Starbox Lunch : 2

oday I spent the afternoon with a group of amazing photographers. We ate, we laughed, and we learned from each other. Not too long ago, I hosted the first ever Starbox Lunch and had such a great time. Shortly thereafter, I received a few lunch invitations, so I decided to host another lunch! It was fabulous!

I love these lunches because I learn so much from other people…and I hope it wasn’t a one-way street! ;) The groups are intentionally left small because there’s nothing like having an intimate opportunity to dine and talk with peers. Our lives often carouse at the speed of light, so taking the time to just sit and relax is so appropriate.

To my new friends, thank you for making me feel special. I can’t wait to see where your growing careers will take you…hopefully we can all look back one day soon and say, Remember when… and know we’ve gone quite far with our hopes and dreams. Much love and appreciation…J*

Here’s a picture of the lunch crew from left to right...
Bottom: Lisa Roah, Jennifer Elaine, Karey Schroeder, Nataly Lemus, Brian Khang, Gabriel Ryan
Top: Mark Brooke, Candace, and me (not pictured, Julia Williams)

Happy Thursday~

**EDIT** If you're interested in going to a Starbox Lunch, just shoot me an email jasmine at jasminestarphotography dot com and I'll keeo your info on file for future reference! Thanks! :)

**EDIT 2** Thanks for everyone's interest, but the next lunch is now full...I think a little too full! ;) Please contact me again in February if you're still interested!
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Justine - Hey Jasmine, definitely put me on the list for your next lunch...or let me know if you'd rather take the munchkins to the dog park or something. :)  12.17.07 - 8:01am
lroah - Ditto to what Brian said - I was still driving home and you posted this already! Thank you again for all that you are and that you do. It was great to meet the rest of you guys too!  12.14.07 - 10:11pm
Amy - oohh how exciting! I'm a big fan of yours and I see my photog for my wedding participated with you! Yay, go Nataly!  12.14.07 - 4:38pm
david & kimi baxter - awesome! you got some kick butt photogs there!  12.14.07 - 3:40pm
Mark Brooke - I had a blast you guys!!!!! and J* thank you so much for taking time out of your day to hang. J* when you said silly did you mean silly haha... or silly tourist..... because we all did silly haha and once again you look like a tourist ;)  12.14.07 - 9:23am
gabriel ryan - thanks for sharing. you rule! (all of you)  12.14.07 - 8:14am
Julia Williams - Wow... this was fast! Thank you so much for arranging this and being such a wonderful source of information and inspiration. Hopefully I can come to another... and actually get to stay a while! (and make it into the picture!)  12.13.07 - 5:59pm
Jennifer Elaine - are awesome...I had a great time meeting with you and everyone else!   12.13.07 - 5:09pm
Nataly - Hi Jas! Thank you so much for taking the time to have lunch with us. You are definitely one in a million! When you say you are an open book, you mean it! I learned so much today from you and everyone else. Words can't express how grateful I am for your humbleness, sincerity and openness! I know God will continue to send you blessing after blessing.   12.13.07 - 4:52pm
brianna - Hey jasmine/jennie, what happened to your silly face??? :)  12.13.07 - 4:28pm
Jonilyn - Hi Jasmine! Looks like a fun time! It's so nice to go out there and network with others.. and make friends at the same time! I'd love to meet you and take you out to lunch sometime!  12.13.07 - 4:10pm
Jasmine* - Hi Crissy! Just shoot me an email and mention lunch and I'll hit you up when we have another one! :)  12.13.07 - 3:48pm
Crissy - Awww man I am totally jealous! I definitely would love the opportunity to hang out and chat chit . Hopefully next time you have a lunch!  12.13.07 - 3:44pm
Jasmine* - Hi Serena! I'd totally love to meet you, so just drop me an email and when I have another lunch, I'll be sure to include you! :)  12.13.07 - 3:33pm
serena grace - ohh....i was just thinking of asking you to lunch, now that i have a little more time on my hands. maybe next time?  12.13.07 - 3:28pm
Karey Michelle - Hi Jasmine!! Thank you SO much for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet up, it was an absolute pleasure to have lunch with you. It's incredible how much better it just feels to know that we're not alone in the struggles and joys that we all experience as photographers, so thank you for your genuine sincerity and realness. I'll be looking forward to more of the "remember when" stories, hopefully not too far off in the future. :) Take care and thank you again.  12.13.07 - 3:21pm
Brian Khang - Wow.. you are fast!! You weren't lying about posting it up in an hour! Thanks again for having lunch with us Jasmine. It's always a fun time networking with other peers and it was great meeting everyone also. You guys all rock!!   12.13.07 - 3:17pm