Small Girl

t was dusk. The mountains were blue and purple, each peaking on both sides of the tightly-packed car, and the evergreens stretched their snow covered arms heavenward. I pressed my forehead against the cold passenger-side window. Don’t forget this…don’t forget this…don’t forget any of this…

I’ve never seen it snow. Like snow, snow. I sound like such a city girl.

As we drove from Denver to Vail, Colorado, casually listening to John Butler’s music, I reminded myself that I was a small girl who came from nothing. A girl whose family survived off U.S. government and church food donations. A girl who wore clothes purchased from thrift stores. A girl who feared drive-by shootings. And, many years later, I am the same small girl seeing the world.

This same small girl is now photographing other small girls surviving off U.S. government food donations and shopping in thrift stores. Life is beautiful and this country offers unlimited opportunities for the few who dare to dream.

Yesterday, I worked with Volunteers of America on a myriad of projects. I met people who I’ll never see again, but have changed my view of the world. I am thankful to this in this beautiful and amazing country, and I thank God for His many blessings in my life. I have fallen more in love with photography and I’m fortunate to look back on my short life and remind myself, Don’t forget this…don’t forget this…don’t forget any of this…

I started the day at a VOA Nursery and Head Start...

Shortly thereafter, I hung out with Meals on Wheels and delivered meals to the needy and elderly...this was the absolute, most fabulous part of my day. I fought tears the entire afternoon...I was amazed by the organization's dedication and love for their clients...

Lastly, for those who have wondered, commented and/or emailed about the intentions of blogging my volunteer experience, please know I blog for no one but myself. Me, me, me. I blog because I selfishly want to remember these memories. I blog about everything and dog's birthday, a date with my husband, a recent grocery shopping trip...everything. I implore those who've queried as to whether I'm blogging for the 'right' reasons to know I don't ever think there's a right or wrong to blogging. I blog my life. If you question my life, then so be it...but please don't question my intentions for they are sincere and come from the deepest part of my soul.
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kay english - Aww great job volunteering and spreading the word about VOA. I grew up on foodstamps as well and feel like I have been so blessed in life. It's only when you truly feel blessed with what you have that the past can't really make you upset. Do you still volunteer with this organization?  07.31.09 - 8:12am
Toni - I just wanted you to know that I never leave a comment, but I read your blog often. I'm not even quite sure how I found it. Anyway, had it not been for this particular blog on your trip to CO I maynot have chosen to volunteer this past weekend. Not only did I volunteer for a wonderful organization, but I committed myself for the next year. All that to say, THANK YOU for blogging. about your dog's birthday, grocery store trips, dates with the hubby and in particular, your volunteering excursions. PS- your pictures are AMAZING! I could only hope to have someone as talented as you document my wedding day - or the day after. Happy New Year!  01.29.08 - 8:45pm
Suzy Waltz - I love your photos here. It is carzywhat one comment made by these guy, MarkZ that has generated so much response. Looks like he irritated a lot of people here. Keep up the good work Jasmine. Look forward to seeing more photos.  01.27.08 - 8:12am
JohnQ - Your photos remind me of the kind of film that I shoot known as Kodak TRI-X. So I came across this cool plug-in for the Photoshop CS3 developed by Alien Skin called Exposure. I can produce these cool BW photos with quality contrast in the shadow & highlights just like yours. Should check it out. Anyone can shoot similar photos like the ones here. Jasmine, you inspire me to go out and do the same kind of BW stuff that you are doing too. Maybe, you can do a workshop in the near future. I definitely be the first one to sign up. Thank you for showing us your work here.   01.27.08 - 8:08am
Julia - This is just 100% fabulous. I love your reasons for blogging, I love that you do things to help those that were in the same position as you were, I love your photography. It's the whole package.  01.26.08 - 4:11am
anonymous - When I saw the photo of the little children together, I knew that Martin Luther King's dream is still alive and well.  01.26.08 - 3:55am
rebeka - Nobody should question your intentions. If these people would take the time to read your words they would be able to see/feel/hear/taste your intentions. You are truly an amazing person. Thanks for all the inspiring words and photographs. I love your style. Hope you have a great day.  01.25.08 - 6:29pm
Wendy - I am new to your amazing blog. These photos are so beautiful. They remind me of classic Time/Life stuff. I don't know what to say about why people would question your motives! Who cares what someone's motive is when they are helping others. Ayn Rand was always down on altruism because she claimed that it was only done for one's own benefit. Even if that were WHAT? What's a better alternative...NOT helping others because we may be afraid of our motives? Come's clear from how much you pour of yourself into your images how much these people's experiences really touched your heart. You are amazing and I stand in awe of your talent. Your rock.  01.25.08 - 12:25pm
Jen - That photo of the two children is breath taking. Stunning, beautiful, emotional work. I love what you are doing.  01.25.08 - 10:49am
s - Looks good, But what doy u thing about this?  01.25.08 - 3:53am
Simply Modern Weddings - I love the photos of the cute! I am glad that you blog about things like this, very inspiring!  01.24.08 - 11:11pm
Kristen Dawn - Ahhh these made me cry too, because people like you deliver food to people like my Nana & Papa everyday! And I can't thank you guys enough!!!!   01.24.08 - 9:35pm
tony Bisson - Blog your life! From the private flights to the volunteer work. It is part of the dichotomy of being an affluent American in a world with so much need. At least you are doing something. Most of us don't take the time.  01.24.08 - 8:06pm
Rachel Brooke - We are glad you blog about this. it promotes awareness. I adore the shot of the two kids together!  01.24.08 - 4:37pm
Ellen - Jasmine, The photo of the two little kids together (the boy and girl) is to DIE for. Their eyes are so big and beautiful!!!  01.24.08 - 3:55pm
Tracy - I am so inspired by your trip! I have thought about working with meals on wheels and will check into it. I love that last photo you posted. Very Diane Arbus. love to you and thank you for living the way you do.  01.24.08 - 1:53pm
Dawn Gioia - Jaasmine- Your in my home state of Colorado!!!! You described the snow fall there perfectly. That is exactly what it's like. I hope you have a good trip. By the way, I posted your email on my blog. I was really excited about it.  01.24.08 - 1:36pm
Leslie Vega - Jasmine...I don't see why people would be bothered by your intriuging posts. It's all so interesting to read and a beautiful portrayal of your life and work. (Oh, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm a wedding album designer/photography blog stalker! And I've just started ready yours about a week ago!) Love your work!  01.24.08 - 1:15pm
Katie Thurmes - Jasmine - this is beautiful. you really put at the heartstrings...and your words sing along with your images in the most meaningful way. truly gifted you are...and so humble at that. thank you!  01.24.08 - 1:11pm
Jenn Regruth - Good for you, Jasmine! Positive forward motion. Go, go, go. You are an inspiration in so many ways!  01.24.08 - 11:37am
Tami - You are not only blessed with great photography skills but with a generous heart. What an awesome way to spread your compassion for others than through your blog! Blog away girl and you rock!  01.24.08 - 10:45am
SN Barlow - Jasmine, It says more about people who question your intention behind any item in your blog than it says about you. Keep the peace and love and carry on doing what you are doing: so nevermind the naysayers. Your Volunteers of America photojournalism is poignant. Thanks for sharing.  01.24.08 - 9:49am
Cheryl S - This is your best blog ever!!!! Anyone who doubts your intentions has never been a "small girl". So, from one "small girl" to another - keep putting your heart into it, that's why we all love reading your blog. Not to mention the awesome pics!  01.24.08 - 9:32am
melissa Koehler - Blogging should be for you. I personally love reading your blog and getting an insight into your life. Thank you for sharing and opening up! These images are wonderful, you should feel blessed to have taken part in such a thing  01.24.08 - 9:01am
Gena McMillan - I love the pictures of the kids! Their eyes just POP!  01.24.08 - 8:28am
Kelley WC - Miss Jaz. I don't have any idea how anyone could misinterpret your intentions. Anyone who has talked to you for 5 minutes knows you have a heart of gold! Don't even worry about the jerks! Love ya!!  01.24.08 - 7:48am
heather Sons - 3rd shot down, JUST BEAUTIFUL! It could have been taken in my sons K5 class:) I just love your pictures and the emotion behind and in them, you've done a beautiful job, God Bless You! I just recently went to the Captivated By The Light Sim. and Parker Phister said "You should shoot whatever touches you and do it for yourself and not just for the job" or something to that effect ;) and I think you've done just that here and done a beautiful job at it! You have a gift and it shows, I thank you for sharing it:) I look forward to your next posts and am so very thankful to have found your blog:)   01.24.08 - 7:09am
Lauren Zaffos - This brought tears to my eyes. I am not a 'crier'. You are simply inspiring. Simply real. Thank You.  01.24.08 - 7:06am
meg - jasmine, your blog always brings delight! speaking of sharing love with others, you should totally check out for an opportunity to share with this sweet little girl from Iraq.  01.24.08 - 6:56am
Andrea - Jasmine, I can't believe that anyone who has ever spent anytime on your blog would question your motives of service. You are such an example of grace and goodness; what a great way to use your gifts. Can't wait to see more.  01.24.08 - 6:55am
Crystal Goss - Miss you already, Jasmine! Give JD our best!!  01.24.08 - 5:22am
Tanya Perez - Loved this. Keep on rockin! :)   01.24.08 - 4:47am
caitlin - Awesome pictures. How was everybody with letting you take their pics? It's neat that you go to volunteer with/for a variety of ages!  01.24.08 - 4:23am
Isaac Hinds - Enjoy the mountains - it's a spiritual place for me. I enjoy the view every morning on my way to the gym. Depending on how much snow, they always look different. Listening to John Butler Trio's - "Pickapart" is one of my favorite tunes to listen to while driving in the high country. It's clear you're a kind and giving person. Anyone who doubts your intentions has problems with themselves. Enjoy Colorado and thanks for sharing your work. It's appreciated by many.  01.24.08 - 2:48am
liana - We miss you here and are saying prayers for you all!! XOXO.   01.23.08 - 11:40pm
Donavan Freberg - Jasmine, this is a beautiful post. That picture of the young boy and girl next to each other is crazy cute. Your images are like liquid sunlight. Keep shining, Star!  01.23.08 - 9:15pm
gina - I love your blog.. keep blogging for yourself and thank you letting us in on your personal journey. ~Gina  01.23.08 - 9:04pm
Mark Z - In response to Dee's comment: Thank you! You are the only one that hit it right on the nose. It was my intent to raise "a provocative question" that "it has made a lot of readers think". I was "not being negative". My comment was "not about YOU (Jasmine)". It was "about doing thing for others and doing for the right reasons". Jasmine, I wished you the very best in your quest. :-)  01.23.08 - 8:24pm
Michael Corsentino - These are great images Jazz. Very touching stuff along with the last few posts as as well.  01.23.08 - 8:20pm
kymberli q. - BEAUTIFUL images, Jasmine! Thank you for sharing with us. God Bless these people and God Bless You.  01.23.08 - 8:01pm
Anna Costa - Lately, every time I come in contact with anything you do/write/photograph I cry. It must mean your doing something right... :) xo  01.23.08 - 7:41pm
Amy Blackburn - SAD that someone would question your intentions on this... I LOVE this whole series of images, and you have inspired me to use my 'talents' for something greater as well. Thanks for sharing so openly with all of us!   01.23.08 - 7:10pm
Lynn - Job 23:10-12 Remember, all that matters is what He knows...  01.23.08 - 7:07pm
Sarah Barlow - WE MISS YOU!!!! Sooo amazing getting to spend time with you and hearing your heart! Love you so much!:)  01.23.08 - 6:29pm
brianna - you know which picture is my favorite...the one that reminds me of a little miniature version of my parents! too cute!!!  01.23.08 - 6:05pm
Ronnie - third photo down, absolutely beautiful and warms my heart to no end. thanks for sharing everything.  01.23.08 - 5:45pm
Dee - Jasmine, I don't know you personally but via your words and photos, I feel that I know your soul. Undoubtedly you do this to help others with no thoughts of personal gain and you put it on your blog to share and inspire. I read Mark Z's comments on this post and your previous post. I don't think he intended negative -- he wasn't accusing. He asked a provocative question. It has made alot of readers think -- not about YOU, Jasmine -- but about doing thing for others and doing for the right reasons so I trust he was not being negative. I repeat -- you are such a beautiful person inside and out and filled with God's love. Perhaps that was why you were born and raised in poor circumstances -- you may not be the compassionate, giving, and loving person you are if you'd had a diverse life. Thank you for sharing. Ciao, Dee  01.23.08 - 5:27pm
Scarlett Lillian - So beautiful Jasmine! I can't believe anyone would QUESTION your intentions on blogging about such an amazing experience in giving back. I've only met you once, but I can honestly say that you have one of the most beautiful hearts of any one I have ever met. Keep blogging about anything and everything. We love it! Those who know you know your true heart. You are gifted and blessed!  01.23.08 - 5:26pm
Amanda Key - Your picturs are wonderful! Thank you for sharing this experience with your readers. Just maybe--your blog will encourage others to be as giving as you.   01.23.08 - 5:03pm
jill - your images give off such emotions. what a wonderful glimpse into life and amazing experience for you.   01.23.08 - 4:35pm
Mark [Z]eppo - Now this is a scary thought reading this quote from Y as followed, "...If they have issues with your blog, then they shouldn't be reading!". I hoped not. I am thankful that we live in a country that allows us to read, speak and create. :-)   01.23.08 - 4:28pm
Jasmine C. - I can't believe anyone would question you and your blogging motives. That's just appalling to me. Anyone that has kept up with your blog knows you're full of genuineness and sincerity! :) Keep on rocking!  01.23.08 - 3:50pm
Leah Mullett - You go Girl!!!   01.23.08 - 3:38pm
megan - I just need to tell you how much you inspire me. I love that you blog your life; I love the silly pics of your precious dog all geeked out in clothes; the photos of your pumpkins at Halloween. I love that every time I read your entries I feel like I'm opening up and getting lost in one of my favorite books. I relate to the small girl; to your hopes and dreams and fears that you so eloquently put out there for us to drink in. So thank you--from one small girl to another. ;)  01.23.08 - 3:34pm
Y - After all the good things you give back to the world, there are still people who question your intentions? Wow! If they have issues with your blog, then they shouldn't be reading! Kudos to you, Jasmine!   01.23.08 - 3:29pm
haley lamb - wow, these are so beautiful and inspirational. i want to do it.   01.23.08 - 3:25pm
Mark [Z]eppo - WOW!, It is amazing on how a lot of people have taken my statements out of context. Jasmine, Thank you for sharing. Now, I understand why you do the things that you do. I feel that any photographer is capable of doing what you are doing. I hear from various people talk like they can't do what you are doing, but I say that it is NOT true. Anyone can do it. I know that I can do it. It takes one thing to make it happen. That thing is "PASSION". Does any of us here have the "PASSION". If there is that one thing deep in your heart that you want to focus on and tell it in a story with your camera, you can create images just like what Jasmine did. Anyone can create images beyond your imagination if anyone has the "PASSION". Jasmine, I do like your work. I have never doubted you. I just wanted to hear you say something that I was hoping for, and you did. You have inspired me. I do look forward to your photography. And you know what, Life does go on. :-)  01.23.08 - 3:21pm
Frances M - I think your ready to photograph beautiful Romanian babies.  01.23.08 - 3:13pm
Jeanette - Thank you for giving us a sneak peak into the way God is using your life in such a beautiful way. You are doing what so many of us are too scared to do...sharing your life, your story with others. Much love!! ;)  01.23.08 - 3:13pm
Adam - Love the eyes on the two kids. How do you achieve that look?   01.23.08 - 3:06pm
BDPhotog - I recently stumbled onto your blog and have sort of been stalking ever since. But these shots are nothing sort of INCREDIBLE!!! You really captured the true intentions of the volunteers and emotions in these shots. Bravo!  01.23.08 - 2:42pm
Dawn Beirnes - absolutely beautifu pictures! I know you are touching everyone of the people you're meeting and helping.  01.23.08 - 2:31pm
Delphine - Jasmin, Good on you for blogging what every you fell like! It's your blog, you're the boss! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing you're fresh approach on things :) Cheers from sunny New Zealand, Delpine   01.23.08 - 2:26pm
stephanie - Jamine Star! you are such an inspiration to others,including myself. I can't believe anyone would question anything that you say or do! you are real and that is what keeps me coming back! God knows your heart! And anyone who knows you in person or from your blog knows your heart as well! What an incredible testimony you have and nothing happens by accident, God Called you to Denver and the exact time He wanted you there. I know that your post has ministered to me so please keep blogging about your life, you never know who needs to hear about your past and why you write about it but i know that someone out there needs to hear it!   01.23.08 - 2:24pm
Denise Skelton - Jasmine, I have just found your blog this week. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the images of the children. My "real" job is being a 1st grade teacher and I have children who don't have any pictures of themselves or who have never had anyone take their picture. What a blessing for you to be able to document the lives of these people. Thank you for sharing!  01.23.08 - 1:56pm
Steph Subia - People often question the intentions of others - I think it is a reflection of their own insecurities with themselves and their actions. I see nothing but pure grace in these photos and your words. I seek out your blog several times a day for true inspiration and honest thought. And from the posts of other people, it appears they do as well. Thank you for your blog - it is a beautiful and moving artform.  01.23.08 - 1:54pm
erin. - Thank you Jasmine for sharing your volunteer experiences. Your thoughts are all so beautiful. I love reading your blog whether it be about an engagement session or a volunteer experience. Seeing photos or stories about Polo are wonderful too! Keep on blogging!!  01.23.08 - 1:52pm
Tiffany - Okay so I made the mistake of looking at this entry while I'm at work...totally trying to hide my lil tears from my students. We've been talking alot about giving, peave, and dreams. Your blog entry really touched my heart...thank you for sharing your personal opportunities with us. It is extremely inspirational and it's great to see you putting into practice what my students and I have been writing about.   01.23.08 - 1:46pm
Jacob - Regardless of what your intensions are, the point is, you are making a difference in the lives of others. Your photos are inspiring... YOU are inspiring! You keep blogging, I'll keep reading. Listen to the masses and don't feel you need to explain yourself.  01.23.08 - 1:42pm
christian - hi jasmine. just wanted to let you know that I totally love your images and especially the series with the kids and the elderly. They show dignity. I worked in a home for the aged and I wish I could have taken photos like these. Keep it coming. bye, Christian.  01.23.08 - 1:11pm
Nataly - Girl, I agree with Frannie! There is no reason why you should justify your blogging! If someone questions what your intentions for blogging this are, maybe they are the ones who would do it for the "wrong" reasons. I'm glad you are sharing with us your experience because it will motivate many to do the same :) You rock!  01.23.08 - 12:59pm
levell - Just amazing! Keep doing what you do and don't let haters distract your passion...   01.23.08 - 12:45pm
ricki ford - i love the one of the lady coming out of the door.  01.23.08 - 12:38pm
Frannie - You have no need to justify your reasons for blogging girl! This is your place and you can write in it about anything you darn right please! :D Plus, your words are always a blessing as well as your photography. God knows you're real and full of HEART. *xoxo* Beautiful post by the way....beautiful. You inspire me. I'm just waiting for my taxes so that I can get a better lens!! Btw, could you suggest a good lens for a canon 400 xti? Just wondering...:D  01.23.08 - 12:13pm
Rizza San Agustin - Jasmine, I said this to you before once in an email, and that is beyond your beautiful images, you are sincere, passionate and talented. You inspire so many people and it is unfortunate that someone is bound to be painted green with envy, like the negative energy of those who come here to put you down. I've always believe people like this are a test of your faith and strength. Keep blogging! I absolutely love it!  01.23.08 - 11:45am
alejandra - Bravo!! Absolutely wonderful, Jasmine. I love the documentary style.  01.23.08 - 11:45am
MelissaB - If only everyone could have an opportunity to observe, capture and really experience what you have. God works in mysterious ways - we are so blessed to be able to help like this. As for blogging...AMEN sister - this is your life, capture what your mind won't remember someday :) As for the snow - good 'ole Michigan has been blessed with inches upon inches this winter - the beauty of it all still takes my breath away.  01.23.08 - 11:32am
Korey - you know I love my grandparents and everyone else's...I see all elderly people as someone's grammy or gramps or whatever children call them. I love that you capture the beauty in a big numbers calendar, crooked lampshade, and sweater socks. Even if you captured these images purely for beauty's sake, the fact that you find it in places like these is inspiring. I feel so sorry for those who cannot see it there.  01.23.08 - 11:19am
Dawn - Such a beautiful post. Keep blogging from your heart and soul, never let anyone make you feel like what you are doing is wrong. Maybe this country of ours would be a better place if there were more real and caring people like you in it...maybe...just maybe...  01.23.08 - 11:07am
Sundee - Those type of negative comments are always made by the people that are questioning themselves in the same situations. I would say the people making these comments need to take a look inside themselves and fix whatever nastiness is festering inside them! I am glad to see you dont take them to heart. Due to the fact that this is the Jasmine Star blog...I am assuming you blog for yourself. Way to go! You are an amazing photographer and you obviously have a big heart. Keep doing what you do. :)   01.23.08 - 11:05am
Jeanette Sanchez - It's so nice to see another side of you through your involvement in this project. Blessings to you!   01.23.08 - 11:04am
gabriel ryan - thanks for sharing from your soul. you have a cool soul. keep sharing.  01.23.08 - 10:53am
Maria - These photos are so amazing, the one of the little boy and girl is just so precious! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos, you are awesome! :)  01.23.08 - 10:33am
augie - Jasmine - I met you at WPPI 2007 and have been following your blog since. You are an amazing person. I had no idea when I first met you, but you are one of the truest person out there. Sometimes I wish I have time to do what you are doing now, but with my busy life with 2 young children, I find myself to have to be "selfish" at this stage in my life. Keep doing what you are doing. I really enjoy reading through your blogs and seeing your amazing pictures. I esp love the photo with the 2 kids. There's something magical in their eyes. -Augie  01.23.08 - 10:32am
Tira J - Anyone who would question something like this should look back at themselves in the mirror. You are an amazing human being and are a true example to the rest of us as to how we should be living our lives. Don't ever apologize for anything! You are Jasmine, created by God to spread his love on this planet and you are doing this by sharing your life via your blog. Stay warm!   01.23.08 - 10:31am
Juliann - Oh, I love the photo of the little boy and girl. So sweet.  01.23.08 - 10:28am
Kevin Swan - Don't degrade yourself by even responding to people who question your "intentions of blogging..." It's pathetic they would be so small to raise the question. Let them question, just don't taint the beauty of what you do with a response. You're inspiring. Kev  01.23.08 - 10:19am
Shannon - Hey Jasmine, I think what you are doing is absolutely AWESOME!!!! Your words brought tears to my eyes, & the photos speak MILLIONS!!!! What you are doing will touch those people like you could never understand. The fact that you felt the need to explain yourself is so those who feel the need to question you, obviously haven't read much or don't know much about you. Don't allow the negative to bring you down in any way!!!!! They are just looking for company in the misery of their own lives. Keep doing what you are doing, you are effecting so many in a positive way!!!!! Much Love & Many Blessings!!!!! ;) Shannon   01.23.08 - 10:16am
cassandra m - This is the first time I have sat and read something on a blog and wipe the tears from my eyes. Your words touched my heart and your kind giving nature touched my soul. I was very SAD to read that anyone would question the intentions of your blog. Many of us include life into "OUR" blogs...our pets, family, charity well as our photography. NEVER let anyone discourage you...I am sure there are more people you touch, more lives that you can change and more information you can share by doing it "your way". You inspire and open eyes to many different things. Thank you for sharing such a personal WILL make a difference to me! Your words encourage me to be a better person...and you do that through your blog...thank u!  01.23.08 - 10:12am
Terilee - Your pictures brought tears to my eyes. My hope is that I will always be able to use my photography to service people and the Lord throughout my career. Thanks for sharing.  01.23.08 - 10:03am
Ana Contreras - I was so touched by your pictures...........Happy you are getting a chance to do this and that you are able to share it with us.....  01.23.08 - 10:01am
Isabel - Totally inspiring and utterly amazing. Thanks so very much for sharing your blog with us : ).  01.23.08 - 9:47am
Mandy - What a beautiful post. The pictures are very touching. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.   01.23.08 - 9:44am
millie holloman - Keep blogging this stuff Jasmine! I find it inspiring and I can't wait to see more of it. Keep up the good work girl... I love what you are doing!  01.23.08 - 9:38am
Cindy - I just read the previous posts about "doing this for the right reasons".....YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!......If you have even bothered to keep up with Jasmine's blog, you would CERTAINLY KNOW that she is definitely not a "LOOK AT ME" - type of person - just the opposite actually. She's the most humble person that I've ever "not met". How can anyone even question it???And to Jasmine - my heart is full just looking at these photos - You have inspired me once again......and YES, I'll be doing it for the right reasons!   01.23.08 - 9:37am
Tonya@RedDoorPhotography - First, I can't believe anyone is telling you what to blog... it is YOUR blog! BUt anyways...these pictures are amazing. The one of the boy and girl is beautiful! I also love the ones of the elderly. I love taking pictures of elderly people. It seems like every wrinkle tells a story. They have so much character. Great shots...and keep doing what you do!!!  01.23.08 - 9:31am
Oscar - Hey Jasmine, I find it trully amazing that you are kind enough to let us experience through your eyes and camera what goes on in your life. Most people dont understand the reason why people blog, but.. you have give us the best one.. because you dont want to forget any details. Everyday is a reason to blog!  01.23.08 - 9:19am
Katie Humphreys - Jasmine! Thank you for sharing. These pictures are touching and truly beautiful. Chris and I were with Jenna and Matt last week and have been excited hearing about your volunteer project with the girls' group. It is wonderful to get to see a glimpse into what you've been doing. Thank you for sharing!!  01.23.08 - 9:16am
Jenny - These photos are touching and a testament to your talent - the ability to find beauty in life outside of fancy weddings, stylish outfits or fleeting youth. Just extraordinary and moving!  01.23.08 - 8:55am
Chad Franz - "If you question my life, then so be it...but please don't question my intentions for they are sincere and come from the deepest part of my soul." That is absolutely perfect...and so much nicer than I would have been! Keep inspiring!  01.23.08 - 8:55am
Dennis - This looks like a wonderful experience Jasmine and we should all use this glimpse into your day to model after. Good stuff...  01.23.08 - 8:53am
melissa stava - jas- these pictures are beautiful. i love the one of the lady on the couch...thank you for reminding me that this world is so much bigger than myself. i thank you for doing this, if you need a reason, think of me sitting here, tearing up...thanks again. much love to you...  01.23.08 - 8:48am
Deann B. - I'd like to thank you for photographing and blogging these experiences. Not only am I touched by your words and pictures, but I am also being made aware of the opportunities to help others outside my own little scope of the world. Your blogging is making me want to seek out my own experiences and feel great about helping others. Thank you!  01.23.08 - 8:47am