06.27.13 Engagements

Backyard Engagement Photos : Krissi+Clark

hey sat together on the couch and she smiled a 100-watt smile. The type of smile that lights up a room. Krissi looked at Clark as he talked about his life and career dreams. Clark is a financial planner in Newport Beach, but beyond the walls of his office, his life revolves around Krissi.

Together Clark and Krissi spend time with people who share the same passions they do...and joke their motto is: Us Against the World. Clark explained that--even in the face of doubt or worry--Krissi supported him as he built his business and became his biggest champion.

When Krissi hears Clark say this, she reaches out and touches his hand. "She's the vice president of my life," he says and Krissi smiles. A 100-watt smile.

I'm incredibly excited to have spent the afternoon with Krissi and Clark...such a great couple and I can't wait for their wedding. They promise good music, good food, and plenty of dancing...Clark is even going to make me a mixed tape to prepare me for the audio goodness in store!

Clark and Krissi chose a location special to them for their engagement photos...Clark's family owns a house that backs up to a gorgeous park in Orange County, so we started the session amongst the trees and nature and later their backyard.

When I first met Clark, he showed up to my studio in an impeccably tailored suit. And a pocketchief. I knew he'd bring his a-game for the engagement session attire and I wasn't let down! ;)

Oh,'re stunning. Truly.
Many thanks to Kacee Geoffroy for hair and makeup!

After the park, we headed to their family's backyard, a place they've made memories bar-be-que-ing and enjoying long summer nights. Indulging their sweet tooth, Clark and Krissi planned to make s'mores...ON THE CONDITIONED THEY SHARED WITH ME. Obvs.

S'more bling, you say?

Krissi lights up any room with her smile...and now we have proof. Oh, and the sparklers might help too.

I'm thrilled to be working with such a great couple and Katie of Intertwined Events...I hope their backyard engagement photos are a perfect depiction of their love.
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Layne Pfliiger - This is the cutest thing ever! I am in love with every photo!=)  10.03.13 - 4:28pm
Nilka Gissell - Isn't that the coolest backyard! Love these! :)  09.13.13 - 3:01am
Amanda - funny and adorable pictures :)  08.29.13 - 2:19pm
Mercedes - Super cute couple. And that back yard is to die for!  08.05.13 - 7:43am
Cindy | Wedding Photography in Atlanta - What wonderful photos of two beautiful people in an awesome backyard.   08.04.13 - 8:32pm
Nik - "S'more bling" Brilliant!   07.25.13 - 12:44pm
Mike Taylor - Can't stop looking at the blue dress, love the sparklers !  07.12.13 - 1:21pm
Marie-Eve - Really great session! Love it!  07.11.13 - 10:44am
Ben May - 3 changes of clothes...well done jasmine, Brilliant as always, I have been away from your blog for too long :-)  07.11.13 - 10:03am
Katie Jackson - Love her blue dress! So pretty! What a fun and happy couple! The sparklers were such a cute idea!   07.02.13 - 10:15am
Bobbie Brown - Seriously, this post had me at the first two pictures...GORGEOUS! Love each and every one of these..the images feel soft and yummy, and the couple is gorgeous and fun!   07.01.13 - 3:22pm
Amanda Marie - Ooooh I am swooning over this amazing light! Nailed it as always!!   07.01.13 - 8:27am
Andree K. - Sm'ores! Does anything say "summer" clearer than that? Lovely celebration of the season and love in this shoot.   06.28.13 - 6:32pm
Kristin @ Reverie - Krissi & Clark look so fun! (And who doesn't love s'mores?) I love the way you got to know them, too. It's everything. It shows in how comfortable they both are, and that makes for amazing photos. Thanks for sharing this!  06.27.13 - 10:59pm
Jade - Such a gorgeous session... Love the natural laughter.. and the marshmallows :)  06.27.13 - 8:35pm
Jana williams - AWW!!! so cute! I love he aid she is the vice president of my life. So cute. xo!   06.27.13 - 5:01pm
Krissi - Jasmine~ it is fate that our paths have finally crossed. You documented our love and our fun Engagement Session like no one else could have. Thank you for all that you do! These turned out better than I imagined they would.  06.27.13 - 4:49pm
Nena - What a great session! The photos you capture show so much love and fun! =-)  06.27.13 - 4:11pm
Mikaela - Oh, I love this session SO much!! Amazing, Jasmine.   06.27.13 - 2:40pm
Norma Skinner - What a beautiful, dreamy & atmospheric quality of light you have used. Krissi is going to be a knock-out bride in the future.  06.27.13 - 2:36pm
Michelle S Hanks - What a great location. It has romance and personal connection. Beautiful work, as always!  06.27.13 - 1:43pm
Yuliya M. - I love this, so fun and fresh!  06.27.13 - 11:58am
stephanie fay - LOOOOOOVE these.... so sweet, soft and pretty. great work and gorgeous couple!   06.27.13 - 10:17am
Ashley Rogers - Dang, Krissi's smile makes me smile! Lovely J!  06.27.13 - 9:58am
Samantha - Oh my goodness, that last picture is absolutely flawless. Another wonderful session!  06.27.13 - 9:53am
Angela Jones - This is one of the most beautiful engagement sessions I have ever senn! Absolutely GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!   06.27.13 - 9:08am
Jordan McBride - Way to capture a good time, Jasmine! (And now I'm craving chocolate and champagne for breakfast... hmm.)  06.27.13 - 8:59am
Dallas - This is one of the most adorable engagement sessions you've ever shared! I love this couple. Krissi seems adorable and Clark is one of the most photogenic guys I've ever seen. Beautiful, sweet, and lovely work, Jasmine!  06.27.13 - 8:08am