12.17.07 Anytime

Ace : Anytime

oday I spent the day with my good friends, Jennie, her husband Casey, and Bri. Around mid-day, they went to workout (apparently Olympic athletes need to exercise...who knew?!) and I had the chance to chill at Jennie's beautiful home with her son, Ace.

With help from his fabulous nanny, Alice, I had the chance to photograph Ace playing around and enjoying his life. It's totally crazy to think of my friend in the context of motherhood, but Jennie has become such a phenomenal nurturer and protector! I'm amazed at how much a child can change one's life, but it's so awesome to see her family healthy and happy.

Because Ace hadn't napped, he wasn't really in the mood for my camera, but here are a few favs from our short photo session...

I love Ace's shadow in this picture...

Jennie and I decided to go running later in the afternoon and Bri drove along side us at the end and cheered us on! :) Of course I had to take a picture of us looking at our best...good grief, I'm going to have death threats after posting it, but I'm doing it for memory's sake! :)

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jasmyne - woow beatiful pics.....very nice........  12.30.07 - 1:27pm
brianna - maybe you should mention what we had to eat at Oregano's???  12.21.07 - 5:32pm
Jasmine* - Oh YES I AM! I'm so gonna beat him!! :)  12.20.07 - 6:35am
Isaac Hinds - Fun shots. You even managed to get the little guy's feet. Looks like you're staying on track with your master plan to defeat the hubby in that weight loss competition. :)  12.19.07 - 7:07pm
Amy Martin - So cute! I just saw Jennie on the Real Housewives of OC :) It made me say "I miss softball... I want to play!"  12.19.07 - 8:21am
Shannon Post - Ok, I too want to know what lens you were using - great shots of Ace! Not fair that you two can look so good after running - do you not sweat? :)  12.18.07 - 9:38pm
Simply Modern Weddings - oooh I love the toes and the blue eyes!! Stunning!  12.18.07 - 8:52pm
cassandra m - P.S...Ace is adorable...I love the first shot...well, i love them all, and the shot of his bluuuue eyes is amazing! such a cutie.  12.18.07 - 7:30pm
cassandra m - how funny...three superstars! looks like you are having a blast!  12.18.07 - 7:27pm
angel swanson - you don't even want to see how i look after running... haha! you all look just fine! p.s. incredible blue eyes in the pic of ace, as everyone else has said. ;-) xoxo  12.18.07 - 11:58am
paula - love the kid shots! do you mind me asking what lens/actions you used to get the blue-eye shot? thanks, jasmine!  12.18.07 - 11:42am
Tiffany - precious! Those blue eyes and adorable!  12.18.07 - 9:12am
Melissa Koehler - These are adorable. Ace's eyes are so beautiful. Glad you are having fun with your friend  12.18.07 - 8:40am
Stacy Cross - Amazing when you make a kid having a meltdown look like a million bucks. :) You rock!  12.18.07 - 8:38am
gabriel ryan - did you create some crazy-wicked action just for blue eyes!?! so good.  12.18.07 - 8:25am
Melissa McClure - How fun! Ace is so adorable, and those eyes!! Great job in capturing him! I'm so glad you got to go to AZ for a bit. My beat friends all live in IL and we are planning a Vegas reunion soon! Its so important to keep that contact. Love you Jasmine!  12.18.07 - 7:55am
Navy Sou - Love love love Ace's photos! Their amazing! Reminiscent of a Ralph Lauren Polo ad! Of course, the striped Polo did it! I just love children's photography *sigh* :)!!!  12.18.07 - 7:29am
Amy - What a cutie! Looks like you are having a great time!  12.18.07 - 6:40am
Jenny Sun - omg!! you do lovely kids shots too! I adore the one with the piercing blue eyes. Just beautiful :)  12.18.07 - 6:38am
ksen - aren't friends, children & spur of the moment getaways the BEST!??? So happy to see the fun you are having. awesome photos of Ace (such a cutie) & if that is you guys looking "bad" -- lucky you!! :D  12.18.07 - 5:30am
david & kimi b - ahhh, beautiful images. we don't get to see a lot of children images, you nail those too!  12.18.07 - 5:05am
Jennifer Farris - Oh....and I luv the picture of the feet!! Soo cute. :)  12.18.07 - 4:32am
Jennifer Farris - Even when you guys look "bad", you still look good. ;)  12.18.07 - 4:31am
brianna - eww. eww. eww. one for each of us. why did i say it would be ok to's totally not.  12.17.07 - 9:55pm
Kelly Bowie - What a fabulous adventure to have with friends for the holidays. I love the friendships that last from high school, the shared memories are treasures. You captured some great shots and that is sheer genius if there was no nap. Enjoy!!  12.17.07 - 8:44pm
John Beyer - Sounds like you are having a great time, I have family in cave creek and phoenix and my wife studied 2 years at ASU. I am very inspired by your work and your heart for the Lord. I am a worship leader and graphics designer for my local church (LIFECHURCHNOW.ORG) and was facinated by your work, and then as I read your blog found out how cool you are as a person, I even have my wife reading your blog and she isn't into photography. Thanks again.   12.17.07 - 8:29pm