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Good Reads : E-Reader, E-Schmeader

couple days ago, I sat with a friend in front of a small bookshelf I have in my bedroom. I pulled out my favorite books and passed them to her like I was cradling a sleeping child. I spoke about each book like it had a personality all its own, categorizing them like I was playing favorites amongst my spawn. I set out three different piles (1. Oh! My! God! LIFE CHANGING! books. 2. Delightful and an enjoyable books. 3. I didn't regret reading books) and encouraged her to check them out.

She asked if I thought of investing in an e-reader, but I insisted I couldn't leave my paper, glue, and hardbound books in the past. I secretly have a dream I'll build a library in my house one day...kinda like that library in Beauty and The Beast, but better. I'll have a ladder on wheels to select the way-up-there books and host tea parties amongst the shelves.

And, boom. I've just become British.

Here's a list of a few books I've read recently, but you can also keep track via previous Good Reads posts...

Wonder by R.J. Palacio - This book is so, so good. It's sweet and sad, and perfect summer reading. It's a young adult book, so I finished it in just a couple days, but the story has stayed with me for weeks. The best part is that the story is narrated from multiple perspectives and follows the life of a young boy with physical deformities. Such a good read!

The World to Come by Dara Horn - If I could write like Horn, I'd die a happy girl. The story is so much more than the mystery surrounding the theft of a million dollar Chagall painting, it's about a family's history and how the painting represents faith, strength, courage, and the depths people will go to protect their history. So good.

The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman - This book got rave reviews and is a best seller, but the only reason I bought it was because I was at the cutest bookstore in Los Angeles and I decided I couldn't leave without buying something to read (side note: does this mean I have a shopping addiction?). On a whim, I picked up Dovekeepers and was intrigued. The story itself was compelling, but I just felt like it didn't hold my attention and I had to work my way through it. The good news? The bookstore gave me a complimentary bookmarker, so I win!

The Secret History by Donna Tartt - And, whoa. This book is 500+ pages and it felt like 100. I couldn't put it down, even though I wanted to. It was eery and left me feeling empty, but I just HAD to know what happened next. It's dark and tragic, but so well constructed I was hooked for days. Not my typical read, but--darn--it was good.

Still Alice by Lisa Genova - I'm not going to lie, I cried a little when I read this book. More than anything, it was a sober look at Alzheimer's disease. This story is a vivid depiction of life with early-onset Alzheimer's and Alice's battle to maintain grace, dignity, and pride while her mind slowly quiets. It was a solid read.

Happy Friday!
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Monica Justesen Photography - I find my E-reader convenient for travel, but I unfailingly find myself returning to a good ol' fashioned book every single time.  07.31.13 - 8:53am
Lisa - The Secret History is my favorite book of all time; I never fail to recommend it. oh! my! god! LIFE CHANGING! Thanks so much for these posts, you always inspire me to try something new!  07.31.13 - 8:36am
Shalese - I tried to love my Kindle, I really did. I'm afraid it's collecting dust though because there's nothing I love more than the smell of a book :)  07.30.13 - 6:50am
Brilliant Light Photography - Thanks for the suggestions :) I love a good book. And I love holding a "real" book in my hands compared to Nooks. Also, it would be so epic to have a Beauty and the Beast inspired library. You must do it.  07.27.13 - 9:33am
Bobbie Brown - Here's to hoping you one day have that library! Love it! I have to say, my kindle came at a good time, right after I had one of my babies, so feeding and reading was so easy, no having to turn pages or hold the book 'just right' :)  07.27.13 - 8:43am
christine - I really enjoy your book lists! Please continue to share them with us! Thank you for all the suggested reads :]  07.26.13 - 6:28pm
Norma Skinner - Ah, the ladder on wheels and someone kind to propel you along endless shelves of coloured spines. Bliss!  07.26.13 - 2:47pm
Lesley - i love your book recommendations... i've read so many after seeing them on your blog. i'd love to see your list of life changing books if you have time! :) x  07.26.13 - 2:42pm
Mercedes - There's nothing like the smell and feel of real life books. Especially those editions with the deckled edges? Reading to me is as much tactile as it is a visual thing. And yes: library with a ladder on wheels.   07.26.13 - 1:55pm
Mikaela - I'm almost done Wonder and I LOVE IT! I never want to put it down. Also, I have five books on order from, the real, paper and glue kind ;) xo!  07.26.13 - 12:52pm
Belinda - I'll admit it, I too dream of having the Beauty and the Beast library! =) Love when you share your recent reads! Keeps my reading wishlist full =)   07.26.13 - 10:40am
Lily - Jasmine!! This post reminded me of Kelly Clarkson's engagement photo (she tweeted it yesterday). You should totally do something like that for an anniversary shoot with JD. I will shoot it. ;)   07.26.13 - 9:37am
Valeri - To this day, Still Alice is one of the most terrifying books I've ever read. I was firmly anti-e-reader, too, until I got a Nook for my first Mother's Day this year. Now I love it, but I still by real books, too. The e-reader is great when you're not in the mood for anything you currently have, or those books you want to read, but you can't bring yourself to buy because it's totally embarrassing (not even going to tell you how many times this has happened). Either way, my heart has softened toward the e-reader. Plus, I find myself reading WAY more than I did before, because it's always in my purse.   07.26.13 - 9:14am
Linda - I am SO with you! I just can't get rid of my beautiful books for e-versions. I'd feel like I was cheating on the paper ones. There's just something so much more magical about having something you can hold and turn the pages!  07.26.13 - 9:10am
Dani Leigh - Ohhhh Still Alice. That books was beautiful. I went immediately from that to another one of her books called Love Anthony. Thanks so much for doing these posts, I read a lot of what you recommend!!   07.26.13 - 8:37am
AMANDA - I read a couple of these... I'm going to look into the others! :) I love a good page turning book! Right now though, I use my e-reader. Not because I prefer the screen over the pages.. but because my children 3 of them, 5 and under, can't take my bookmark!!!   07.26.13 - 8:26am
Tiffany - If you ever get that Beauty and The Beast library I do an AMAZING version of Be Our Guest...let me know if you need to book my talents. ;) Happy Friday!!  07.26.13 - 8:04am
Natasha - Aint nothing wrong with being British! ;-) x   07.26.13 - 8:02am
Jess - I love these posts. I actually bought "The Lover's Dictionary" after you recommended it, and I was SO GLAD I did - it was just perfect in every sense. Also bought "The collected works of T. S. Spivet", but haven't had a chance to read it yet. Would you consider doing af post with your all time favorite books? I'd appreciate it a lot. Have a great weekend. :o) Jess  07.26.13 - 7:59am
Samantha - Thanks Jasmine, always love your recommendations! I'm envious! I'm currently struggling with a full-time job and photography on the side. Hardly any time to read!! I can't wait to be a full-time photographer so I can read as much as you :) It's my dream!!!  07.26.13 - 7:51am
Shaina Longstreet - I read Still Alice last year and was so touched by it. I have never known anyone who experienced the loss of alzheimer's first hand, but the book just broke my heart. I might have to take a peek at these others on your list. Thanks for sharing!   07.26.13 - 7:01am