir is a perfect example of this notion...this group of guys were top notch. Funny, kind, and all around great people to be around...

Lesley made a stunning bride...truly.

I always love the moment when a bride and groom descend the aisle as husband and wife...true bliss...

Just down the street from the church is the beach they call home. Manhattan Beach made a stunning--and totally personal--backdrop to the place they met, fell in love, and started their lives together...

Oh, GO ON...

Lesley let me in on a little secret...she got her dress just a few weeks before the wedding...she made a last minute decision to vamp up her look and I'm so glad she trusted her bridal intuition...what a perfect gown!

I know I say this often, but--really--I'm lucky to work with gorgeous couples...inside and out!

Hands down, my favorite wedding photo of the day...

I was especially excited for the reception because Lesley and Amir decided to blend their cultures on their wedding day, so they--naturally--added the Hora as a nod to Amir's Jewish heritage...

...Lesley's expression says it all...

Now THIS is a groom who's happy to be married.

I'll end on this photo because they spent the rest of their wedding reception dancing in each others' arms and falling more in love...

To see more of Lesley and Amir's Manhattan Beach wedding photos, you can CLICK HERE for a slideshow with music provided by The Music Bed or you can watch the slideshow here:

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James Harvie - Jasmine I love the freshness of your site and writings, great work. I'm an Australian photographer from Melbourne and its inspiring to come across someone with your talent  04.07.13 - 6:00am
Manda - Hello Jasmine! I'm wondering what you are doing to get so nice photos? I mean, they are so correctly exposed (no disturbing shadows, all faces are bright and pleacant to look at...) What's your secret? Haha. Do you measure the light by using a spot or the whole picture? What time ó clock do you usually shoot your photos? (or what time would you prefer to shoot them?). I know that the sun can be very disturbing between 12 and 4, and I don't like telling my clients that this is not a good place to shoot at. Becourse they don't understand why. I'm going to shoot my first graduation pictures this spring, and my dream is to become a photographer one day. I know that you start from this level by photographing friends if you have that dream. But I Think I need some advises from a professional photographer, so I can't even tell you how glad I would be if you could answer my questions. Or if you already have answered somthing like this, could you pleace give me the link to that post? I'm sorry for my bad English, but i hope you understand. Greetings from a cold Scandinavia! You are a great, and inspireing person. Keep up the work! :)   04.05.13 - 12:02am
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Sophie Asselin - Bravo! I like the way you photographed this wedding. Awesome!  03.28.13 - 4:27am
Alaina - Hey jasmine, Just wanted to let you know there was a typo below Amit's cuff link photo. It say her instead of his. Love the staircase shot!! Gorgeous :). You totally don't need to post this comment, just wanted you to know so you could the mistake if you want :)  03.27.13 - 9:36pm
Kathleen - You captured the joy and love of this day perfectly!   03.27.13 - 8:28pm
Daniel Valadas - Too bad we have no beach near where I live :)  03.27.13 - 10:38am
Becky Male - Lovely Lesley's dress - I love the shot of all the groomsmen gathered around the groom giving him their support  03.27.13 - 7:28am
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Michelle S Hanks - We are the truck drivers. Manhattan Beach is the ONLY beach we can go to in our big truck and it us our daughter's favorite beach even though we live in TX. When I show her these images from there she's going to squeal. To think Ms. Jasmine's been on our Beach.  03.27.13 - 12:25am
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thanasis kaiafas - Your style is awesome!!!  03.26.13 - 2:52pm
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gladys - jasmine. i absolutely die over that b&w image of them together with her veil flowing towards the camera. not to mention how gorgeous the colors at the beach are. perfect with the gorgeous couple. love it! x  03.26.13 - 1:00pm
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