The Art of Second Shooting : Photography Course

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TODAY is the day! We woke up at 4:30 this morning for last minute prep (okay, and from sheer nerves!), but we are excited to see JD host his first ever teaching experience. He's been a second shooter for seven years and today he'll be sharing more about what it's like from an insider's perspective. The Art of Second Shooting is a FREE two day course and together we'll be teaching the ins and outs of First and Second Shooting on a wedding day.

If you'd like to join us, here's a breakdown of each day starting at 9 a.m. PST...
9:00     Welcome
9:10     Introduction of course
9:20     How JD Became a Second Shooter
9:30     Types of Second Shooters
9:45     What Makes a Good Photo
9:55     What Gear Should a Second Photographer Take to the Wedding
10:05    How to Get Second Shooter Jobs
10:25     Q+A
10:35     Break
10:50     Second Shooter Etiquette
11:05     How Much Do Second Shooters Get Paid
11:15     Q+A
11:25     How to Deliver Images After the Wedding
11:40     Request Second Shooter Hotline Submissions
11:45     Lunch
12:45     What's In JD's Bag
1:00     Basic Photography Overview
1:15     Q+A
1:30     Transition to shoot
1:40     Intro of Shoot
1:45     Shoot
3:15     Transition back to set
3:25     Shoot Review
3:35     Q+A
3:50     Explanation of Day Two
4:00     Day One End

9:00     Welcome
9:05     Review of Day One
9:10     10 Questions to Ask Before Second Shooting a Wedding
9:25     Pre-Wedding Checklist
9:35     Second Shooter Wedding Day Schedule Organization
9:50     Top Ten Tips for Second Shooters
10:05     Second Shooter Wedding Day Shot List
10:40     Break
10:55     What to Wear as a Second Shooter
11:10     How to be a Proactive (instead of Reactive) Second Shooter
11:25     Knowing the First Shooter Lens Preference
11:35     Post-wedding Day Checklist
11:45     Second Shooter Handbook
11:50     How to Critique a Second Shooter
12:05     Q+A
12:15     Lunch
1:15     Review Images from Day One Photo Shoot
1:55     Q+A
2:05     How to Shoot/Work with your Spouse
2:15     Break
2:30     Stand By Your Terms of Agreement
2:40     Second Shooter Hotline
3:00     Q+A
3:10     Course conclusion
3:15     End
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Juan Carlos Guzman - Hi Jasmin hey where do i find this tutorial, I just realized this, would be cool to see it, thank you !!!   08.29.13 - 6:09pm
Mayra - Yeap! photography is an art  08.29.13 - 2:24pm
etaylor - JD when is the next course?  08.21.13 - 1:13am
ashley goodwin - SO FREAKING BUMMED I missed this, and JD's debut. I will just have to buy it now ehy? CONGRATS JD!!!!!!!!!!!!   08.14.13 - 5:11pm
Kim Lyn Chauvin - Jasmine, I can't thank you and JD enough for all the support and information you have given me. I started out as a Stay at home mom looking for something to fill the emptiness I felt. I needed to be creative and have something of my own. I stumbled upon your blog one day and I've been stalking you ever since. I even went back and read every single blog post you have ever written. Creeper alert! Anyways I just wanted to say thank you for being such a inspiration. You've made me laugh, cry, strive, and just be a better person. God Bless! I wish you all the best. Keeping my fingers crossed for myself!   08.12.13 - 11:18am
JK Blackwell - You guys rock!  08.08.13 - 7:35pm
Ashley Rogers - It was just TOO GOOD!!! Thank you Jasmine & JD!!!  08.08.13 - 10:48am
cassandra-m - me & Mocha was supporting from Savannah. AWESOME 2 days. Great seeing BOTH of you guys on creativeLIVE. xoxoxoxoxo  08.07.13 - 5:52pm
ToddK - Thanks for the course  08.07.13 - 2:56pm
Camilla Jorvad - I am SO happy to hear you say on Creative Live today that you are preparing a new website. Your current one is fabulous;) but it does seem like you have grown up so much since then. your brand seems more mature now. so excited to see what you guys are creating this time!!! :)  08.07.13 - 1:55pm
scott - JD and Jasmine, loving your work on creative live. Images look amazing straight from camera !!! Think its time for an A for the hubby !  08.07.13 - 7:14am
Norma Skinner - Jasmine & JD, your courses have helped more people than you will ever know. You do not make clones of yourselves but push us on as our own selves, giving us so many shortcuts. Thank you!  08.07.13 - 5:03am
Yu - Hi Jasmine, I just wanted to let you know I received the fabulous 'EXPOSED' yesterday. I was delighted to get it so soon. After reading it on one sitting, I like you more than before :-D You are real and you gave me lots of insights for my growth. Thank you. Greetings from Austria.  08.07.13 - 4:42am
Lilia C - Today's program was absolutely informative! Thanks guys!! :)  08.06.13 - 10:42pm
Jasmine - JD you did a great job today! :) My husband is my second shooter so it was great to get some pointers/ideas that I can share with him.  08.06.13 - 7:15pm
rachel - thank you for putting this on... and thank you for all that you do... im watching the rewatch even though i watched most of it this morning... cant wait for tomorrow! xoxo  08.06.13 - 7:11pm