06.28.13 Personal

Friday Randomness : Me and My Multiple Personalities

'm really thankful for my husband. He knows how to deal with us. You and my multiple personalities. Running your own business is amazing...and simultaneously nerve-wracking, emotional, and exhausting. Some days he doesn't know who he's waking up to (Happy Jasmine! Scary Jasmine! I Went On An Emotional Shopping Spree Jasmine!), but he rolls with the punches.

On Monday I woke up and tried telling JD...

On Tuesday I wanted him to make me a dessert spread like this...

On Wednesday there wasn't a right side of the bed to wake up on...

On Thursday I handled a mafia boss.

And this morning I woke up and the only thing I wanted to do was find friends to share this best friends necklace with. JD, of course, would get a slice.

Have a great and my personalities wish you only the best!
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Philippe - Jasmine, you may have multiple personalities, but they all have a great sense of humor! Best wishes from Scotland.  07.06.13 - 6:56am
LEOLAK - You are hilarious!!!! I've been told I have a few personalities myself. LOL   07.01.13 - 8:06pm
Kate Neal - Ha! Freaking hilarious!  07.01.13 - 7:12pm
Carrie - Jasmine-- I can totally relate to this post!! You never know which side of me you're going to get and sometimes you get more than one! Haha! Thankfully- I, like you, am blessed to have an amazing best friend in my fiancĂ©, who will roll with the punches and still loves all of me at the end of the day! Hope this week is fantastic for you!   06.30.13 - 2:56pm
Norma Skinner - Sure you are 90% the second option!  06.28.13 - 11:32am
Amber - Ahhh, I love that pizza necklace! Happy Friday :)  06.28.13 - 11:17am
Giovanna - what an amazing idea a pizza cut in slices in which each friend takes one...haa thank you! priceless! ill probably do this in the future, you are hilarious...!  06.28.13 - 10:41am
Robert H Gunter - I hope one day your multiple personalities and my multiple personalities get to meet each other(s). Love your FB and Blog posts, Jamines.  06.28.13 - 10:29am
jana willias - this is freakin awesome  06.28.13 - 10:11am
Katie Jackson - cute! I love these fun posts:)  06.28.13 - 10:08am
Sandra Fazzino Photography - Hysterical! Absolutely needed this good humor this morning. Happy day. xo  06.28.13 - 8:40am
m* - spoiled milk!?!!?!? hahahhahhahaha! Or shall I say jajajajajajaja, like a true gingerican!   06.28.13 - 8:37am
Gabrielle Halle - Oh, this just made our day :-)  06.28.13 - 7:51am
Jade - JD is such a lovely man... You are lucky.. but so is he :) Where do you find these funnies... Love some of the pics you find!  06.28.13 - 7:07am