Jenny and Andrew : Engagement

hey both packed their bags, tucked away their passports, and boarded a plane headed to Rome, Italy. She left California, and he left Virginia, only to meet one night surrounded by a throng of other American students. Jenny and Andrew swapped numbers to their new Italian cell phones, then parted ways.

It wasn’t long before they were walking the past the Spanish Steps together, throwing coins—while standing backward—in Trevi Fountain, and sipping on lattes in small Italian cafes…falling in love with the city and each other. At the end of the semester, they both packed their bags, tucked away their passports, and boarded a plane. One headed to California, one headed to Virginia. They promised to call and write…and make things work. And much like the Italian lattes they sipped together on cold nights, their love remained warm and soothing to the soul.

A few years later, Jenny and Andrew walked briskly through the roaming streets of San Francisco. The trolleys, the fog, the perennially occupied taxis…it’s home. It’s the city where their love has primed, and the place that marked their undying dedication to each other. Andrew proposed to Jenny in the city, so there was no better place to have their engagement photos captured.

I met Jenny and Andrew for the first time for their engagement session…and while it perhaps could have taken a while to get to know each other, it totally didn’t. We immediately feel in step with each other, laughing along the chilly streets together. They were absolutely amazing! Jenny and Andrew chose specific locations for their shoot and had the afternoon mapped out perfectly…and it was SO much fun! They have a beautiful wedding planned at the Westin Pasadena and with the help of uber fabulous Angel Swanson—wedding coordinator extraordinaire—their day should be stunning.

Jenny and Andrew, I can’t wait to see you again and capture your special day. I hope I captured your home for all the beauty it truly possesses. Much Love and Appreciation…J*

Andrew has a killer view of the city, so we decided to hang out for a bit and soak in the beauty...

The thing I love most about San Francisco is that every wall, every corner is a photograph begging to be taken...

We then headed over to Caffe Roma...well, because, it's a little piece of their Italian love right in their backyard...

On the go again, Jenny and Andrew got their drinks to-go and we darted off to do a little more exploring...

A little action in China Town...

At the end of our shoot, we swung by Hotel Triton and shot in its uber cool lobby...

To view more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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kay english - Great set! How do you get their skin tones to pop so well?   07.29.09 - 11:50am
davina - As I was looking through these images I was thinking "Oh! I like that one I'll comment on that one." But then I ended up saying that about at least 90% of them so I'll just say, "Wow!" I love them all, wonderful.  11.30.07 - 4:46pm
ksen : ) - i LOVE their story -- how amazing. & the images truly show their playful character & passion!  11.26.07 - 1:13pm
Angela - It is such a treat to look at your blog everyday! Love these shots, and their sweet story.  11.25.07 - 10:49pm
Simply Modern Weddings - I love the story of their sweet!  11.25.07 - 8:36pm
cassandra m - favorite is the last one. I love that couch! they are all awesome though :)  11.25.07 - 4:11pm
Stacy Cross - I adore the pictures from the Cafe - they are so sweet! They're all awesome!  11.25.07 - 2:51pm
Amy - These are great! I really love the pink tree one, the lighting is so pretty.  11.25.07 - 1:35pm
Misty Smith - amazing as always!   11.25.07 - 10:04am
gabriel ryan - wowzers! rad style! i love how these images work together to tell a story...  11.25.07 - 8:19am
angel swanson - aren't they the cutest couple??? i am in love with all of these; jenny's style is soooo classic. my favorites are the first one, last one (love the triton, too!) and the kiss in chinatown. can't wait for their wedding!!!  11.24.07 - 8:41pm
Jennifer - You rock. LOVE these. Especaially the ones with them and coffee in the window.   11.24.07 - 2:29pm
Bianca - These are great :) I love this couple's sense of style and the location is perfect!  11.24.07 - 9:56am
Crystal - are just sick!!! I love love love that last are incredible!  11.23.07 - 10:01pm
Kymberli - LOVE the last one, Jasmine! Thanks for sharing!  11.23.07 - 9:21pm
cathy - ohmyword...amazing. Where in the world is your lighting in that last one?...absolutely stunning.  11.23.07 - 7:36pm
chelsea | blueline - these are wonderful  11.23.07 - 4:58pm
Dave Biesse - You never cease to inspire me Jasmine. I love seeing your creative styling coming into your shooting too - I just love their outfits.  11.23.07 - 3:19pm
Chris L - Wow! I hate saying things so much that they become cliche but yet again these photos are amazing! I think the rooftop one was the one that really took my breath away! And the history and background was so eloquently written! Good stuff!  11.23.07 - 2:59pm
Jenny H. & Andrew M. - Jasmine, we LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Thank you so captured our personalities and our city perfectly!   11.23.07 - 1:56pm
david baxter & kimi b - ah we LOVE that park! my favorite is the shot of her with her head on his shoulder. so cute.  11.23.07 - 1:29pm
cindy - First of all, you're an incredible photographer - you just keep getting better and better. Secondly, you are an incredible's always so nice to get a little history to go with the photos, and you capture everything beautifully! What a talent...  11.23.07 - 10:47am
Emily DeWan - Love the yellow wall image!  11.23.07 - 9:48am
Tanya Perez - LOOOVE these! :) We've never been to San Fran. Can't wait to go soon!  11.23.07 - 9:33am