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Kisses + Disses : Captain EO

Last Saturday I celebrated my birthday and the day couldn't have been better. The entire week was devoted to what JD called BIRRRRTHDAAAAAY EXTRAVAGAAAANZA! And he says it just like that. It's rather odd, but I deal with it because it's filled with twists and surprises leading up to my big day. On Saturday, we arrived at Disneyland just before sunset and I squealed like a little girl. It's been years since I've been to the Magic Kingdom, but it was just as special as I remembered as a kid.

We spent the evening eating every bad thing in sight (churros! pineapple ice cream! funnel cake! I'm on a sugar high!) and mapped my favorite rides before the fireworks show. On top of my list was seeing Captain EO. Oh, yes, the 3D short film starring Michael Jackson. I dragged JD into the theater donning our yellow glasses and sang the songs before it started. JD tried shushing me, but this only encouraged moon walking to my seat.

It was then I confessed to JD I saw Captain EO eight times when I was a child. In one day. I memorized the choreography and my mom even bought me the Captain EO shirt...which I wore only on the most special occasions. Watching the film years later rekindled the fondest memories...and I was happy to dance along in my seat like I was a kid again.

The only thing that would've made the day complete would have been JD joining me for a robot rendition of We Are Here to Change the World, hip thrusts and all.

This leads me to another installment of Kisses and Disses...

This week's DISSES go to...
*My inability to track down a Captain EO t-shirt (no, really, I'd wear it tomorrow if I's cute...honest).
*My lack of will power. Birthday Extravaganza proved to disastrous my dietary regime.
*Falling asleep. It takes half an hour at night, half a second in the morning.

This week's KISSES go to...
*Breville Juicer. My family gave me a juicer for my birthday and I'm smitten. I feel healthier just looking at it. Tried it for the first time yesterday and the clean up process was pretty awesome and the juice (kale, spinach, apple, beets, ginger, and ginger) was ahhhhmazing. Oh no, I'm starting to talk like JD.
*Milani Liquid Eye Pencil. This pencil eyeliner is from Target and perfect for a dramatic evening out. It's creamy, so I set it for a smoky eye and I adore it.
* I love this site and I've downloaded the app. It's like Pandora, but you can stream an entire record...and there's no commercials!

Happy Tuesday!
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Katie Jackson - Just catching up on all your amazing posts from last week! Love that you went to Disneyland! I've never seen the Captian EO show, so I'll def check it out next time I go! And so glad you like the Breville Juicer! I've been thinking about getting one for some time.....  04.13.13 - 6:22pm
autumn lee - i just ordered the same juicer!! can't wait to try it when we get back from australia!  04.11.13 - 12:22am
m - It was all the ginger that made your juice so ahhhhhmazing. :)  04.10.13 - 8:05am
Lucie Zeka - happy birthday  04.09.13 - 10:51pm
April - Juicers are awesome. I look forward to seeing all your juice recipes and food displays.   04.09.13 - 7:53pm
Heather - O-M-G. I totally saw Captain EO when I was a kid. Aaaaaaand I had the shirt (yes, unfortunately that was said with past tense). I remember standing in line and getting all excited to see things coming at me off the screen.  04.09.13 - 6:47pm
lin - I just sold my Breville Juicer as I didn't use it as much as I expected. But I loved it.   04.09.13 - 4:02pm
Jae - Belated happy birthday!!! Glad you had an amazing birthday, and don't worry- any calories consumed on your birthday dissipate: they never count ;) also, I LOVE rdio! Best music app ever!   04.09.13 - 11:08am
Emily - I wanted to include my email address! ;) Forgot to do so in my previous comment re: Disneyland before I pushed save. Thanks again!  04.09.13 - 10:53am
Emily - My own "kiss," to you... my husband and I were at Disneyland on Saturday, celebrating our two daughter's 3rd and 6th birthdays. We had just gotten off the Autotopia ride, and my husband, a photographer by hobby who follows many AMAZING photographers, spotted you and JD walk by. I wanted to dash after you to express my sincerest thanks, as you have truly inspired my husband to be more creative behind the lenses and follow his photography dreams on his own accord. He wouldn't let me, ;), and just wanted you to enjoy your evening without his kooky wife intervening! So I will say thank you now, as it REALLY was you, and wish you a happy birthday, and tell you that spotting you was an added bonus to a day that had already been so magical for us as a family!  04.09.13 - 10:43am
Cara - This is kind of totally random, but can I just say: I looove your outfit! It's just all cool & hip, so effortlessly -- I would totally be geeking it up in Disneyland :D!  04.09.13 - 10:40am
kayla :) - Check out this Captain EO shirt! :)  04.09.13 - 9:58am
Karen - Happy Belated Birthday! I haven't been to Disneyland in yearrsss. I'm glad you had fun! Btw...this may sound totes weird, but I love when you mention beauty products you love. You just always look sooo perfect and I'm always curious what products you use.  04.09.13 - 9:53am
Kansas Caruso - Try E-Bay for the shirt! Disneyland was selling them about 2 years ago during the summer. They were only men's sizes but my fiance rocks it like non other :) Happy Belated Birthday!  04.09.13 - 9:46am
Whitney Lane - I have been looking for an excuse to go to disney world for awhile now its been 20 years! So glad you guys had such a fun tme   04.09.13 - 8:52am
Amber - This is the perfect post first thing in the morning. Thank You so much for sharing. Kisses and Disses - Love it.   04.09.13 - 8:43am
John Farrand - *I* about squealed like a little girl when you said you went to Disneyland. Melissa and I are smitten with that place!! When you go back, go to CA Adventure and get a hot-link corn dog.. Ermahgerr! Yes, it's everything horrible, just drink some kale before bed. Totally worth it! "You can stream an entire Record." You DO like Captain EO don't you? :)  04.09.13 - 8:38am
Sarah Bailey -  04.09.13 - 8:30am
Sarah Bailey - There's only 8 left!  04.09.13 - 8:29am
Maïeva Voyage - Joyeux Anniversaire Jasmine ! Maïeva Voyage  04.09.13 - 8:28am
Amanda - You don't know me from Adam's housecat, but I love Disney! I went on a search to see if I could find a tshirt for you. Here's an adult small opening weekend t: And here's a large. For $100! Good heavens, LOL: So glad you had a happy birthday extravaganza!  04.09.13 - 6:38am
The New Diplomat's Wife - Happy Birthday, Jasmine!  04.09.13 - 6:24am