First Look : Two Perspectives

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ast week I met with a prospective client for her wedding next year. We had the chance to speak about the details of her day and she asked about the importance of having a second shooter at the wedding. It was a great way to explain the role JD plays and his unique perspective on the wedding day. When I started explaining the beauty of the First Look (when the bride and groom opt to see each other before the ceremony), I showed a few pictures describing how each moment is special to each couple.

In light of this, I thought I'd share the photos with blog readers as well. I usually show my perspective of the First Look (as the lead photographer, I usually take the strongest angle), but here are wedding stories from one moment, two perspectives...

My photo is on the left and JD's photo is on the right...

JD captured this photo of Sonya seeing Eric for the first time on their wedding day...

...and I captured Eric's tearful moment of seeing his bride.

JD captured Gladys about to surprise Chris for the First Look...

...and I captured Chris' excitement as he nervously waited for his wife-to-be...

...and I captured the moment of their embrace...

Here Joel is blown away at the sight of his bride...

...and JD captured Jami's reaction to Joel.

The lovely Damaris waited for Donald to arrive...

...and when he did, JD captured this moment...

...while I captured the first time Donald fully takes in the sight of his beautiful bride.

If you're a bride considering a First Look, ensuring a second shooter is at the wedding guarantees two perspectives of a beautiful moment. It happens once in a lifetime, so make sure both reactions are documented for posterity's sake.

If you're a photographer and like to learn more about shooting with a first or a second shooter, JD and I will be hosting a FREE online photography course, The Art of Second Shooting starting TOMORROW at 9am PST. We'd love to see you there, so tune in and we'll chat soon!
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Surrey wedding photographer - Some fantastic first look's Jasmine. Have you ever done a first look in full midday sun and had no shade to put the couple in ? Regards, Andy.  07.01.14 - 4:56pm
Lauren - This is an amazing example!! I'm always explaining to my clients the importance of two shooters and this is a prime example. Thank you!!!! I'm going to reference this article OFTEN! xoxo  12.12.13 - 10:31am
Olga - emotionally...  09.04.13 - 5:53am
Amanda - oh my God, i'm in love!!! i love this photos!!!  08.29.13 - 2:25pm
Nicole - Would you mind sharing which lenses you each use for first look? I know you've outlined your lens uses in a post and I can't remember if you mentioned which ones you use for first look! :)   08.19.13 - 9:54pm
Trouwfotograaf - I am sure going to introduce this to my couples... we dutch are so sober... still I think it will be something extra... Thanks again Jasmine, LOVE IT!  08.14.13 - 2:52am
Rocco - Very beautiful! Dreamlike images.  08.08.13 - 3:18pm
Ujwal - Its amazing how well you two work together. Stunning work.  08.07.13 - 2:15pm
Ashley Rogers - Oh, I like the idea of showing prospective clients the 2 perspectives!   08.06.13 - 1:45pm
Éctor Javier {Thirty Three and a Third} - Great post!! Looking forward to today's Creative Live!   08.06.13 - 9:38am
Roz Skinner - Love the team work that goes into catching those beautiful moments.   08.06.13 - 8:15am
Mallory - I love how you shared both perspectives from the same moments! It's so awesome to see both reactions and all of the emotions!  08.06.13 - 6:04am
Amber Lara - I really love the images!  08.06.13 - 2:04am
naples wedding photographer - beautiful as always!!!  08.06.13 - 12:25am
Katie Jackson - Oh my gosh I love these! I love first look photos! And the two perspectives are so important. Getting the reaction of both people, really completes the story of the moment.   08.05.13 - 5:00pm
Meredith Sledge - These photos are beautiful!! I love the editing on your images lately!!   08.05.13 - 4:45pm
Norma Skinner - These dual perspectives show the necessity of two shooters for the First Look. (Hoping it will take off in the U.K. Soon.)  08.05.13 - 2:39pm
MJEmery - You never stop bringing an "A-Game" do you? This post is so flippin' great. I love it!  08.05.13 - 1:15pm
Edgar David - Lovey Photos... Ill surely watch the creative live course.  08.05.13 - 10:41am
scott - Great post Jasmine and I cannot wait to watch you both teach.  08.05.13 - 10:14am
Linda - I love, love, love first look photos. They are always so beautifully real and sincere. I wish more people chose to do them.  08.05.13 - 9:21am
Marcia - gah... the feels. these are darling! and I am so excited for tomorrow! I'm all signed up and ready to go! :D   08.05.13 - 9:20am
Nicole H - Jasmine, I love this post! I'm curious about one thing though...are you engaging the groom while he waits to see his bride or do you let it play out and let it unfold naturally without encouragement/conversation from you? Does that make sense? I'll be doing my first "First Look" this Saturday and I'm really excited!  08.05.13 - 9:00am
Toni - Aw I love all these photos - absolutely gorgeous! It's great that you capture both partners reactions.  08.05.13 - 5:49am