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Happy Birthday, Jasmine!

asmine, for as long as I can remember, you've always had a fear of missing a moment. You'll finish a book you're not enjoying just in case it gets better in the last chapter, you'll make reservations to three different restaurants just to keep your options open, you'll never walk away from a photo booth without a picture, and you'll never let a good song end without dancing, even if for just a second or two. It's built into your DNA and I've fallen in love with it.

In this moment on your birthday, this is you. Beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated, simple, uninhibited, passionate, loyal and loving. I can't imagine what life would look like without your idiosyncrasies and I love being a part of the journey.

Thank you for always wanting to capture the best moments in life. In this moment I'd like to celebrate you and all you are. Here's to many more years of living in the moment. Happy Birthday, lovebug.
- JD

Jasmine's birthday is tomorrow (April 6th), but in order to hijack her blog, I needed to keep her on her toes...

I met Jasmine in high school. The first time I saw her, she was wearing a cheer uniform and laughing with her friends. Years later I'm happy she's still laughing...but thankful that cheer skirt is a thing of the past.

This photo is my favorite.

As I packed the car to leave, Jasmine insisted on setting up the self-timer for a photo...I was tired, hungry, and ready to go, but (true to her desire to never miss a moment) she begged me for one last shot.

Location: Palm Springs
Makeup Artist: Beauty by Melina
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Tre - Very nice! Beautiful woman!  06.04.14 - 8:16pm
Alaina Bos - I love when JD hijacks the blog! He's so romantic :) Hope you had an amazing day!  04.14.13 - 7:38am
Jennifer Hudspeth - Happy (better late, than never) Birthday!! You. are. stunning. I hope you had an amazing birthday! In true spirit, stay fab.   04.11.13 - 4:53pm
Mark Martinez - These are wonderful JD! Happy Birthday Jasmine :)  04.10.13 - 9:40am
Lucie Zeka - Happy Birthday!! You both look absolutely amazing and happy  04.09.13 - 10:47pm
Dana - This is very cool!  04.09.13 - 5:15pm
julie - Jasmine and JD.....your love is inspiring!!! Thanks for letting us be a part of your lives and for loving us back! Happy Happy Birthday Jasmine!!!  04.09.13 - 7:21am
Falcon - Happy Birthday, Jasmine!!! xx  04.08.13 - 9:09pm
Nicole Lapierre - Happy Birthday!  04.08.13 - 12:14pm
Maïeva Voyage - " You'll finish a book you're not enjoying just in case it gets better in the last chapter" => I do the same!!! Happy Birthday Jasmine and wish you all the best for the years to come :) Maïeva Voyage  04.08.13 - 5:46am
Autumn Lee - Jasmine I hope your birthday was filled with so much love and laughter! I love the way JD talks about you...real love. Here is to an amazing year!  04.08.13 - 4:02am
Karen - Feliz Cumpleaños!!! :)  04.07.13 - 4:30pm
Andria Lavine - Happy Birthday! You are Fabulous!  04.07.13 - 10:16am
Ashley Martens - WOW!!! Jasmine you are stunning and JD nice job!!! You both rock!  04.06.13 - 10:02pm
Ashley Esfandiari - Happy birthday!  04.06.13 - 9:10pm
Lydia - Happy B'day Jasmine!! You've made a huge impact on not only my business, but also my life! Wishing you many many more years of happiness!!  04.06.13 - 9:04pm
Dian - Happy Birthday Jasmine! :)  04.06.13 - 5:59pm
Jenn - So sweet... you've got yourself a good man!  04.06.13 - 5:18pm
LEOLAK - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASMINE!! You are gorgeous! Beautiful post JD!   04.06.13 - 3:30pm
Leah - Happy Birthday, Jasmine!! :)  04.06.13 - 2:14pm
Katelyn James - LOVE THIS!!!! JD you're the best:) Jas, happy birthday sweet friend!!! So thankful for you and your example. We adore you guys!!  04.06.13 - 1:13pm
Arita Cimermane - Happy Birthday, dear Jasmine! :*  04.06.13 - 12:53pm
Lynette Smith - Happy Birthday Jasmine! Hope you have an amazing day today. The letter JD wrote when he highjacked your blog is precious <3  04.06.13 - 12:17pm
Sonja S - Happy b-day Jasmine, stay always fabilous as you are now!  04.06.13 - 9:21am
Thierry - Happy Birthday Jasmine !!!!!!!  04.06.13 - 6:35am
Dhanika - A Happy happy happy birthday to my most favorite photographer & my biggest inspiration ever, from your biggest fan in INDIA!!!!! Jasmine you rock !! have the best birthday ever !!! xxxxx  04.06.13 - 4:01am
Rebecca - Awh. That´s so cute!   04.06.13 - 2:53am
Carina - Happy Bday Jasmine! Love the pictures, great work and nice gesture JD ;-)   04.06.13 - 2:50am
Sindy - So beautiful. Happy birthday Jasmine! :)  04.06.13 - 1:35am
Inna - Happy Birthday, Jasmine! May all your dreams always come true! And to JD - no words.. just sighhhh..beautiful...So now I also have an idea for my birthday wish list - a full frame camera and a Love letter from my husband ;) (i predict he will be so terrified to write a love letter so he might just go with the camera:) But ME?- I will be happy with either:)  04.06.13 - 12:56am
Chloe Austin - Happy Birthday Jasmine! <3  04.06.13 - 12:05am
Katie Jackson - JD, this post is so beautiful! Your love really shines through:) Not to mention, Jasmine looks so gorgeous! Happy Birthday Jasmine!   04.05.13 - 10:50pm
Susan Shek - Aww I just cried with all these beautiful emotions!!! Happy Birthday Jasmine <3 You are the luckiest girl in the world <3 Hope you get everything you wished for!  04.05.13 - 10:45pm
staci - love. happy, happy bday to a women i truly admire. not only do you take amazing photos; you live and love without abandon.  04.05.13 - 9:47pm
darcie Sutherland - Feliz Cumpleanos amiga!  04.05.13 - 7:37pm
Barbara Marcella - Beautiful!!! You guys are both so sweet...Happy Birthday Jasmine and to many more!! <3  04.05.13 - 7:35pm
salina aguirre - cute pictures and blog!! happy birthday Jasmin and your sister too=)   04.05.13 - 6:39pm
Melina Ruiz - I love all of the pictures and I am beyond my self happy and humbled that I was a small part of that adventure . Thank you for everything !! JD YOU ROCK !! AMAZZZIIING !!! xo HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL JASMINE !!!  04.05.13 - 6:26pm
Kendra - OWWWW! You look HOT! JD did an amazing job capturing you :) Happy Birthday! Love you both <3   04.05.13 - 6:13pm
Miriam - Happy Birthday J*! Cheers to the inspiring and funny woman God created!!! JD good job capturing the love of your life! Very sweet and thoughtful!  04.05.13 - 5:55pm
Lupe Juarez - aww this is sooo cute! JDC is tooo sweet..Happy Birthday Jasmine!!....i hope you have an amazing day tomorow! Im an April baby too so were you lots<33  04.05.13 - 5:18pm
Stephanie Stewart - Wishing you a beautiful birthday, full of love, laughter, and dancing like nobody's watching!   04.05.13 - 4:32pm
Caitlin - So precious! You guys are so sweet and your love for each other is beautiful. Happy Birthday Jasmine! I hope you take the day to relish in your fabulousness.   04.05.13 - 3:47pm
Dayana - I love when you hijack her blog... this post is the sweetest thing ever. You should hang out with my fiance and give him some tips!! haha Happy Birthday Jasmine! You are my version of a celebrity xoxo Dayana  04.05.13 - 3:37pm
denise karis - SWEETEST! <3 Happy Birthday, Jasmine!   04.05.13 - 3:33pm
Schiavonn - Warmest wishes to you on your birthday <3 The last shot was definitely worth begging for. Big smiles all around! Have a fabulous day.   04.05.13 - 3:30pm
Christine - aww, what a sweet husband you are JD! And an early Happy Birthday to you Jasmine & twin! Have a sparkling day, full of good moments! Greetings from Vienna (Austria)  04.05.13 - 2:59pm
*S* - Happy Birthday Jasmine! You look amazing and the photos are fabulous. Here is to living in the moment!  04.05.13 - 2:21pm
Laura Byler - I'll be first to comment on this post :D Its SO Sweet :) Good job JD :) And Jasmine - once again :) Happy Birthday :D  04.05.13 - 2:20pm
Marlo Laney - What a Wonderful Post...Happy Birthday Jasmine :o)  04.05.13 - 2:15pm
Marie Ostensson - WOW!!! What a beautiful testament of your love JD!! Happy Birthday Jasmine!! May you have many many more with the man you love, & so obviously adores you!!!  04.05.13 - 2:12pm
Toni - Happy Birthday Jasmine! It's 6th April here in Australia. I'm sure JD will spoil you and you'll have a fantabulously amazing birthday xx  04.05.13 - 2:04pm
Melissa Avey Photography - Happy Birthday Jasmine! You look beautiful! Have an amazing weekend.  04.05.13 - 2:02pm
Realizestate - Happy early bday to you! Love the simplicity of the photos! Kudos to the camera man amd make up artist. God bless you! :)  04.05.13 - 1:55pm
Ariel Soto-Suver - Happy bday J*!! April girls rule :) My bday is on the 12th -- let's party it up this week! xo.  04.05.13 - 1:53pm
Eileen - Happy birthday, Jasmine.   04.05.13 - 1:16pm
Miki - This is beautiful in so many ways. Happy birthday for tomorrow! I hope you have a lovely day.  04.05.13 - 1:06pm
Ann - Wow. What a beautiful post. Such a beautiful thing when a man celebrates their woman in such an open & public way. Just gorgeous x  04.05.13 - 12:57pm
Whitney - I might have died when I read that "lovebug" line. Happy Birthday, Jasmine. I am thankful for all that you are and all that you are willing to share with the world. (Holy moly, I was really trying to not sound cheesy and stalker-esque. That's a word right?)  04.05.13 - 12:43pm
lin - Happy Birthday, Jasmine! JD's post is so touching. Wish you two the best!  04.05.13 - 12:35pm
Silke - Wonderful words... Happy Birthday, Jasmine!  04.05.13 - 12:28pm
Eliza - Love this post! JD is a sweet husband. :) Happy Birthday to one of the best photographers in the business!!  04.05.13 - 12:25pm
NiCole Lynch - Well done JD - it is such a beautiful experience to see how God continues to manifest His greatness in the lives of those who love Him. This is such an endearing tribute to a well deserving woman. All God's continued best to and for both of you! Here's to many more moments... Happy Birthday Jasmin (and to your equally kind twin, Bianca).  04.05.13 - 12:17pm
Stacey Da - Happy Birthday Jasmine! I love the love you and JD share. You two are amazing.  04.05.13 - 12:04pm
Amy - Wow! I feel silly saying this but this post totally left me teary eyed. How sweet!! You are one LUCKY gal Jasmine - well you're both LUCKY to be so in LOVE and to have truly found your soul-mate. It is life's greatest gift. Beautiful images J*!!  04.05.13 - 11:59am
Jason Wehrman - Happy early Cake Day Jasmine *!   04.05.13 - 11:56am
Melissa McMillen - Happy early birthday Jasmine! What a beautifully written post and gorgeous images! Good job JD!! :) Loved that you hijacked the blog too! ;)  04.05.13 - 11:44am
Laura Metzger - Happy Birthday Jasmine! What a super special guy you have there!  04.05.13 - 11:28am
Carlie - That was so beautifully sweet. Happy Birthday Jasmine!!  04.05.13 - 11:16am
Penny Palmer - What an Awesome birthday surprise! Happy Birthday Jasmine!  04.05.13 - 11:10am
Penny Palmer - What an Awesome birthday surprise! Happy Birthday Jasmine!  04.05.13 - 11:09am
Jessica Vidmar Photography - AHhhhhh....I can't handle the gorgeousness!! Happy Birthday Jasmine : )  04.05.13 - 11:07am
Monica Justesen Photography - JD, what a beautifully written post. And the accompanying images are even more beautiful. You captured her personality perfectly, as I'm sure you know her better than anyone else.  04.05.13 - 11:02am
Jenna Kutcher - We WOULD be birthday buddies, mine is on Monday! You are such a blessing to everyone you meet. The love you and JD share is so apparent, beautiful, raw, and candid. Hope you have the happiest of birthdays! I adore you both!   04.05.13 - 11:01am
mella - love you both so so very much. jasmine, you're a supermodel. chu, you're a mensch. miss you more than mr Diaz' carne asada plates. xx  04.05.13 - 10:53am
Ashley W - This is so truly lovely in every, EVERY way!  04.05.13 - 10:48am
Jennifer Corbin - Just wonderful. Happy Birthday Jasmine.  04.05.13 - 10:46am
Alexis - AWW!!!!!! HOW SWEET!!! Dear Jasmine Star, I wish you the best birthday ever! :) But I believe you've already got your best birthday gift(s): your husband JD, your family, your friends and your GOD who gives you the breath of life to enjoy all these beautiful blessings!!! :) Keep trusting in Jesus Christ, He loves you with His Life! :) *John 3:16* and *Jeremiah 29:11*  04.05.13 - 10:41am
laurie c - i love that your family celebrates you even before your actual birthday... whether it's a unexpected text or a highjacked blog it's so evident you are surrounded by love!!! may your birthday and all your days be full of love, laughter, and joy!!! Happy (1 day early) Birthday Jasmine!!  04.05.13 - 10:38am
Lisa Cunnington - You guys make me cry! You also inspire us so much! Amazing, lovely couple. Happy Birthday Jasmine, we hope you have a wonderful birthday! Lisa & Ady xxx  04.05.13 - 10:37am
laura - Happy birthday J*! What an adorable post, kudos to JD!  04.05.13 - 10:37am
Kim - Best husband ever!!!! Great job JD. Such beautiful photos of Jasmine. Happy Birthday Jasmine<3 Thank you for sharing your life & photography with all of us. You really do make a difference in the photography community and I think all of us are so thankful for all you have done. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! May this next year be your best yet. xo  04.05.13 - 10:34am
Jenni Marie - WAY TOO SWEET!! Happy Birthday Jasmine!!  04.05.13 - 10:32am
Dawn & Michael Mitchell - Happy Birthday to you...a day early! JD you did a fine thing!  04.05.13 - 10:31am
Belinda - Jasmine, You look gorgeous in these photos! Love!  04.05.13 - 10:29am
Ashlyn - Jasmine, Happy Birthday! You're so blessed to have a husband like JD. You two are an amazing couple!   04.05.13 - 10:28am
Brittani - <3 <3 Happy birthday J.   04.05.13 - 10:24am
Susannah Gill - Happy Get Spoiled Rotten Day!!! Enjoy your birthday! JD what a beautiful post you created!  04.05.13 - 10:22am
Tira J - Happy Birthday to you Jas! Sending tons of love, hugs, good health and fun times to you over this birthday weekend! You are a true blessing! xoxo  04.05.13 - 10:18am
Laura Wick - Love this so much!! Happy one day early birthday Jasmine!!  04.05.13 - 10:09am
Lawrence Chan - Aw. JD is so endearing! Happy birthday, Jasmine! xxo  04.05.13 - 10:05am
Mandy Henry - This is a beautiful post! You are obviously very loved Jasmine! Plus, how wonderful to have a husband who can take such beautiful and authentic photos of you. I always try to get mine to take some of me and it never ends with a fun loving piggy back ride! LOL  04.05.13 - 10:03am
Cherlyn - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASMINE!!!   04.05.13 - 10:01am
Susan DeSisto - Oh MY!!!! JD you ROCK! These shots are fannnntastic! Happy Birthday to Jasmine. She's so lucky to have you!  04.05.13 - 10:01am
Breanne - Happy Birthday Jasmine! JD, what a great post! She's a blessed girl. :)  04.05.13 - 10:00am
clarivel.ann - You're a lucky man, JD! And you're a lucky gal, J-star!  04.05.13 - 10:00am
Christi - That is the sweetest thing, ever. Happy Birthday!  04.05.13 - 9:58am
Malinda - JD what an AMAZING post!!! Jasmine, Happy Birthday Girl! Love your energy and love of life:) Have a fabulous year!  04.05.13 - 9:55am
kathleen frank - love, love, love everything about this! such cute pics! happy birthday, Jasmine!!!  04.05.13 - 9:50am
Amy - These photos are gorgeous, have a fab Birthday Jasmine! :)  04.05.13 - 9:49am
B - You're gawwwgeous, darling. Happy birthday, hammy!  04.05.13 - 9:47am
Haley Johnston - Gorgeous! JD I think you might win husband of the year! Happy Birthday, Jasmine! I hope it is fabulous <3  04.05.13 - 9:47am
Whitney Dupuis - Happy birthday Jasmine. I hope you have the most blessed day today. JD, you are wonderful. God blessed you two when he put you together.   04.05.13 - 9:47am
Stephanie - She's a beauty!  04.05.13 - 9:47am
Melissa C - Happy Birthday, Jasmine !!!!  04.05.13 - 9:45am
Stewart Uy - Beautifully & romantically written JD! It was great meeting you & Jasmine @ the ONA Bags booth during WPPI! Take Care & hopefully I see you two again!  04.05.13 - 9:43am
Mavi - Hope you have a fabulous birthday tomorrow, Jasmine!! And props to JD for always being such a sweet husband ;) Would love to get back to CA and see you guys again sometime. Air kisses!!   04.05.13 - 9:41am
Anita - Happy Birthday Jasmine...  04.05.13 - 9:40am
maria - adorable  04.05.13 - 9:40am
Louise Gibson - Have a very happy birthday tomorrow Jasmine, you have a wonderful hubby in JD. (PS you share your birthday with my brother- have a great day)  04.05.13 - 9:39am
Melissa Kate - Awww!! This is so adorable!! <3  04.05.13 - 9:37am
Ashley Rogers - Happy early date of your birth, Jasmine!! May your day be bubbling over with crazy awesomeness, laugh 'til you cry fun, and full of refreshing & relaxing. =) JD, loved your post! You did good. =)   04.05.13 - 9:35am
Meredith - These are the most unbelievably gorgeous photos!! Jasmine, you are just stunning!!!! And I love your gold pants!! So cool! Happy birthday! Have an amazing one! :) You deserve it!  04.05.13 - 9:34am
Sarah - So incredibly sweet and full of love. Enjoy your birthday!  04.05.13 - 9:34am
jaine {brklyn view photography} - Happy Birthday Jasmine!!! I wish you & JD lots of love and happiness. Thank you for being so inspiring as you continue to share with us your passion for photography! xoxo - j  04.05.13 - 9:30am
Steph. - AND Happy Birthday!!!!  04.05.13 - 9:29am
Steph. - A. Jasmine - Gorgeous photos, oh my word. Gorgeous. Are those pairs of skinny pants 5647 and 5648? Dude, it's hard for us to keep up. :) Love love love them! :) B. JD - when we talked at the Kelly Moore booth at WPPI about you posting I knew it would be good, but this was absolutely perfect. A+ for making it a tear jerker. You two are beautiful people. C. Jas - did you get your Kelly Moore bag? I'm pretty sure we drooled when we opened the boxes. In <3.  04.05.13 - 9:28am
Destiny - Happy Birthday Jasmine! Love these photos of you!!  04.05.13 - 9:25am
LisaGregory - This is simply beautiful..I have been with my husband since highschool...1979...We are still together, in love with each other more than ever. You sound like soul mates. JD, your words about Jasmine are truly lovely. You have captured her essence. Thank you for sharing such an intimate portrait of her. In words, and in the beautiful photography. Jasmine, Happy Birthday!! And thank you for giving of yourself so freely in teaching us who want o learn more in photography. You are AMAZING, and I hope to meet you one day for a session. Now that would be awesome!! xo  04.05.13 - 9:21am
Evie Perez - Happy Birthday Jasmine!! What a beautiful post JD. Love these pictures. You both are such a perfect match for each other. Here's is too many many more laughters and taking pictures together!  04.05.13 - 9:19am
Summer - Happy Birthday Jasmine!! I hope you don't miss a single moment of it :) Great post JD.  04.05.13 - 9:17am
Georgina@RubyWeddings - How lovely is JD!!! Happy Birthday for tomorrow Jasmine xx  04.05.13 - 9:15am
Emily - Happy Birthday Jasmine! What a beautiful birthday tribute to your wife JD!   04.05.13 - 9:14am
tina wiebe - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASMINE! What a sweet guy! Fantastic photos!  04.05.13 - 9:14am
Litza - Happy Birthday Jasmine! You have been an inspiration to me and soo many others and for that I want to Thank you and wish you the most Fabulous Birthday Ever! (and many more!) Litza  04.05.13 - 9:13am
Samantha - Happy Birthday, even if it is a little early! Thanks for being a great and inspirational photographer, and I can't wait to read along to the journey the next year takes you on!  04.05.13 - 9:13am
Lindsay - This post is so beautiful! True love just speaks through JD's words. You two are a beautiful couple and I love how you are so real and funny and capture every moment. Love following along on your gorgeous blog and photos!  04.05.13 - 9:13am
Kate - LOVE THIS & and the both of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone who inspires us all!   04.05.13 - 9:12am
Sabrina - LOVE every bit of this. Happy birthday, Jasmine! You and JD are so blessed to have each other :-)  04.05.13 - 9:11am
Lacie - Love the love that you two share! Beautiful photos! Happy Birthday Jasmine!  04.05.13 - 9:10am
Christine - Happy Birthday Jasmine!! This post was so cute, gave me goosebumps when I read it :)  04.05.13 - 9:10am
Gena D - Love, love, love!!!! Happy birthday Jasmine *  04.05.13 - 9:08am
elizabeth s. - Oh, Jasmine! You are blessed with a loving, kind husband, who obviously loves the ground you walk on! Happy, happy birthday! E.  04.05.13 - 9:07am
Kristin Cooley - You guys are so incredibly adorable, it makes me sick. But seriously, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  04.05.13 - 9:06am
kendra - That was beautiful JD! Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday Jasmine! You are loved!  04.05.13 - 9:05am
jenn - this is VERY sweet! happy early birthday, jasmine!  04.05.13 - 9:04am
Bobbie - That's so sweet JD!!! The photos are great! We can sense lot of love from them. Happy birthday Jasmine! Keep on smiling. You are beautiful :)  04.05.13 - 9:03am
Emily Faith Donohue - Happy birthday, Jasmine! You're adorable JD.  04.05.13 - 9:00am
September - That is super sweet JD!!! You two are perfect for eachother. Happy Early birthday J*!!!!  04.05.13 - 8:59am
Valerie Whetzel - Happy Birthday J*! You are genuinely FABULOUS! <3   04.05.13 - 8:57am
colleen - a VERY happy birthday dear Jasmine. Thank you for inspiring this 50-something lady to get out and make her dream of being a phtoographer a reality. The way you live your life...with both intelligence and an inspiration to many. Happy 'new year' and may God bless you richly in your future. P.S. are certainly the 'cushion' for Jasmine...somewhere safe to land, a true partner in every way. She is blessed to have you.  04.05.13 - 8:56am
shelley hohe - I love this!!! What a sweet marriage you have! Happy Birthday Jasmine. I have never met you but from Facebook, your blog and are easy to fall in love with. I hope I get to meet you one day!! Lord bless your special day tomorrow! Xoxo Shelley  04.05.13 - 8:56am
Janet Cruz - Happy Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happpppeeeee bbirrrrrthhhhhh dayyyyy dear Jasmine, Happy Birthday to you! Birthdays are wonderful things to collect, I wish you many many more! Thank you for sharing so much of your self with us, for letting us in, for all loving not only you, but JD & Polo through your eyes! You all hit the Big Lottery with each other. Thank you for sharing your beautiful sister (happy birthday to her to), & your Mom and Thank you soo soo much for sharing Dad's always perfect words of wisdom. With love and hugs! Janet (& my JC , and my Sadie)  04.05.13 - 8:55am
Marie Janssen - So sweet!  04.05.13 - 8:54am
Shauna Ploeger - Happy Birthday Jasmine!   04.05.13 - 8:54am
Aimee - Love you both!! Happiest of birthdays, Jasmine!! Have another blessed year!! <3  04.05.13 - 8:53am
Catie Ronquillo Wood - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASMINE!! I hope you have an extra fabulous weekend of celebrating, JD making you sandwiches, and lots of bubbly. Hold onto that one. He's a keeper :)  04.05.13 - 8:52am
Frank G - Wow. What a beautifully written birthday surprise. Hope you and JD have a wonderful day! :)  04.05.13 - 8:51am
Lori - Awesome!!!! Happy birthday Jasmine!!  04.05.13 - 8:50am
anouschka - Happy birthday Jasmine!!! Hope you have an amazing day with the people you love the most :) x  04.05.13 - 8:48am
Julia - Happy Birthday Jasmine! Keep being you, u a wonferful !:) Wish u two being so screative and happy forever! Julia  04.05.13 - 8:47am
Elizabeth Blank - Happy birthday, Jasmine, from one "April-6ther" to another!   04.05.13 - 8:44am
Kayla :) - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jasmine!!! :)   04.05.13 - 8:43am
Joel Allegretto - JD your the man.. and Happy birthday to the fabulous J* you guys make a beautiful couple!   04.05.13 - 8:39am
moi - Yay! Smart move JD! Gorgeous images of the lovely J. Happy birthday Jasmine may your birthday be filled with wonderful things and I wish you a year filled with love, joy, peace of mind and lots of aha moments! ? xxxx  04.05.13 - 8:24am
cat alkire - best blog ever. so sweet! happy birthday jasmine!!  04.05.13 - 8:20am
moi - Yay! Smart move JD! Gorgeous images of the lovely J. Happy birthday Jasmine may your birthday be filled with wonderful things and I wish you a year filled with love, joy, peace of mind and lots of aha moments! ? xxxx  04.05.13 - 8:19am
Rachel Greene - :)  04.05.13 - 8:15am
Mikaela - Jasmine, you're a true insanely gorgeous! Much love and happy birthday wishes! xo!  04.05.13 - 8:13am
Rebecca Nash - Happy Birthday Jasmine! I hope it's filled with family, love and laughter! As for you JD - Kudos on the highjacking and the beautiful shots. We are all blessed that you are willing to share your amazing wife and your own time and talents with us! Thanks for being awesome you too!  04.05.13 - 8:12am
Liz - This is such a gorgeous (and honest to the max) post - both the images and the words. Happy Birthday Jasmine!! My birthday was two weeks ago and I was thinking about how I really didn't get excited about it . . when I should be so incredibly grateful that I have one, that people care enough to wish a happy one, and celebrate where I have been and where I am going, even if it doesn't feel like it's even close yet. Thanks for the reminder JD!! :)  04.05.13 - 7:56am
Lindsey Laughlin - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASMINE!! JD, you just made me cry at my desk! All my co-workers think I'm crazy as I sit here sopping up maskara off my face... The two of you make my day when I think about the love you share and all the good you add to this world. I'm honored to have met you (that one time at WPPI) and love watching your lives via the interwebz. Love you, Jasmine girl - hope you celebrate like a rock star this weekend!! xoxoxo  04.05.13 - 7:38am
Fiona - Gorgeous! Happy Birthday Jasmine. Have a great time you two.   04.05.13 - 7:32am